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Princess Florestine of Monaco
Duchess of Urach
Spouse Wilhelm, 1st Duke of Urach
Mindaugas II of Lithuania
Prince Karl
Full name
French: Florestine Gabrielle Antoinette
House House of Grimaldi
House of Württemberg
Father Florestan I, Prince of Monaco
Mother Maria Caroline Gibert de Lametz
Born 22 October 1833(1833-10-22)
Fontenay-aux-Roses, Kingdom of the French
Died 4 April 1897 (aged 63)
Stuttgart, Kingdom of Württemberg

Princess Florestine Gabrielle Antoinette of Monaco (Full French name: Florestine Gabrielle Antoinette, Princesse de Monaco[1][2]) (born 22 October 1833 in Fontenay-aux-Roses, Kingdom of the French[1][2]; died 4 April 1897 in Stuttgart, Kingdom of Württemberg[1][2]) was the youngest child and only daughter of Florestan I, Prince of Monaco and his wife Maria Caroline Gibert de Lametz.[1][2] Florestine was a member of the House of Grimaldi and a Princess of Monaco by birth and a member of the House of Württemberg and Duchess consort of Urach and Countess of Württemberg through her marriage to Wilhelm, 1st Duke of Urach.[1][2]


Marriage and issue

Florestine married Count Wilhelm of Württemberg (later Wilhelm, 1st Duke of Urach), son of Duke Wilhelm of Württemberg and his morganatic wife Baroness Wilhelmine von Tunderfeldt-Rhodis, on 15 February 1863 in Monaco.[1][2] Florestine and Wilhelm had two sons:[1][2]

∞ 1892 Duchess Amalie in Bavaria (1865-1912), eldest daughter of the Duke Karl-Theodor in Bavaria[1][2]
∞ 1924 Princess Wiltrud Alix Marie of Bavaria (1884-1975), sixth daughter of Ludwig III of Bavaria[1][2]
  • Josef Wilhelm Karl Florestan Gero Crescentius (1865–1925), Prince of Urach[1][2]

Florestine's husband Wilhelm converted to Roman Catholicism in 1867.

Monaco Succession Crisis of 1918

Florestine, according to the rules governing succession to the throne of Monaco, was able to marry without relinquishing her rights. When her great-nephew Louis II, Prince of Monaco ascended to the Monegasque throne, Florestine's son Wilhelm claimed his rights for his succession to the princely throne of Monaco and the Grimaldi noble titles. However, France had undergone two wars against Germany and did not wish to see German princes ruling the Principality of Monaco. Therefore, France reached an agreement with the principality allowing the illegitimate daughter of Louis II, Charlotte, to be his heir apparent to the princely throne and Grimaldi noble titles. Charlotte renounced and ceded her rights to the princely throne on 30 May 1944 to her son Rainier who became Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.

Titles, styles, honours and arms


Titles and styles

  • 22 October 1833 – 15 February 1863: Her Serene Highness Princess Florestine of Monaco
  • 15 February 1863 – 28 March 1867: Her Serene Highness Countess Florestine of Württemberg, Princess of Monaco
  • 28 March 1867 – 17 July 1869: Her Serene Highness The Duchess of Urach, Countess of Württemberg, Princess of Monaco
  • 17 July 1869 – 4 April 1897: Her Serene Highness The Dowager Duchess of Urach, Countess of Württemberg, Princess of Monaco



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Princess Florestine of Monaco
Born: 22 October 1833 Died: 4 April 1897
German nobility
Preceded by
Duchess consort of Urach
28 March 1867 – 17 July 1869
Succeeded by
Duchess Amalie in Bavaria


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