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Prime Minister of the Republic of Abkhazia
Alexander Zolotinska-ipa Ankvab

since 14 February 2005
Appointer President of Abkhazia
Term length unrestricted
Inaugural holder Gennady Gagulia
Formation 1994

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The position of Prime Minister in the de facto independent (though only partially recognised) republic of Abkhazia is second to only that of President. While the role of President was filled by one man, Vladislav Ardzinba from 1994 to 2005, the position of Prime Minister has changed hands a number of times since January 1995.

Since Sergei Bagapsh became President in 2005, Alexander Ankvab has been Prime Minister. For the upcoming 12 December 2009 presidential election Ankvab was nominated by Bagapsh to be his Vice Presidential candidate.[1] As required by law, he was therefore officially suspended from his post on 11 November, his duties to be carried out by First Vice Premier Leonid Lakerbaia.[2]

List of people to hold the office

# Name Entered office Left office President Comments
1 Gennady Gagulia January 1995 [3] 29 April 1997 Vladislav Ardzinba First time
2 Sergei Uasyl-ipa Bagapsh 29 April 1997 [4] December 1999 [5]
3 Viacheslav Mikhail-ipa Tsugba 30 December 1999 [4] 30 May 2001 [4]
4 Anri Mikhail-ipa Jergenia 7 June 2001 [6] 29 November 2002 [7]
5 Gennady Gagulia 29 November 2002 [7] 8 April 2003 [4] Second time
6 Raul Jumka-ipa Khajimba 22 April 2003 [6] 6 October 2004
7 Nodar Khashba 6 October 2004 14 February 2005
8 Alexander Zolotinska-ipa Ankvab 14 February 2005 Incumbent Sergei Bagapsh

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