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The Prime Minister is the Ugandan head of government.



The position of Prime Minister was first used in Uganda after independence was declared in 1962. A republic was formed in 1963 with Mutesa II as president by prime minister Milton Obote. In 1966, Obote suspended the constitution and declared himself president. The post was restored in 1980.

List of Prime Ministers of Uganda

Chief Minister
Name Took Office Left Office Party
Benedicto Kiwanuka (RIP) 2 July 1961 1 March 1962 DP
Prime Ministers
Benedicto Kiwanuka (RIP) 1 March 1962 30 April 1962 DP
Milton Obote 30 April 1962 15 April 1966 UPC
Otema Allimadi 18 December 1980 27 July 1985 UPC
Paulo Muwanga 1 August 1985 25 August 1985 n/p
Abraham Waligo 25 August 1985 26 January 1986 n/p
Samson Kisekka (RIP) 30 January 1986 22 January 1991 NRM
George Cosmas Adyebo (RIP) 22 January 1991 18 November 1994 NRM
Kintu Musoke (RIP) 18 November 1994 5 April 1999 NRM
Apolo Nsibambi 5 April 1999 Present NRM

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