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Netherlands Antilles

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List of Prime Ministers of the Netherlands Antilles:

  • Ciro Domenico Kroon (1968–1969, PNP)
  • Gerald C. Sprockel (1969)
  • Ernesto O. Petronia (1969–1971, DP)
  • Ramez Jorge Isa (1971, DP)
  • Otto R.A. Beaujon (1971–1973, PNP)
  • Juancho Evertsz (1973–1977, PNP)
  • Lucinda da Costa Gomez-Matheeuws (1977)
  • Leo A.I. Chance (1977, WIPM)
  • Silvius Gerard Marie Rozendal (1977–1979, DP)
  • Miguel A. Pourier (1979, UPB)
  • Dominico Martina (1979–1984, MAN)
  • Maria Liberia Peters (1984–1986, PNP)
  • Dominico Martina (1986–1988, MAN)
  • Maria Liberia Peters (1988–1993, PNP)
  • Susanne Camelia-Römer (1993, PNP)
  • Alejandro Felippe Paula (1993–1994)
  • Miguel Arcangel Pourier (1994–1998, PAR)
  • Susanne Camelia-Römer (1998–1999, PNP)
  • Miguel Arcangel Pourier (1999–2002, PAR)
  • Etienne Ys (2002–2003, PAR)
  • Ben Komproe (2003, FOL)
  • Mirna Louisa-Godett (2003-2004, FOL)
  • Etienne Ys (2004-2006, PAR)
  • Emily de Jongh-Elhage (March 26, 2006 -present, PAR)

Parties legend:

Democratische Partij (Democratic Party)
Nationale Volkspartij or Partido Nashonal di Pueblo (National People's Party)
Windward Islands People's Movement
Union Patriotiko Boneiriano (Patriotic Union of Bonaire)
Movimentu Antía Nobo (New Antilles Movement)
Partido Antiá Restrukturá (Restructured Antilles Party)
Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 di Mei (Workers' Liberation Front of 30 may)


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