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This page contains a list of the Prime Ministers of Somalia.

Incumbent Tenure Affiliation
UN Trusteeship
Abdullahi Issa 1 July 1949–1 July 1960 Somali Youth League (SYL)
Somali Republic
Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal 1 July 1960–12 July 1960 Somali National League (SNL)
Abdirashid Ali Shermarke 12 July 1960–14 June 1964 Somali Youth League (SYL)
Abdirizak Haji Hussein 14 June 1964–15 July 1967 Somali Youth League (SYL)
Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal 15 July 1967–21 October 1969 Somali Youth League (SYL)
Somali Democratic Republic
Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal 21 October 1969–1 November 1969 Somali Youth League (SYL)
Mohamed Farah Salad 1 November 1969–March 1970 Military
Post Abolished March 1970–1 February 1987
Mohamed Ali Samatar 1 February 1987–3 September 1990 Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP)
Muhammad Hawadle Madar 3 September 1990–24 January 1991 Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP)
Umar Arteh Ghalib 24 January 1991–21 July 1991 United Somali Congress (USC)
Somali Republic
Umar Arteh Ghalib 21 July 1991–3 January 1997 United Somali Congress (USC)
Vacant 3 January 1997–8 October 2000
Ali Khalif Galaid 8 October 2000–28 October 2001 Transitional National Government (TNG)
Osman Jama Ali 28 October 2001–12 November 2001 Transitional National Government (TNG)
Hassan Abshir Farah 12 November 2001–8 December 2003 Transitional National Government (TNG)
Muhammad Abdi Yusuf 8 December 2003–3 November 2004 Transitional National Government (TNG)
Ali Muhammad Ghedi 3 November 2004–29 October 2007 Transitional Federal Government (TFG)
Salim Aliyow Ibrow 29 October 2007–24 November 2007 Transitional Federal Government (TFG)
Nur Hassan Hussein 24 November 2007–14 February 2009 Transitional Federal Government (TFG)
Omar Abdirashid Ali-Sharmarke 14 February 2009–Present Transitional Federal Government (TFG)

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