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División Profesional
Countries  Paraguay
Confederation CONMEBOL
Founded 1906
Number of teams 12
Relegation to Segunda División
Levels on pyramid 1
International cup(s) Copa Libertadores
Copa Sudamericana
Current champions Nacional (Clausura 2009)
Most championships Olimpia (38 titles)
Website APF
2010 season

The División Profesional de la Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol (English: Professional Division of the Paraguayan Football Association), also known as the Primera División (English: First Division), or due to sponsorship reasons Copa TIGO, is the top-flight professional football league in Paraguay. Currently, there are 12 teams in the first division.



Liga Paraguaya's first game was played in 1906, after the director of the El Diario newspaper, Don Adolfo Riquelme, brought to his office on June 18, 1906, the representatives of the five existing football teams in Paraguay at that time (Olimpia, Guaraní, Libertad, General Díaz, and Nacional) to create the governing body of football in Paraguay: the Liga Paraguaya de Fútbol (known today as Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol). The representatives were William Paats and Junio Godoy (Olimpia) Ramón Caballero, Manuel Bella and Salvador Melián (Guaraní), Juan Escalada (Libertad), César Urdapilleta (General Díaz), and Vicente Gadea (Nacional). [1] The Liga Paraguaya saw Club Guaraní as the first champion in 1906, after defeating Olimpia in the final.

The Paraguayan Football Association joined CONMEBOL in 1921, and FIFA in 1925. The professional era of the competition in the Liga started in 1941.

During the 1990s, the FA changed its denomination from Liga Paraguaya del Futbol to Asociacion Paraguaya de Futbol.


A new rule was introduced in 2008, stating that there will be two champions each year corresponding to the winners of the two tournaments played during the season, the Apertura (or "Opening Tournament) and Clausura (Closing Tournament). [2] This replaces the old system in which the Paraguayan Football Association divided its championships into two sections, the Torneo Apertura and Torneo Clausura. The winners of each tournament staged a playoff to decide each year's national champion. If the same team won both stages, it automatically won the national championship.

The team with the worst average points over the last three years is automatically relegated to the second division league, and the second-worst team plays a playoff match against the second division runner-up. The winner of the playoff match plays in the first division the following year.

International Cup Participation

Starting 2010, Paraguay will have six slots in International Cups (three in the Copa Libertadores de America and Three in the Copa Sudamericana). These five slots will be filled by five teams.

In the Copa Libertadores, the winner of the Apertura and Clausura tournaments qualify automatically. The third representative (going into the first round play-off) is the best placed non-champion from the cumulative table of both the Apertura and Clausura.

In the Copa Sudamericana, the champion of the Apertura and Clausura with the highest point cumulative goes in automatically, along with the 4th and 5th best placed teams from the Apertura and Clausura cumulatives.

In 2010, Paraguay will be represented by Cerro Porteño, Nacional and Libertad in the Copa Libertadores, while Cerro Porteño, Olimpia and Guarani will be going to the Copa Sudamericana.

First Division teams

Map of cities of participating teams in 2009

The following are the teams in the first division in 2010:

List of champions


Amateur Era

Professional Era

[A] indicates win in Apertura tournament, [C] for Clausura

Titles by team

Team N° of Titles Runners-up
Olimpia 38 19
Cerro Porteño 28 25
Libertad 14 20
Guaraní 9 12
Nacional 7 9
Sol de América 2 12
Sportivo Luqueño 2 4
Presidente Hayes 1 0
Atlántida 0 3
River Plate 0 3
12 de Octubre 0 1



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