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List of heads of government of The Sudan

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Affiliation
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (Condominium)
22 October 1952 to November 1953 Sayid Abdel Rahman al-Mahdi, Chief Minister UMMA
6 January 1954 to 1 January 1956 Ismail al-Azhari, Chief Minister NUP
Republic of The Sudan
1 January 1956 to 5 July 1956 Ismail al-Azhari, Prime Minister NUP
5 July 1956 to 17 November 1958 Abdullah Khalil, Prime Minister UMMA
18 November 1958 to 30 October 1964 Ibrahim Abboud, Prime Minister Mil
30 October 1964 to 2 June 1965 Sirr Al-Khatim Al-Khalifa, Prime Minister n-p
10 June 1965 to 25 July 1966 Muhammad Ahmad Mahgoub, Prime Minister UMMA
27 July 1966 to 18 May 1967 Sadiq al-Mahdi, Prime Minister UMMA
18 May 1967 to 25 May 1969 Muhammad Ahmad Mahgoub, Prime Minister UMMA
Democratic Republic of The Sudan
25 May 1969 to 27 October 1969 Babiker Awadalla, Prime Minister n-p
28 October 1969 to 11 August 1976 Gaafar Nimeiry, Prime Minister Mil; 1971 SSU
11 August 1976 to 10 September 1977 Rashid Bakr, Prime Minister SSU
10 September 1977 to 6 April 1985 Gaafar Nimeiry, Prime Minister SSU
22 April 1985 to 15 December 1985 al-Jazuli Dafalla, Prime Minister n-p
Republic of The Sudan
15 December 1985 to 6 May 1986 al-Jazuli Dafalla, Prime Minister n-p
6 May 1986 to 30 June 1989 Sadiq al-Mahdi, Prime Minister UMMA
30 June 1989 to 13 October 1993 Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir, Prime Minister Mil
13 October 1993 to Present Post Abolished

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