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Prime Minister of Portugal
Flag of Portuguese Prime-Minister.svg
Official flag of the Prime Minister of Portugal
José Sócrates

since 12 March 2005
Style His/Her Excellency
Residence São Bento Palace
Lisbon, Portugal
Appointer Aníbal Cavaco Silva
as the Head of State
Term length 4 years maximum (Parliament can be dissolved sooner). No term limits.
Inaugural holder Pedro de Sousa Holstein, Marquess of Palmela
Formation 24 September 1834

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Prime Minister is the current title of the chief of the Portuguese Government. As chief executive, the Prime Minister coordinates the action of ministers, representing the Government from the other organs of state, accountable to Parliament and keeps the President informed. The prime minister can earn the role of head of government with the folders of one or more ministries.

There is no limit to the number of terms as prime minister. This is nominated by the President after legislative elections, to elect members to the Parliament, after having heard the parties represented in the Parliament. Usually, the named is the leader of the winning party in the elections.

The first Prime Minister of Portugal was Pedro de Sousa Holstein, Marquess of Palmela, who was sworn in on 24 September 1834. The title of Prime Minister suffered several changes along the years, having names of differents functions and skills. Some of the names above, the post were: chief minister, chief steward, clerk of the purity, Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Internal Affairs of the Kingdom, assistant minister for Shipping, President of the Council of Ministers, head of the ministry and chairman of the Council. The actual appointment of the prime minister, attributed to the head of the Government of Portugal, was officially established with the Constitution of 1976, due to the revolution of 25 April 1974

The official residence of the Prime Minister, a mansion next to São Bento Palace, which, in confusion, is also often called "São Bento Palace".

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