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Catherine as painted by Jacob Heinrich Elbfas

Princess Catherine of Sweden (Prinsessan Katarina av Sverige) (10 November 1584 – 13 December 1638) was a Swedish princess and a Countess Palatine of Zweibrücken as the consort of John Casimir of Palatinate-Zweibrücken. Catharina is known as the periodicall foster-mother of Queen Christina of Sweden.



She was the daughter of king Charles IX of Sweden and his first spouse Maria of Palatinate-Simmern. Catharina's personality was described as a : happy union of her father's power and wisdom and her mother's soft humility. Her mother died in 1589, and her father remarried. She was a good friend to her stepmother, with whom she got along very well, and she is also believed to have been close to her half-siblings, especially to her half-brother, the king, who is noted to have been very affectionate toward her. Her father became regent in 1595 and was crowned king in 1607, and her brother became king in 1611. Her brother found her sensible and wise, and she is reported to have acted as his confidante and advisor on several occasions. On 11 June 1615, she married count palatine John Casimir of Palatinate-Zweibrücken. They remained in Sweden until 1617, when they left for her spouse's estate in Germany. They lived in Germany for five years.

In 1622, her brother the king felt concerned for them at the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War, and asked them to return to Sweden. They accepted the offer and were given Stegeborg Palace in Östergötland as their Swedish residence; Catharina was styled Countess of Stegeborg. Catharina was given charge of Princess Christina when the queen followed the king to Germany and during her stay there in 1631-1633. After her brother's death, Catharina acted as a foster-mother to the young Queen Christina of Sweden after Christina's mother was deemed an unsuitable guardian. Catharina had formal custody of Christina from 1631 to 1633, and from 1636 until 1638, years later described by Christina as happy.

The Katarina kyrka in Stockholm is named after her.


On 11 June 1615, she married count palatine John Casimir of Palatinate-Zweibrücken. Five of their children survived infancy:

All kings of Sweden following her son, except three (Frederick I, Oscar I and Charles XIV John), have descended from her. Frederick I and Oscar I were married to her descendants, Charles XIV John was the adopted son of her descendant Charles XIII.

Swedish Royalty
House of Vasa
Armoiries rois Vasa de Suède.svg
Gustav I
Erik Johansson, Cecilia Månsdotter
Eric XIV, John III, Catherine, Cecilia, Magnus, Anna Maria, Sophia, Elizabeth, Charles IX
Eric XIV
Sigrid, Gustav
John III
Sigismund, Anna, John
Władysław IV, John II Casimir, John Albert, Charles Ferdinand, Alexander Charles, Anna Catherine Constance
Charles IX
Catherine, Gustav II Adolf, Maria Elizabeth, Christina, Charles Philip
Charles X Gustav
Gustav II Adolf


Catherine of Sweden's ancestors in three generations

Erik Johansson (Vasa)
Gustav I of Sweden (Vasa)
Cecilia Månsdotter (Eka)
Charles IX of Sweden (Vasa)
Erik Abrahamsson (Leijonhufvud)
Margaret Leijonhufvud
Ebba Eriksdotter (Vasa)
Catherine of Sweden
Frederick III, Elector Palatine
Louis VI, Elector Palatine
Marie of Brandenburg-Kulmbach
Anna Marie of the Palatine
Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse
Elisabeth of Hesse
Christine of Saxony




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