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The Prime Minister of Mongolia (Mongolian: Монгол Улсын Ерөнхий Сайд, Mongol Ulsyn Yerönkhii Said) is the highest member of the Mongolian government's executive arm, and heads the Mongolian cabinet. The Prime Minister is appointed by Parliament, and can be removed by a vote of no confidence.



The office of Prime Minister was established in 1912, shortly after Mongolia first declared independence from the Manchu Empire. This was not recognised by many nations. By the time of Mongolia's second (and more generally recognised) declaration of independence in 1921, the office was controlled by a communist group known as the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party. 1924 the party established the Mongolian People's Republic, and the Prime Minister's post was superseded by one known by the title "Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars". This was changed to "Chairman of the Council of Ministers" in 1946. The title of Prime Minister was only revived in 1990, when the People's Revolutionary Party gradually released its hold on power. Regardless of the changes of name, however, the modern Mongolian government recognises the office as having existed continuously since 1912, and counts all holders of the office as Prime Ministers.

There is some confusion as to the first holder of the office. A lama named Tseren (or Tserenchimed) held office as "Prime Minister" during a provisional government, and is sometimes cited as the first holder of the modern office. However, the current Mongolian government considers Shirindambyn Namnansüren, the first formal office-holder, to be the first. There is also some confusion over the status of Tsengeltiin Jigjidjav - some consider him to have only been acting Prime Minister, while some consider him to have been a full Prime Minister. The Mongolian government takes the latter view.

Heads of government from 1912 to present

# Name Picture Took Office Left Office Party
Prime Ministers
1 Shirindambyn Namnansüren Namnansuren.jpg November 1912 April 1919 None
2 Shanzudba Badamdorj 1919 January 1921 None
3 Dambyn Chagdarjav Dambyn Chagdarjav.jpg 13 March 1921 16 April 1921 People's Revolutionary Party
4 Dogsomyn Bodoo Dogsomyn Bodoo.jpg 16 April 1921 7 January 1922 People's Revolutionary Party
5 Jalkhanz Khutagt Sodnomyn Damdinbazar Sodnomyn Damdinbazar.jpg 3 March 1922 23 June 1923 People's Revolutionary Party
Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars
6 Balingiin Tserendorj Balingiin Tserendorj.jpg 28 September 1923 13 February 1928 People's Revolutionary Party
7 Anandyn Amar, 1st time Anandyn Amar.gif 21 February 1928 27 April 1930 People's Revolutionary Party
8 Tsengeltiin Jigjidjav 27 April 1930 2 July 1932 People's Revolutionary Party
9 Peljidiin Genden Genden.jpg 2 July 1932 2 March 1936 People's Revolutionary Party
10 Anandyn Amar, 2nd time Anandyn Amar.gif 22 March 1936 7 March 1939 People's Revolutionary Party
Chairmen of the Council of Ministers
11 Khorloogiin Choibalsan Choibalsan.jpg 24 March 1939 26 January 1952 People's Revolutionary Party
12 Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal Tsedenbal BundesArchiv.jpg 26 January 1952 11 June 1974 People's Revolutionary Party
13 Jambyn Batmönkh Jambyn Batmonkh statue.jpg 11 June 1974 12 December 1984 People's Revolutionary Party
14 Dumaagiin Sodnom 12 December 1984 21 March 1990 People's Revolutionary Party
Prime Ministers
15 Sharavyn Gungaadorj 21 March 1990 11 September 1990 People's Revolutionary Party
16 Dashiin Byambasüren 11 September 1990 21 July 1992 People's Revolutionary Party
17 Puntsagiin Jasrai 21 July 1992 19 July 1996 People's Revolutionary Party
18 Mendsaikhany Enkhsaikhan 19 July 1996 23 April 1998 Democratic Party
19 Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, 1st time Elbegdorj-1.jpg 23 April 1998 9 December 1998 Democratic Party
20 Janlavyn Narantsatsralt 9 December 1998 22 July 1999 Democratic Party
Nyam-Osoryn Tuyaa (acting) 22 July 1999 30 July 1999 Democratic Party
21 Rinchinnyamyn Amarjargal 30 July 1999 26 July 2000 Democratic Party
22 Nambaryn Enkhbayar Nambaryn Enkhbayar 2005.jpg 26 July 2000 20 August 2004 People's Revolutionary Party
23 Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, 2nd time Elbegdorj-1.jpg 20 August 2004 13 January 2006 Democratic Party
24 Miyeegombyn Enkhbold 25 January 2006 22 November 2007 People's Revolutionary Party
25 Sanjaagiin Bayar Dmitry Medvedev in Mongolia August 2009-6.jpg 22 November 2007 29 October 2009 People's Revolutionary Party
26 Sükhbaataryn Batbold 29 October 2009 Present People's Revolutionary Party

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