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The Prime Minister of Vanuatu is the effective head of the government of Vanuatu.

The position of Prime Minister was created when Vanuatu obtained its independence in 1980, with independence campaigner Walter Lini becoming the office-holder. The position is sometimes seen as a continuation of the older office of Chief Minister, which existed before Vanuatu obtained its independence. So far, seven people have served as Prime Minister of Vanuatu, sometimes on multiple occasions.

List of Prime Ministers of Vanuatu (1980-Present)

Name Took Office Left Office Political Party
1 Walter Lini 30 July 1980 6 September 1991 Vanua'aku Party
2 Donald Kalpokas 6 September 1991 16 December 1991 Vanua'aku Party
3 Maxime Carlot Korman 16 December 1991 21 December 1995 Union of Moderate Parties
4 Serge Vohor 21 December 1995 23 February 1996 Union of Moderate Parties
Maxime Carlot Korman, 2nd time 23 February 1996 30 September 1996 Union of Moderate Parties
Serge Vohor, 2nd time 30 September 1996 30 March 1998 Union of Moderate Parties
Donald Kalpokas, 2nd time 30 March 1998 25 November 1999 Vanua'aku Party
5 Barak Sopé 25 November 1999 13 April 2001 Melanesian Progressive Party
6 Edward Natapei 13 April 2001 29 July 2004 Vanua'aku Party
Serge Vohor, 3rd time 29 July 2004 11 December 2004 Union of Moderate Parties
7 Ham Lini 11 December 2004 22 September 2008 National United Party
Edward Natapei, 2nd time 22 September 2008 Vanua'aku Party

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