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Prince of Persia
The official logo for the Prince of Persia game franchise since 2003.
Developer(s) Brøderbund, Red Orb, Ubisoft, Pipeworks, Gameloft
Publisher(s) Brøderbund, TLC, Mattel, Ubisoft, SCEJ
First release Prince of Persia
Latest release Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Official website Ubisoft's Prince of Persia website

Prince of Persia is an action-adventure video game franchise created by Jordan Mechner. Through the various titles, the series has been developed and published by many different companies: the first two games in the series, Prince of Persia (1989) and Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame (1994), were developed by Brøderbund; in recent years Ubisoft has developed the games, starting with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003). Originally it was primarily a side-scrolling platform video game, the franchise has evolved to three-dimensional action-platform games, and will spawn a film to be released in May, 2010, by Disney[1][2].



Year Title Developer Availability
Sony Microsoft Nintendo Apple Other
1989 Prince of Persia Brøderbund, NCS None DOS NES, SNES, Game Boy, GBC, GCN1 Apple II, Mac OS Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, SAM Coupé, PC Engine, Sega CD, Mega Drive
1994 The Shadow and the Flame Brøderbund None DOS SNES Mac OS None
1999 3D Red Orb Entertainment,
Avalanche Software
None Windows None None Dreamcast
2003 The Sands of Time Ubisoft Montreal PS2 Xbox, Windows GCN, GBA None Mobile
2004 Warrior Within Ubisoft Montreal PS2 Xbox, Windows GCN None Mobile
2005 The Two Thrones Ubisoft Montreal PS2 Xbox, Windows GCN OS X Mobile
Revelations2 Pipeworks Software PSP None None None None
Battles of Prince of Persia Ubisoft Montreal None None DS None None
2007 Classic3 Gameloft PSN XBLA Wii4 None None
Rival Swords5 Pipeworks Software PSP None Wii None None
2008 Prince of Persia Ubisoft Montreal PS3 Xbox 360, Windows None OS X Mobile
The Fallen King Ubisoft Casablanca None None DS None None
2010 The Forgotten Sands Ubisoft Montreal,
Ubisoft Quebec
PS3, PSP Xbox 360, Windows Wii, DS None None
  1. Included as a bonus in the GameCube version of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
  2. A port of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.
  3. An upscaled re-release of the original Prince of Persia.
  4. Included as a bonus in the Wii version of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.
  5. A port of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.


Because of the several reboots the franchise has witnessed, many different stories are told through the games. They all share similar story elements; for example, they are all set in ancient Persia, and they all feature a man who is adept at acrobatic feats attempting to save a plot element in that particular story.

Original trilogy

One day, the Shah of Persia went to wage war in a foreign land and his vizier, Jaffar, is left to rule in his stead. Jaffar locks the nameless protagonist up because the Princess, Jaffar's love interest, has taken an interest in him. Jaffar then locks up the Princess herself, giving her an ultimatum; marry Jaffar, or die within an hour. The nameless protagonist escapes his prison, and climbs to the top of the tower, to where the Princess is imprisoned, facing a variety of resistance along the way. The Princess' room is guarded by Jaffar, whom the Prince defeats, saving Persia and rescuing the Princess.

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame takes place eleven days after the events of the previous game. During this period, the Prince was hailed as the hero who defeated the evil Jaffar. He turns down all rewards, instead asking for the Princess' hand in marriage which the Shah of Persia reluctantly agrees to. He then becomes the Prince of Persia, hence the title of the series. As the Prince enters the royal courts of the palace one day, his appearance turns into that of a beggar. Nobody recognizes him, and when he attempts to speak with the Princess, a man who shares his appearance emerges from the shadows, ordering him to be thrown out. With guards pursuing him, the Prince jumps through a window and flees the city by way of a merchant ship. The ship is struck by lightning, cast by the man the Prince saw in the royal courts, just after a mysterious woman appears in the barge and asks the Prince to find her. The Prince regains consciousness, and finds himself on the shore of a foreign island. As the Prince finds his way back to Persia, he finds many useful tools in his quest against Jaffar. At one point the Prince's mother, revealed to be the mysterious woman on the ship, shows herself, and explains about her husband's death, and her plight to abandon the Prince so that he might live. In a temple, the Prince finds that he can separate from his body, transforming into the shadow that Jaffar's magic mirror created in the events of Prince of Persia. The Prince uses this motive to steal the sacred flame of the temple, and then travels back to Persia. Here he immediately encounters Jaffar, who flees. The Prince transforms into the shadow bearing the blue flame once again, and pursues Jaffar, whom he catches and casts a blue flame at, defeating him. The Princess awakens from a spell Jaffar set upon her, and the Prince orders Jaffar's ashes be scattered. As the Prince and Princess ride into the distance, however, it is revealed that a witch is watching them through a crystal ball.

Prince of Persia 3D begins with the Prince and Sultan of Persia visiting the Sultan's brother, Assan. Soon enough, the Prince's personal body guards are killed, himself locked in the dungeon, and the Sultan taken by Assan. The Prince escapes the dungeon, and it is revealed that the Sultan of Persia promised Assan many years ago that his daughter would marry his son, Rugnor, not the Prince. The Prince finds the two, but Assan kills the Sultan by mistake, while trying to kill the Prince. Assan runs, but the Prince decides to pursue Rugnor instead, who has taken the Princess of Persia captive. The Prince and Rugnor have many standoffs, but when it becomes clear to Rugnor that the Prince won't give up, and the Princess won't submit to him, he decides to kill her. He ties her to a large gear machine, attempting to crush her. The Prince, however, arrives before this happens, kills Rugnor, and deactivates the machine. The Prince then escapes with the Princess, via a flying beast, but the Prince takes the Princess in the opposite direction of Persia, rather than towards it.

The Sands of Time

Passing through India en route to Azad, King Shahraman and his son, the Prince, conquer the Maharajah of India for honor and glory. After looting the city, they continue to Azad. In Azad, the Vizier of the Maharajah tricks the Prince into releasing the Sands of Time, using the Dagger of Time. The Sands infect everyone in the kingdom, turning them into monsters. The Prince, Princess Farah (the Maharajah's daughter), and the Vizier remain unchanged due to their possessions; a dagger, a medallion, and a staff, respectively. On a journey to repair the damage he has caused, the Prince teams with Farah to return the Sands of Time to the hourglass, using the Dagger of Time. As time goes on, the Prince and Farah start to grow closer, to the point where she admits her love to the Prince while he was unconsious. After they make their way to the Hourglass of Time, the Prince hesitates, and the Vizier uses magic to throw him and Farah into a tomb. While in the tomb, the lights go out. Farah tells Prince of the word "kakolukia", a word her mother taught her when she was little. The Prince awakens, and the Dagger and his weapon have been stolen by Farah, who left him with her medallion so that he would not be affected by the Sands of Time. The Prince pursues and catches her, but she falls to her death. Driven by grief, the Prince stabs the top of the hourglass with the Dagger of Time, locking the Sands of Time back into the hourglass, reversing the events of the game. The Prince awakens prior to the invasion of the Maharaja's kingdom, and makes his way to Farah's bedroom. He tells her a story about the events of the game, as she does not remember, but the Vizier shows up, and fights the Prince. The Prince emerges victorious and gives the Dagger of Time back to Farah. As he leaves, Farah ask what his name is. He responds by saying, "kakolukia", to prove that his story was true.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Seven years after the events of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the Prince finds himself hunted by the Dahaka, the guardian of the time line. Because the Prince escaped his fate, the Dahaka tries to ensure that the Prince dies as he was meant to. Seeking counsel from an old wise man, the Prince learns of the existence of the Island of Time, where the Sands of Time were created, which was ruled by an Empress of Time. The Prince sets sail for the Island of Time to attempt to prevent the Sands of Time from being created, by traveling backwards through time. He believes that if there were no Sands of Time, the Dahaka will stop hunting him. Exploring the island, the Prince saves a woman named Kaileena, from a woman named Shahdee, in the process traveling back through time using a portal. Unable to grant the Prince an audience with the Empress of Time, Kaileena reveals that activating two towers will unlock the throne room where the Empress hides. The Prince ultimately activates both towers, and returns to the throne room, only to learn that Kaileena is actually the Empress of Time. The Prince kills Kaileena, and returns to the present, believing that he has cheated fate, but soon discovers that when he killed Kaileena, the Sands of Time were created from her remains so, in essence, he created them. The Prince then discovers an artifact called the Mask of the Wraith, which is said to have the power to allow its wearer coexist in the same time line with his former self, as a Sand Wraith. The Prince wastes no time finding and donning the mask, transforming into a Sand Wraith. The Prince,after transeforming, believes that he died when the Dahaka attacked him. He also believes the Dahaka died, too. He also believes it wasn't trying to kill him,but warn him of Kaileena's betrayal and his creating of the Sands.The Prince then makes his way back to the throne room, having an encounter with his other self, who is shortly thereafter killed by the Dahaka, allowing the Prince to remove the Mask of the Wraith. The Prince decides that killing Kaileena in the present, rather than the past, will cause the Sands of Time to be created, but they will not be found by the Maharajah, and thus, he will never have released them in Azad. The Prince forces Kaileena into the present, but plans change when the Dahaka appears. The Prince and Kaileena eventually defeat the Dahaka, who was attempting to kill Kaileena since she was supposed to have died in the past by the Prince's hand. They both then set sail for Babylon together. There is an alternate ending showing the Prince killing Kaileena by forcing her to the present and killing her. The Dahaka then eliminates Kaileena from the timeline, thus, preventing the creation of the Sands of Time. Then it attacks the Prince and the Prince realizes it wants the Amulet of Time, the last artifact of the Sands of Time. As the Prince sails off, believing he has cheated fate, it shows Babylon attacked with the wise man saying "You can not cheat fate.No man can."

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones follows Prince of Persia: Warrior Within by a few weeks. Upon returning to Babylon, he is horrified to find the city is ravaged by war. His ship is attacked and he and Kaileena are thrown overboard, with Kaileena taken prisoner after drifting ashore. After fighting his way through the city, the Prince discovers that as a result of his efforts on the Island of Time to prevent the Sands of Time from being created, the events of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time never happened, thus, the Vizier was never killed. The Vizier now possesses the Dagger of Time, and his magical staff, as well. The Vizier is in search of the Empress of Time, Kaileena, and so has captured her. Just as the Prince finds Kaileena, the Vizier kills her and unleashes the Sands of Time. Then the Vizier transforms into an immortal(but not invincible) being by impaling himself with the Dagger of Time, which now contains the Sands of Time. The released Sands of Time also strike the Prince, infecting an open wound on his arm and embedding the daggertail. The Prince breaks free of bondage, and escapes, grabbing the Dagger of Time in the process. As the Prince travels through the city once again to kill the Vizier, he encounters Farah, who does not remember him, and the two decide to travel together. As the game progresses, the Prince finds that the Sands of Time have affected his mind. He has essentially been split into two personalities; one which, for the most part, strives to do good, although is fueled by vengeance; and the cruel Dark Prince, who is manifested by an internal voice that attempts to convince the Prince that they are the same person, and that the Prince should strive to serve only himself, using his vengeance as a catalyst for the Prince's emotions. As the game progresses, the Prince learns more about the nature of the Dark Prince, who is in fact, not a part of the Prince, just the manifestation of the Sands of Time trying to overcome him. When the Prince finally finds the Vizier, he is cast into a dried well, where the indwelling Dark Prince vies more aggressively for control. The Prince eventually finds the dead body of his father, who he had hoped to reconcile with, and faces his wrong actions. By accepting the consequences of what he has done, he silences the Dark Prince, seemingly in permanence. The Prince escapes the well, and once again confronts the Vizier, who he kills by impaling him with the Dagger of Time. Kaileena appears to the Prince and cleanses him of his infection by the Sands of Time, and all his wounds. As the Prince leans down to reach for his father's crown, he is confronted by the Dark Prince, who draws the Prince into his mind, where the two struggle for control. The Prince eventually realizes that fighting the Dark Prince will only intensify his anger, thus feeding the Dark Prince, so he decides to simply ignore the Dark Prince, who is eventually silenced, starved of anger and aggression. The Prince then awakens in Farah's embrace. In the end, Farah ask the Prince how did he really know her name. Instead of responding directly, the Prince starts off with the start of the story he told her 7 years ago, circling back to the first game.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

On November 30, 2009, Ubisoft announced a new game in the series, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. The game will return to the storyline seen in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The game is being developed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, with an alternate version being developed for the PSP, Nintendo Wii, and DS. It will be released in May 2010 alongside Disney's Sands of Time movie.[3]

Prince of Persia

In Prince of Persia (2008), the adventure begins as the Prince is caught in a fierce sandstorm while traveling, causing him to lose his donkey and to stumble into a canyon. He then unexpectedly meets Elika, who immediately runs from some armed men, urging the Prince not to follow. The Prince does, though, and defeats them when he catches up with Elika. She then requests that he follow her to a temple at the center of the kingdom. When they arrive inside the temple, Elika's father, who commanded Elika's pursuers, destroys the tree of life, which begins to free the dark god Ahriman. With the tree of life destroyed, Ahriman begins plaguing the land with his darkness, or Corruption. Elika explains that there are multiple fertile grounds found throughout the land that she has to reach and heal in order to let the tree of life regain power to stop Ahriman from escaping.

As the Prince and Elika travel to and heal each fertile ground, Elika reveals her past; first her mother died, and then Elika did as well. Her father, the Mourning King, could not handle his grief, and made a deal with Ahriman, Elika's life in return for his freedom. Ahriman first resurrected Elika, and did so as long as Elika's father could keep his part of the deal. After the lands have been cleansed of Corruption, the duo returns to the temple to cleanse it as well; a necessary and final step in stopping Ahriman. Inside the temple, the Prince and Elika are confronted by the Mourning King. After being defeated by the duo, he jumps into the Corruption below. Ahriman then rises to oppose the duo, but is unable to defeat them before Elika heals the tree of life. To seal Ahriman again, Elika transfers her own life into the tree, causing her to die again. The Prince, driven by grief, destroys the tree of life, and gives its life force to Elika to resurrect her, but in doing so also fully releases Ahriman. The Prince then carries Elika into the desert while the temple is destroyed and Ahriman escapes.

Then, in the downloadable Epilogue content, the Prince brings Elika to an Underground Palace, seeking refuge from Ahriman. The duo makes their way through the dungeon, confronting Ahriman's minions many times. Elika expresses disdain for the Prince's decision to free Ahriman many times along the way. In a final confrontation with the Mourning King, the Prince pushes him into some spikes, impaling him. The Prince and Elika then flee, as Ahriman then tries to kill them himself. They get away, but Elika leaves the Prince in search of the Ahura.

Prince of Persia graphic novel

Jordan Mechner finished writing the story for a graphical novel in 2007. The novel was written by A.B. Sina, and illustrated by Alex Puvilland and LeUyen Pham. It was released by First Second Books in autumn 2008.[4][5] The story follows two Princes, jumping to and from the 9th and 13th centuries. It is not related to any of the game continuities or that of the 2010 film.[6]

Film project

Before the series reboot of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, screenwriter Robin Morningstar entered into correspondence with Jordan Mechner about approaching a studio with a film project of the series. His script was based on the story of the original 1989 game. Robin Morningstar was cut out of the process by Jordan Mechner's attorney shortly before the reboot and Disney acquiring the film rights.[citation needed] The film in production shares no similarity with Robin Morningstar's script.[citation needed]

The film project, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, is due out in May 2010[2].

Recurring elements

The Prince's alter egos

In both original 2D games and The Sands of Time trilogy the Prince encounters alternate forms of himself.

The Shadow is created in Prince of Persia when the Prince leaps through a magic mirror. The Shadow mimics the appearance of the Prince, but is clad in darker coloured clothes. It hinders the player's progress several times throughout the game, but in the end the Shadow and the Prince merge, becoming a single person once again. The Shadow returns in Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame, but this time, rather than being a separate being which hinders the Prince's progress, the Prince can become the Shadow, abandoning his body to become an invisible ghost. The Shadow allows the Prince to retrieve a sacred blue flame from a temple, as the Prince is killed by a guard. When the Shadow retrieves the blue flames, the Prince rises again, this time possessing the flames himself. During the end events of the game, the Prince takes the appearance of the Shadow again, using it to launch the sacred flame at Jaffar, killing him. The Shadow then merges again with the Prince, making no further appearances.

In Warrior Within the Prince encounters the "Sand Wraith", who is later revealed to be the Prince from the future, wearing the "Mask of the Wraith" - a powerful ancient artifact, which can be used to travel back in time to fix one's previous mistakes. The Sand Wraith has much improved time controlling abilities, but his health degrades over time. With the help of the Mask, the Prince manages to sacrifice himself from the past and change his fate.

In The Two Thrones the Prince is infected with the essence of the Sands of Time, which causes him to develop an evil alternate personality - The Dark Prince, which sporadically kicks in. The Dark Prince has some improved fighting and acrobatic skills, but his health also degrades over time, so he must regularly consume Sands of Time to remain alive. The Prince reverts back to his normal form by touching water. Sensing that his alternate personality is slowly taking him over, the Prince finally manages to overcome it and defeats his enemies on his own.

The Dagger of Time

The Dagger of Time is a powerful weapon, capable of allowing its wielder to harness the power of the Sands of Time, and manipulate time itself. If the wielder steps into a large concentration of the Sands of Time, the Dagger of Time will allow them a brief look into the future. The Dagger of Time also is capable of making its wielder immortal. If the wielder uses the weapon to harness the power of the Sands of Time, then impales themselves with the blade, it will embed the Sands of Time into that wielder, making them immortal. The Dagger of Time is also the "key" which opens the lock on the Hourglass of Time.

The Dagger of Time was created on the Island of Time for the ability of controlling the sands, as indicated by the Vizier in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, who expressed his feelings over finding it there. It was stolen from the Island of Time before the events of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time by the Maharajah of India, along with the Hourglass of Time, which contain the Sands of Time. The Prince uses the Dagger of Time to release the Sands of Time during the events of the game. This brings about a plague of sorts; only carriers of the artifacts of time avoid mutation, and the resulting monsters can also only be killed by the artifacts of time. At the end of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the Prince uses the Dagger of Time to lock the Sands of Time back into the Hourglass of Time, reversing the events of the game. He then gives the Dagger of Time to the Maharajah's daughter, telling her to lock it in the Maharajah's treasure vaults.

It is revealed in the Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones that the Vizier is alive again, due to the Prince's manipulation of the time line. Upon searching the Island of Time, the Vizier once again finds the Dagger of Time . He kills the Maharajah of India, and uses his army to invade Babylon, the place where the Empress of Time will soon arrive. He uses it to kill Kaileena, releasing the Sands of Time, but then impales himself, which makes him immortal. During this transformation, the Prince retrieves the Dagger of Time once again. At the end of the game, the Prince uses the Dagger of Time to kill the Vizier. The freed Sands of Time form a physical manifestation of the spirit of Kaileena, who takes the Dagger of Time from the Prince, and destroys it, along with the Sands of Time.


The success of the Prince of Persia series resulted in Guinness World Records awarding the series 6 world records in the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008. These records include, "First Motion-Capture Animation in a Video Game" and "Highest Rated Platformer on PS2 and Xbox".

Cultural reference

Under his associated act, "The Classic" (더 클래식) in 1994, South Korean singer-songwriter Kim Gwang-Jin (김광진) released the song, the Magical Castle (마법의 성) which its lyrics is inspired from the storyline of the original Prince of Persia.[7][8]

One of the first season episodes of the TV series Life featured one of the Prince of Persia games as an important story element.


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The Prince of Persia is a video game franchise developed by Brøderbund and Ubisoft.

Spoiler warning: Plot, ending, or solution details follow.


The Prince

  • Most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you: they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I am or why I say this. Sit down and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard. [First and Last lines in the Trilogy].
  • Father, I have brought us honour and glory.
  • Trust not a man who has betrayed his master, nor take him into your own service, lest he betray you too. I learned the truth of this, to my sorrow, the day we arrived in Azad as the Sultan's honoured guests.
  • When a man is faced with his own death, he finds the impossible less of a barrier.
  • He now had his prize, but for some unknown reason coveted the Dagger as well. Well, I would give him what he sought. I would plunge it into his foul and treacherous heart!
  • Finding my way to the baths from here should be easy. I'll just ask the next sand creature that I come across - 'Excuse me, could you direct me to the baths please? Thank You!' 'Don't mention it! I used to be a bath attendant back when I was alive!'. *imitating Farah* 'I'll meet you at the baths!' She orders me around as if I was a servant! It's my own fault. With women, you have to show them you're in charge right from the start, or they'll walk all over you! I've been too indulgent. Probably because I felt sorry for her. Well, it stops now! From now on, she'll have to tow the line. (pause) That is, assuming I can find her.
  • I could marry her! After all, she is a Maharajah's daughter. A conquered one, but still, her blood is royal. . . . All right, I've decided. I will marry her. I'll tell her the first chance I get.
  • My father's army sacked your palace, captured you as a slave; you have every reason to hate you want me to trust you?
  • I had faced my enemy, I had looked into his eyes, and I had lost...everything.
  • ....and though I fought until the desert sands themselves were red with blood; I could not bring back the dead.
  • To live forever...when those I loved are dead, and I to blame? I choose death.
  • (when you die) No no no, that's not the way it happened. Shall I start again?
  • Madness.. what magic is this?
  • Despite all the warnings that I would fail, I have vanquished the Empress and prevented the creation of the sands of time. I have defeated the Dahaka, and fate itself.
  • I had saved my own life- and did not even know it.
  • You had your chance to take me; you won't get another.
  • No, Kaileena, you can change your fate, I have done so! A terrible beast was destined to take my life, but I have freed myself from-
  • I do not want to hurt you, Kaileena...But I must finish this!
  • I've been thinking, Kaileena. There is little for you on this island, and there will be less still once I have stood before your Mistress. Come with me to Babylon, you'll have a chance to start a new life, free from the evils of this place.
  • (warcry) For Babylon!
  • This storm shows us no mercy. We shall respond in kind!
  • ...For the first time in my life... I am afraid.
  • Do not worry Kaileena, No harm will come to you in Babylon.
  • You will pay for what you have done to my people!
  • To undo what I have done? Surely you must think I'm a fool.
  • What if...What if Kaileena didn't die in the Past, but in the Present. The Sands would be created...but the Maharajah would fail to find them. They'd never be brought to his palace, and I'd have never released them! The Dahaka will have no business with me!
  • I have seen the error of my ways, and I have atoned for the transgressions of my past...I am no longer that person.
  • Experience has taught me that wishful thinking only leads to disappointment.
  • I am the Architect of my own Destruction.
  • You will pay for this transgression.
  • I have more important matters to attend to.
  • I will only be given a second chance... to fail.
  • I died!

Vizier (Zurvan)

  • Your majesty- I trust you will remember your promise. The Maharajah's treasure vaults lie within.
  • Inside the hourglass is a marvel that no living man has seen. Alas, only the dagger can unlock the sands of time, and it belongs to a greater one than I; a young prince, dearer to his father than all the wealth of India. Perhaps he would oblige...
  • Ah, you must be the Prince of Persia, come home at last! Too late, I'm afraid.
  • Give me the dagger; you have unleashed the sands of time. I can undo what you have done... Give it to me!
  • A wild tale indeed. I have a simpler version. A Persian soldier, lusting for glory, entered the chambers of the Maharajah's daughter, and was slain by me...
  • Farah will make an excellent Queen, after we make some... Modifications.
  • I am Zurvan, God of Time!
  • This is not what the dagger has promised!!


  • Why did I trust you; why didn't you trust me?
  • If it comforts you to mock me then by all means continue, but you are so focused on killing him that you've thrown strategy completely out the window! You could have died...
  • Kakolukia...
  • What is your favourite colour?
  • I saw what you did in the workshop, and what the Old man said is true. You are a Prince.
  • If this tomb is to be ours, at least the dagger will be buried with us. And... we are together.
  • You don't understand, I need that dagger to-
  • What is he like... your father?
  • Look! a crack!
  • Prince? You're a Sand monster?... You lied to me all this time! Stay away from me!
  • You are right to be cautious, but fight as bravely as you may, you cannot defeat this enemy! The Sands will spread! They will consume... Everything! I have heard it said that you are kind as well as brave. Please, help me find the hourglass...
  • Prince, There's still something I don't understand... How did you really know my name?
  • Listen to this:[reading] "Love is life, so if you want to live, die in love, die in love if you want to stay alive."
  • I'll cover you!
  • Seven years? What are you talking about?
  • I owe you thanks... But why did you invent such a fantastic story? Do you think me a child, that I would believe such nonsense?
  • Wait... I don't even know your name.

Kaileena (Empress of Time)

  • I had hoped the Dahaka would kill you, I had hoped Shahdee would keep you from the island or the towers would finish you off; I even cursed the sword I gave you and yet you did not die!
  • Be free now Prince, Your journey is at an end.
  • How dare you stand before me and admit failure, You should have died to protect me!
  • You may wonder why I would let this come to pass. So many dead, and Likely more to follow, an Empire reduced to rubble, a Prince cast to the streets and hunted like a common criminal. But I had seen the timeline, and of all the futures lay bare to me, this one held the most promise of them all, for the Prince would have an opportunity to set things right. Watch now, see the thing of which I speak...
  • Prince, of all the possible futures, this one held the most promise, but something has changed...
  • Haha, It will take more than a simple sword strike to penetrate my defences!
  • You should know that it was not love that drove him, but duty. I was his responsibility, and he had made a promise, a promise that was now broken and undone. Like all mistakes he had made, the Prince intended to fix this. A noble goal to be certain, but a selfish one as well. For he was motivated to ease his own pain.
  • I have activated the Island's portals. You will travel to his time, engage him at sea and kill him... Kill them all!
  • And so the Prince and Farah separated. She sought to save lives, he to end them.
  • I have seen your future... And it does not look good.
  • This world was not meant for me, but there are others, and I will find my place just as you have found yours.
  • You are wasting your time, I can see the future!
  • As our ship lay sinking in the harbour, The Prince found himself in a city quite different from the one he had left behind...
  • I told you to leave and yet you kept coming back. I began to wonder, if you could change your fate, perhaps I could change mine!
  • Let time run its course.
  • I have known my whole life that what is written in the timeline cannot be changed!
  • They say knowledge is power but I say it is a poison. Knowing the exact date and manner of her death torments her. The closer it draws the greater her pain.


  • His ship approaches, it is just as the timeline foretold, I am sorry Empress.
  • Is that the best you have to offer?
  • Fool don't you know... You cannot change your fate.
  • You call yourself a master swordsman?
  • If you want to try and change the timeline, you can do it yourself!
  • It seems the Empress overestimated your abilities.
  • You will never reach our shores alive!

The Dark Prince

  • All that is yours is rightfully mine... and mine it will be!
  • You really do have a way with women. Those you don't get killed can't get far enough away from you.
  • I did not spin myself out of the ether, I was not conjured by some mad vizier. I am you! Your rage, your pride, your selfish ways; they give me form and substance!
  • Seasons change, tastes change... but people? People never change, and you delude yourself believing otherwise...
  • You mean to kill me then, to cut me down like all your other enemies? Swing that sword Prince! We’ve seen how well that works.
  • Do you think you would be here now if not for me? How many times did I save you? How many times did I unblock you path, take down your enemies, remind you of your mission? While all you did was cry about your father and Kaileena and Farah, how everything bad always happens to you! Boo-hoo, Prince!
  • If I am selfish Prince, it is because you are. If I am ruthless and reckless and lacking in morals it is because you are.
  • Such violence! Your anger serves only to feed me. So I have to ask, have you really changed? After all I am right here standing before you!
  • Blue? That’s not my favourite colour.
  • While I admire your bravado... It would be wise for you to show some respect!
  • I am your untapped potential, your unrealized dreams! I am part of you.
  • Tick tock, Prince. Tick, tock.
  • Time is precious. Time is fleeting. Time... Is something you have very little of.
  • Would you like to have a drink?
  • So what now? Perform another Great Rewind? Or maybe go back to the Island Of Time to return to a moment where he didn't die, maybe, saving a damsel in distress along the way?
  • Maybe Babylon is better off in Zurvan's hands.
  • You call yourself a warrior!? Ha Ha!
  • I have nothing but noble intentions~
  • You self-righteous BAST---(The prince cuts him off)
  • No! what are you doing?
  • Do not ignore me! Do not leave me behind! NOOOO! [Last words].

The Old Man

  • Go then, my Prince. but know this. Your journey will not end well. You cannot change your fate. No man can.
  • All hail the Prince of Persia, the greatest hero this city has ever known. You have saved the people of this city and we have come to return the favor.


Old Man: The island of time. The place when the sands were created.The place from which the MARAHAJA stole the HourGlass.

Prince: And what if I could reach this Island?

Old Man: They say the MARAHAJA found portals there.Where one could pass backwards through time.

Prince: Back through time to the birthplace of the Sands…Something terrible happened when our army traveled to the MARAHAJA’s palace.

Old Man: You found the sands of time.

Prince: Worse… I opened them.

Old Man: Whosoever shall open the sands must die…

Prince: I was forced to kill those I fought beside.Those I had loved.

Old Man: But now an unstoppable beast chases you…

Prince: For the first time in my life,I am afraid.

Old Man: And you will die.

Prince: I used the sands themselves to reverse time.Making it as if the hourglass was never opened.

Old Man: The Beast.The Dahaka is the guardian of the timeline.You were supposed to die,so it will catch you and see to it that you meet your fate.

Prince: It’s better to try than to wait here for death.

Old Man: Madness! Even if you manage to reach the island.You'll still have to face the empress of time!

Prince: I will travel back in time and prevent the sands from ever being made.If there are no sands the Dahaka will have no quarrel with me!

Old Man: Go then my prince! But know this your journey will not end well.You cannot change your fate….No man can.

Farah: So it's true, he was a traitor?
Prince: Take this, return it to your father's treasure vaults...guard it well...
Farah: I owe you thanks, but why did you invent such a fantastic story, do you think me a child, that I would believe such nonsense?
[Prince kisses Farah]
Farah: [pushes him away] I said I owe you thanks. You presume too much.
[Prince rewinds time]
Farah:...Such a fantastic story, do you think me a child, that I would believe such nonsense?
Prince:...You're right, it was just a story [gives her the dagger].
Farah: Wait, I don't even know your name...
Prince: Just call me...Kakolukia...

Shahdee: You will never reach our shores alive!
Prince: For your sake...You better hope I don't!
[Fight ensues]

[Shahdee Raises sword and scars the prince]

Prince: Urgh! YOU BITCH!
Shahdee: It seems the Empress overestimated your abilities
Prince: The Empress?

Kaileena: Prince, of all the possible futures this one held the most promise...but something has changed.
Prince: Do not worry, Kaileena, no harm will come to you in Babylon...I promise.

Prince: [touches water and reverts back from being the Dark Prince] Water seems to fight this corruption... Why didn't you tell me this?
Dark Prince: [chuckles] What? And ruin all the fun?

Farah: Do you think you could move a little faster?
Prince: You're more than welcome to come down here and try it yourself! (mumbles) Seven years, and still nothing has changed...
Farah: Seven years? What are you talking about?
Prince: It was... er... figure of speech!
Farah: There's something very odd about you.
Dark Prince: [chuckles] She has NO idea.

Farah: I will cover you!
Prince: Please don't; You're liable to hit me.
Prince:*gets hit by an arrow* OUCH!
Farah: Oops, sorry!

Prince: Wait Farah!
Farah: How do you know my name?
Dark Prince: I eagerly await your response.
Prince: I have heard tales of a beautiful...and brave Princess of India. One who has travelled to Babylon to punish an evil Vizier who has caused her...great distress.

(Farah raises her bow, readies an arrow, and aims toward the Prince)

Dark Prince: See? Now she's going kill us.

Farah: Try moving the switch forward.
Prince: With my luck it will probably spring some horrible trap, or summon sand monsters, or bring about the end of the world!
Farah: Would it kill you to show a little optimism?
Prince: Experience has taught me that wishful thinking only leads to disappointment.

Dark Prince: With the ability to manipulate time itself, you had the chance to become the greatest king the world has ever known. What wars you could have fought; what monuments you could have erected in your honor; what women you could get. But you have failed me, Prince. You grew soft and sympathetic; my attempts to convince you to seek glory fell on deaf ears. So, I bided my time; waiting for the proper moment to strike. You do not deserve what you have been given, control over the world's greatest empire. With the power of the Sands at your command you could rule the world. You have squandered it Prince, I will do it justice, and so it should be *mine*!
Prince: You are just a parasite, you deserve NOTHING!
Dark Prince: But don't I? Have I not earned it? Do you think you'd still be here if not for me? How many times did I save you? How many times have I unblocked your path, cut down your enemies, remind you of your mission? While all you did was cry about your father, and Kaileena, and Farah, how everything bad always happens to you. Boo hoo, Prince!
Prince: Your words are empty, have always been empty. You are just a desperate, selfish spirit.
Dark Prince: If I am selfish, Prince, it is because *you* are. If I am ruthless and reckless and lacking in morals, it is because *you* are. I did not spin myself from out of the ether, I was not conjured by some mad vizier; I am *YOU*.
Prince: No, I have seen the error of my ways, and I have atoned for the trangressions of my past. I am no longer that person.
Dark Prince: Seasons change, tastes change. But people... people never change. You delude yourself believing otherwise. Do not fight me. Set down your sword; embrace me. Do you mean to kill me then, to cut me down like all your other enemies? SWING THAT SWORD, PRINCE! We'll see how well that works. Such violence, your anger serves only to feed me. So I have to ask, have you really changed? After all, I'm still right here standing before you.

Prince of Persia (2008)

Elika: I just want to know that I can rely on you... people can... well they can…
Prince: And you have a lot of experience with people?
Elika: I have experience of men doing stupid things for women!
Prince: Well I only ever do stupid things for myself

Prince: You’re an attractive lady.
Elika: I’ve got a brain too.
Prince: Pity you’re wasting both!
Elika: And you’re the one to lecture me on that?
Prince: I’ve good looks and brain then?
Elika: One you rely on too much and the one you don’t use at all!
Prince: There is nothing wrong with a good look!
Elika: Gold glitters, but it’s what you buy with it that counts.

Prince: The corrupted sold their souls? What’s the going rate?

Prince: We’ll be fine… I hope…

Elika: I’m alright… it’s nothing…
Prince: It looks like it…

Prince: Say, the next time you want to win your daughter back, you could just try giving her a pony, the apocalypse doesn’t really cut it!

Prince: I hope that hurt!
Elika: He can’t hear you.
Prince: He can’t?! And you're an ugly mother too!
[Elika gives him a look]
Prince: What?

Prince: See, you don’t always have to wait for things; you have to make things happen!
Elika: Is that so?
Prince: Look around you, we could die in the next five minutes, then where would waiting have got you? I’d rather died trying then waiting…
Elika: Maybe you’re right… if you want something… if you REALLY want something, you shouldn’t wait…
Prince: Yeah?
Elika: So? What are we waiting for? [walks away]

Prince: Scary guy this alchemist then?
Elika: He can make the corruption act for him, he shapes it, makes it become what he wishes
Prince: There was a potter I knew like that… oh the things she could do with her hands

Prince: Hrrm… imagine this, full of water, surrounded by nature, your own private oasis in the middle of desert, hey Princess?
Elika: That’s me! All about excess!
Prince: Did you have your own hand maidens too?
Elika: You can feed that part of your imagination yourself!

Prince: Run, jump, ... die, repeat..., run, jump, ... die, repeat... I'm starting to get the hang of this...

Prince: Much more of this and I might start talking to myself... No you won't... No, I might, really.

Prince: Anything else you think you should be telling me?
Elika: You're an idiot.

Elika: Patience brings it's own rewards.
Prince: So does walking into a harem covered in chcolate.

Prince: Why did you have cages in your town square.
Elika: How do you think we scared our children? 'Be good, or you'll go in the cage and Ahriman will get you.'
Prince: For real?
Elika: We held animals in there for market, you idiot.

[Prince jumps off the tower and Elika saves him]
Elika: You idiot.
Prince: I knew you'd catch me.
Elika: What if I was unconscious?
Prince: ...I didn't think of that.

Prince: You can't act like this. Giving up now is like you didn't even care that you lost those things.
Elika: That's a good speech. Where'd you pick it up?
Prince: Two silver coins from a fortune-teller in Babylon.

Elika: Why are you doing this? Why are you helping me? You're not doing it for me, are you? I've seen how you look at me... I've seen that look before...
Prince: Now look, you're cute, but not 'stay to fight a dark god' cute.
Elika: Would you have helped... if my father had asked you?
Prince: He's not that cute either.

Elika: Wow compared to you I'm a saint!
Prince: Hey, I've helped many little old ladies in my day.
Elika: Yeah only if they had attractive daughters.
Prince: Then I helped them too!

Prince: Want to play a game? Come on, it'll be fun!
Elika: The World's about to end and you want to play a game?!
Prince: Might as well die happy.
Elika: What sort of game is this?
Prince: Well, I see something and you have to guess what it is.
Elika: How can I guess that?
Prince: You just guess.
Elika: Grass.
Prince: No.
Elika: Rock.
Prince: No.
Elika: This is a stupid game.
Prince: Want another go?
Elika: No... Path.
Prince: No.
Elika: This is impossible!
Prince: The game would be easier if we played it by the rules.
Elika: There are rules?
Prince: Yeah. I tell you the first letter.
Elika: Then why didn't you do that?
Prince: You didn't give me a chance.
Elika: *sigh* Can we get to the Fertile Ground?..
Prince: S.
Elika: Are you still playing that game?
Prince: S.
Elika: Sky.
Prince: Hey! You got it! Okay, your turn.
Prince: Come on, your turn.
Elika: For what? Uhm... C.
Prince: Corruption.
Elika: Yes. Can we go on?
Prince: S.
Elika: Sky again?
Prince: Now you're getting it!
Elika: You picked 'sky' again?
Prince: No, but you're getting the hang of the rules.
Elika: Ah, thanks, they're so complex I was worried they might evade me.
Prince: S.
Elika: Scar.
Prince: No.
Elika: Scarf??
Prince: No.
Elika: Shrine?
Prince: Aha! No.
Elika: I give up.
Prince: It's too soon to give up.
Elika: I give up!
Prince: Soulless Follower of Ahriman!
Elika: I am amazed no one threw you overboard on your sea trips.
Prince: G.
Elika: Are you still playing?
Prince: G!
Elika: Gauntlet.
Prince: Yes!
Elika: You wanna make this game harder?
Prince: Wanna play the game again for forfeits?
Elika: No.

Prince: Ugh. I wish I hadn't eaten that curry goat.

Prince: Girl falling down the sky, should have taken that as a sign. Nothing is that easy.
Elika: If you need any consolation, I was glad you were there to land on.

Prince: Nice collection of dust you have here.

Prince: I'm not here. Someone else is doing this crazy stuff.

Prince: And I thought today was going to be a quiet day.
Elika: Huh, you should've changed your fortune teller.

Prince: How did I get into this...and what is this that I've got into?

Prince: This place is the back of the back of beyond.

Prince: Is this an average day for you?
Elika: Does it look like it?

Prince: He isn't exactly polite; he barely knows us and he's trying to kill us.

Prince: Sure, climb up the roof. It's not like gravity killed anyone.

Prince: [astonished] You're good!
Elika: Better than you know.

Elika: [pointing to the Hunter] He needs to get away from there!
Prince: Hey! Get away from there!
[the Hunter descends to them]
Prince: There you go.
Elika: No, here we go.
Prince: Oh oh.
[after defeating the enemy]
Prince: Now that should teach you something!

Prince: Aw! Don't pull so hard!

Prince: Sharp sword and empty horizon. Sometimes that's all a man needs... sometimes.

Prince: Anything to eat around here? I'm getting hungry.

Prince: How do I get myself into these messes?

Prince: Heard about magic, talked about magic. Never seen it before.

Prince: There's more adventure here than in your average life span.

Prince: I had to get here 200 years after civilization left.

Prince: This day is gonna age me a month.

Prince: I should have listened more to my mother.

Prince: These trousers were new!

Prince: Tempel, yes. Altar girls and gold, no. This place needs a lot of work.

Prince: Tempel guards, pirates, crazed mobs... huh, those were the good times.

Prince: I like your top.
Elika: I think I have a spare if you'd like it.

Prince: Corruption... looks bad, feels bad... smells terrible.

Prince: Ready to face certain death again?

Prince: Ah, I'm really starting to feel this in my shoulders. You couldn't give my a back rub, could you?
Elika: You're right; I couldn't.

Prince: Settle down, find a girl, adventuring will kill you. I think my mother was right.

Prince: Gods, monsters, crazy women... [laughs] What's the difference?

Prince: I hope that smell isn't me... or you.

Prince: This place is crazier than a boat shop in a desert town.

Prince: Ahriman, Ormazd, corruption, corrupted. Why couldn't I have fallen in a canyon full of lost amazons?

Prince: More of this and I'll be wearing out my gauntlet.
Elika: Where did you get that thing anyway?
Prince: Oh, you know... just... found it.

Prince: Rocks dropped on me, monsters coming from the grounds, dark gods... What did I do wrong?

Prince: [starts humming] Doo doo doo... Oh sorry, I forgot you were there.

Prince: Do corruption stains come out?

Prince: Well they said I couldn't find my own donkey in a sandstorm, well here I am and proving them right.

Prince: Oh, you’re heavier than you look!

Prince: I think we just found another way to get killed. Is this ever going to stop?

Prince: It’s much nicer now; nothing’s trying to kill us.

Prince: Nice little trap… shall we take the bait again?

Prince: How are you gonna spend your day? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I’m gonna get eaten?

[the Hunter comes down from the windmill]
Prince:Finally something I can hit!

Prince: Dying is easy, staying alive is hard. But I like the challenge.

Prince: There are plenty of ways to get killed in this place.

Prince: I’m going to have blisters on my blisters by the time we finish.

Prince: I’m trying not to think. If I realize what’s happening here, I might just lose it.

Prince: Do you believe it? I’ve still got sand in my shoes… and worse places!

Prince: You’re pretty fit for a princess.

Prince: Much more running! I’m gonna need new shoes and new feet!

Prince: Here I am fighting someone else’s war. The one thing that I didn’t want to do with my life.

[at the corrupted Temple]
Prince: When I die I want to come to a place exactly… unlike this.

Prince: You don't act like a princess.
Elika: How do princesses act?
Prince: All the money, none of the sense. Don't know which end of a camel eat and which end-
Elika: I know which end of a camel does what.
Prince: A princess. A real princess.
Elika: What about you? Who are you?
Prince: There's not a lot to tell.

Prince: Your turn to tell me something.
Elika: You've still not said where you got the gold.
Prince: I found it.
Elika: You found it... You're a thief!
Prince: I'm an adventurer.
Elika: You're a thief!
Prince: I reclaim abandoned property.
Prince: I was a few days from here. I'd heard rumours of a tomb. A little bit of digging, a small amout of hiding and... Forget one donkey. I could've loaded twenty, thirty... If those guards hadn't turned up. Still, I got away with enough to keep life pleasurable for a few more years.
Elika: You robbed the dead?!
Prince: It's a lot easier than robbing the living...
Prince: [to himself]Why am I being punished? Sure, I took a little gold, but the owner had been dead for three hundred years. It's not like he was going to do anything with it.

Elika: Who's out there waiting for you?
Prince: Whole world full of people.
Elika: Is there no one you've got close to?
Prince: Trust yourself and you don't need to.
Elika: Trusting your own judgement can get lonely.
Prince: You rely on someone else, they'll just let you down.
Elika: You haven't let me down.
Prince: You haven't known me long enough.

Elika: Tell me about your family.
Prince: I don't have a family.
Elika: Well, you come from somewhere.
Prince: Yes, and I'm going somewhere else.

Prince: This part looks a bit tricky.
Elika: Worried that you may brake a nail?
Prince: Now that’s humor.

Prince: Keep your eyes open.
Elika: Why are you so jumpy?
Prince: I’m not jumpy. There’s ‘quiet’ and ‘too quiet’.

Elika: Everything looks quiet.
Prince: Don’t say it’s quiet, don’t ever say it’s quiet.

Prince: Now what?
Elika: That way, on the plate.
Prince: Have you guys never heard of stairs?

Prince: You know, I’ve thought about settling down… become a miller, you know.
Elika: Really?
Prince: (laughs) Are you kidding? How boring would that be!

Prince: I’ve never seen a girl… you know… do… what you do…
Elika: You must have been looking for girls in the wrong places.

Prince: I thought this was all a legend!
Elika: I thought this was all there was.

[when the Hunter made them drop down]
Prince: You think you got us? You think it’s easy? We’re coming back for you!
[Prince stays silent for a few seconds]
Prince: … If we can find a way out of here.

[to Elika]
Prince: Here take my hand. Hey, take all of me!

[at the last battle with the Alchemist]
Prince: Hey, I’m a legend! I’ll live forever anyway!
[the Prince stays silent for a second]
Prince: Wow… that sounded better in my head than out loud.

Prince: Now it’s your turn. Tell me something about you.
Elika: Like what?
Prince: I don’t know… something like… your last boyfriend?
Elika: Never had one.
Prince: Never?
Elika: Never.

Prince: If you never had a boyfriend… then…
Elika: I’m very well read.
Prince: But sometimes it’s better to experience in person.

Prince: Well, here we are… the both of us… in the dark
[the shadow monsters screech]
Elika: Saved by the yell.

[after the Prince fell]
Elika: Watch your footing.
Prince: I did; I watched it fall away.

Elika: In Ormazd his name…
Prince: That’s it, keep praying; keep praying for the both of us! It’s very generous of you to risk my life for your God!

Ahriman: She is dead. Dead for eternity, but I will be free.
Ahriman: I shall be free. Where then will the light be? What candle will shine in the darkness now that she is gone?
Ahriman: The power of this place wanes, and when I am free, she will already have been forgotten.
Ahriman: She has blinded you with her light, burned you with her will until it became yours. Reclaim your destiny.
Ahriman: What injury have I done to you that you have not done to me?

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Prince of Persia
Box artwork for Prince of Persia.
Developer(s) Brøderbund
Publisher(s) Brøderbund
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Platform
System(s) Apple II, MS-DOS, Commodore Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, NES, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, Mac OS, SNES, Sega CD, Sega Genesis
Mode(s) Single-player
Followed by Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame
Series Prince of Persia
This is the first game in the Prince of Persia series. For other games in the series see the Prince of Persia category.

Prince of Persia is a platform game, originally developed by Jordan Mechner in 1989 for the Apple II, that was widely seen as a great leap forward in the quality of animation seen in computer games. Mechner used a process called rotoscoping, in which he studied many hours of film of his younger brother David running and jumping in white clothes, to ensure that all the movements looked just right. Also unusual was the method of combat: protagonist and enemies fought with swords, not projectile weapons, as was the case in most contemporary games. Mechner has said that when he started programming, the first ten minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark had been one of the main inspirations for the character's acrobatic responses in a dangerous environment.

After the original release on the Apple II, Prince of Persia was ported to a wide range of platforms. The game managed to surprise and captivate the player despite being at first glance, repetitive. This was achieved by interspersing intelligent puzzles and deadly traps all along the path the Prince had to take to complete the game—all this packaged in fluid, life-like motion.

Box artwork

Table of Contents

Getting Started
  • Controls
  1. Level 1
  2. Level 2
  3. Level 3
  4. Level 4
  5. Level 5
  6. Level 6
  7. Level 7
  8. Level 8
  9. Level 9
  10. Level 10
  11. Level 11
  12. Level 12
  • Achievements

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Prince of Persia

Developer(s) Brøderbund
Publisher(s) Brøderbund, Virgin games
Release date 1989
Genre Third-person action, Adventure
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) ESRB: T
Platform(s) Apple II, DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Sega Master System], Sega Mega-CD, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, NES, SNES, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Game Gear, Genesis
Credits | Soundtrack | Codes | Walkthrough

Prince of Persia is a platform game that was released by Brøderbund in 1989.

It was widely seen as a great leap forward in the quality of animation seen in video games. Jordan Mechner, the author, studied many hours of films of his brother running and jumping in white clothes to ensure that all the movements looked just right in a process called rotoscoping. The game also featured an unusual method of combat. The protagonist and his enemies fought with swords, not some sort of projectile weapons, as was the case in most contemporary games.

Prince of Persia was released on a wide range of platforms, including the Amiga, Apple II, Apple Macintosh, DOS, NES, Game Boy, SNES and Sega Genesis. The game managed to surprise and captivate the player despite being, at first glance, repetitive.

As the title suggests, the game is set in Persia. The sultan is away at war, and the evil vizier Jaffar plans to seize the throne for himself. Jaffar has imprisoned the princess and given her one hour to make her decision: marry him, or die. The player assumes the role of an adventurer, the princess's true love. He must escape from prison and rescue her before the hour is up, defeating the vizier and earning the princedom of Persia.

[Reviewers speculate that the game's plot had its origin in several sources. The most obvious is the Arabian Nights, a series of traditional Persian stories translated into English by Sir Richard Francis Burton. Puccini's opera Turandot (1926) opens as the Prince of Persia is led to the executioner's block, having failed to guess the riddles. The title could also be a reference to a passage in chapter 10 of the Book of Daniel in the Bible, which tells of the archangel Michael helping in a battle against a person referred to as the prince of Persia.]

The twist is that the game is played in real time, so the player must quickly complete the quest without breaks. On some platforms it is possible to save the game at the start of each level, however the time limit still applies. The only way to lose the game is by letting the time expire. If the player is killed, the game will restart from the beginning of the level, or in some levels, a mid-way checkpoint. The game also included a power bar. Medium falls, blue potions, sword hits and damage from falling platforms takes one notch from the power bar, while major falls, being hit unarmed, falling or running on spikes and blades kill the player instantly. The player can increase the number of notches in the power bar by drinking larger red potions, usually hidden or in dangerous places. There was also a green potion that made the player float or flip the screen, depending on the level.


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Originally released for the Apple II in 1989, Prince of Persia was ported to several other platforms. One year later it was ported to other personal computers such as the Amiga, the Atari ST, and the IBM PC Compatible. In 1992, when the home console market was growing steadily, versions for the Master System, Mega CD, NES, and Game Boy were released, as well as a version with enhanced artwork for the Apple Macintosh. A version for the SNES, with enhanced artwork and music, as well as new levels and expansion of the old ones, was also released. A Mega Drive/Genesis version followed in 1993. Another port was for the Gameboy Color six years later, in 1999. Java versions for mobile devices appeared in the early 2000s. For the revival title, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the Macintosh version was put in to be unlocked by beating the game once or by finding a secret area (The Gamecube version of the game also has a third method of unlocking the original game by finding 3 switches in the Gameboy Advance game, with the GBA being connected to the Gamecube).

The SAM Coupé version, released in 1992, is unique because it was programmed unofficially using graphics painstakingly copied pixel by pixel from paused frames of the Amiga version and only shown to Domark (the UK distributors of Prince of Persia) for potential release near completion. Although the computer had a very small user base and no other mainstream support, the release was allowed because of the very high quality of the conversion and the fact that it would incur almost no further development costs. Due to its independently produced status and the fact that the work was done almost entirely by one individual, Chris White, this version of Prince of Persia has several unique bugs.

Prince of Persia series
The original trilogy:
Prince of Persia | The Shadow and the Flame | Prince of Persia 3D
Sands of Time trilogy:
The Sands of Time | Warrior Within | The Two Thrones | Rival Swords
other games:
Battles of Prince of Persia | Prince of Persia Classic | Prince of Persia (2008)
The Prince (Prince of Persia) | Prince of Persia | Allies | Enemies
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (film)
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Prince of Persia is the title of a series of video games and a movie[1] that follow the adventures of a Persian Prince. They were created by Jordan Menchner.[2]. Prince of Persia has been developed and published by several different companies. Prince of Persia[3] and Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame[4], were developed by Brøderbund. Later Ubisoft[5] took over creating the development starting with the series Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time[6]. The game platform has developed over the years from 2D animations to 3D worlds. The movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was released by Disney[7] in 2010.


  • Prince of Persia created by Brøderbund.
  • Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame created by Brøderbund.
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time created by Ubisoft.
  • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within[8] created by Ubisoft.
  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones[9] created by Ubisoft.
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands[10][11] created by Ubisoft.


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