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Prime Minister of Laos
Bouasone Bouphavanh

since June 8, 2006
Inaugural holder Prince Phetsarath
Formation 1941

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The Prime Minister of Laos is head of the Government of the People's Democratic Republic of Laos . This is a list of prime ministers of Laos.

The Prime Minister’s Office is located in the Vientiane, which serves the support staff and close aides to the Prime Minister, where they co-ordinates issues related to government work and studying various issues related to the collective work of the government related to the administration and state management of the country.

Prime Ministers of the Kingdom of Luang Prabang (1941-1945)

Prime Minister Took Office Left Office Note
Prince Phetsarath 1941 10 October 1945 Prime Minister under Japanese Occupation

Prime Ministers of the Kingdom of Laos (1945–1975)

Prime Minister Took Office Left Office Note
Prince Phaya Khammao 20 October 1945 23 April 1946 Chairman of the Provisional Government
Prince Kindavong 23 April 1946 15 March 1947
Prince Souvannarath 15 March 1947 25 March 1948
Prince Boun Oum Na Champasak 25 March 1948 24 February 1950 1st time
Phoui Sananikone 24 February 1950 15 October 1951 1st time
Prince Savang Vatthana 15 October 1951 21 November 1951
Prince Souvanna Phouma 21 November 1951 20 October 1954 1st time
Katay Don Sasorith 25 November 1954 21 March 1956
Prince Souvanna Phouma 21 March 1956 17 August 1958 2nd time
Phoui Sananikone 17 August 1958 31 December 1959 2nd time
Sounthone Pathammavong 31 January 1959 3 June 1960 Army Chief of Staff
Kou Abhay 7 January 1960 3 June 1960
Prince Somsanith Vongkotrattana 3 June 1960 15 August 1960
Prince Souvanna Phouma 30 August 1960 30 December 1960 Continues in Cambodia in exile and at Ban Khangkhai, recognized by the Communist states, 3rd time
Prince Boun Oum Na Champasak 13 December 1960 23 June 1962 2nd time
Prince Souvanna Phouma 23 June 1962 2 December 1975 Last Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Laos, 4th time

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers of the People's Democratic Republic of Laos (1975–Present)

Prime Minister Took Office Left Office Note
Kaysone Phomvihane 8 December 1975 15 August 1991 First Prime Minister of Communist Laos
Khamtai Siphandon 15 August 1991 24 February 1998
Sisavath Keobounphanh 24 February 1998 27 March 2001
Bounnhang Vorachith Bounnhang.jpg 27 March 2001 8 June 2006
Bouasone Bouphavanh Bouasone.jpg 8 June 2006


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