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The Prime Minister is the head of government of Algeria.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of Algeria, along with other ministers and members of the government that the new Prime Minister recommends. The People's National Assembly must approve the legislative program of the new government or the Assembly is dissolved and the Prime Minister must resign. There are no constitutional limits on a Prime Minister's term but the longest-serving was Mohamed Ben Ahmed Abdelghani, who served from 1979 to 1984.

List of Prime Ministers of Algeria, 1962-present

1. Ahmed Ben Bella 1962 1963 National Liberation Front
*. Position vacant 1963 1979 Not applicable
2. Mohamed Ben Ahmed Abdelghani 1979 1984 National Liberation Front
3. Abdelhamid Brahimi 1984 1988 National Liberation Front
4. Kasdi Merbah 1988 1989 National Liberation Front
5. Mouloud Hamrouche 1989 1991 National Liberation Front
6. Sid Ahmed Ghozali 1991 1992 National Liberation Front
7. Belaid Abdessalam 1992 1993 National Liberation Front
8. Redha Malek 1993 1994 No party
9. Mokdad Sifi 1994 1995 No party
10. Ahmed Ouyahia 1995 1998 National Rally for Democracy
11. Smail Hamdani 1998 1999 No party
12. Ahmed Benbitour 1999 2000 No party
13. Ali Benflis 2000 2003 National Liberation Front
14. Ahmed Ouyahia 2003 2006 National Rally for Democracy
15. Abdelaziz Belkhadem 2006 2008 National Liberation Front
16. Ahmed Ouyahia 2008 present National Rally for Democracy

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