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Prince Antoine
Spouse Infanta Luisa Fernanda of Spain
Father Louis Philippe of France
Mother Maria Amelia of the Two Sicilies
Born 31 July 1824(1824-07-31)
Died 4 February 1890 (aged 65)

Antoine Marie Philippe Louis d'Orleans, duc de Montpensier was the youngest son of King Louis Philippe of France and his wife Maria Amelia Teresa of the Two Sicilies. He was born on 31 July 1824 at the château de Neuilly and died 4 February 1890 at Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain.

On 10 October 1846 at Madrid, Spain, he married Infanta Luisa Fernanda of Spain, the daughter of King Fernando VII of Spain and his wife Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies.

They had ten children:

  1. Maria Isabel (1848-1919), who married Louis Philippe Albert d'Orleans, comte de Paris
  2. Maria Amelia (1851-1870)
  3. Maria Christina (1852-1879)
  4. Maria de la Regla (1856-1861)
  5. [?] (1857-1857)
  6. Fernando (1859-1873)
  7. Mercedes (1860-1878), who married Alfonso XII of Spain
  8. Felipe (1862-1864)
  9. Antonio (1866-1930), who married Infanta Eulalia of Spain, daughter of Queen Isabel II of Spain
  10. Luis (1867-1874)

Candidate for the Spanish throne

Antoine de Montpensier lived in Spain from 1848 when he and his family had to leave France after the Revolution of 1848.
During the Spanish revolution of 1868, he supported the insurgents under Juan Prim against Queen Isabella II of Spain, his own sister-in-law.

In 1870 he fought a duel against Henry of Bourbon, the brother of Francis of Spain, and killed him. Antoine was condemned to one month in prison.

On 16 November 1870 the Cortes voted for the next King and chose Amadeo I of Spain with 191 votes. Antoine only received 27 votes, and left Spain, only to return in 1874.
His ambitions were fulfilled by his daughter Mercedes, who became Queen Consort of Spain after her marriage to Alfonso XII, son of Isabella II.


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