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The Prime Minister of the Cook Islands is the most powerful official within the government of the Cook Islands, a self-governing territory in free association with New Zealand. The office was established in 1965, when self-government was first granted to the islands. Originally, the title "Premier" was used, but this was replaced by the title of "Prime Minister" in 1981.

List of Heads of Government of the Cook Islands (1965-Present)

Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Albert Henry 4 August 1965 25 July 1978 Cook Islands Party
2 Tom Davis, 1st time 25 July 1978 13 April 1983 Democratic Party
3 Geoffrey Henry, 1st time 13 April 1983 16 November 1983 Cook Islands Party
Tom Davis, 2nd time 16 November 1983 29 July 1987 Democratic Party
4 Pupuke Robati 29 July 1987 1 February 1989 Democratic Party
Geoffrey Henry, 2nd time 1 February 1989 29 July 1999 Cook Islands Party
5 Joe Williams 29 July 1999 18 November 1999 Cook Islands Party
6 Terepai Maoate 18 November 1999 11 February 2002 Democratic Alliance Party
7 Robert Woonton 11 February 2002 11 December 2004 Democratic Alliance Party
8 Jim Marurai 14 December 2004 2005 Democratic Alliance Party
Jim Marurai (continued) 2005 2006 Cook Islands First Party
Jim Marurai (continued) 2006 Present Democratic Party


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