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Prince of Liège was a substantive title awarded by King Albert I of the Belgians to his youngest grandson, Prince Albert, the present king Albert II, while he was third in line to the throne of Belgium, and used from June 7, 1934, until August 9, 1993. Since he became the King of the Belgians on 1993, Albert II no longer bears the title Prince of Liège. His wife, the present Queen Paola, was known as the Princess of Liège from their marriage in 1959 until 1993.

His elder brother prince Baudouin later king Baudouin I, was known as the Count of Hainaut while his father prince Leopold, later king Leopold III was the Duke of Brabant at the time of Albert's birth. Leopold's brother held the title of Count of Flanders. All the titles that were common in the Belgian Royal Household thus being given, a new style had to be created.

The title is reminiscent of the Prince-Bishopric of Liège, a noble title of the Holy Roman Empire which ceased to exist in 1795.

King Albert II decided in 2001 to no longer award courtesy titles such as Count of Flanders, Count of Hainaut and Prince of Liège. The heir to the throne will be awarded the title Duke of Brabant, current title held by HRH prince Philippe.
It is therefore likely that Albert II will be the only Prince of Liège.

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