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Princess Maker 2
Princess Maker 2 Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Gainax
Publisher(s) Gainax
Designer(s) Takami Akai
Masato Kato
Platform(s) MS-DOS, Windows, Sega Saturn, GP32
Release date(s) 1993
Genre(s) Life simulation game
Mode(s) Single player

Princess Maker 2 is the second installment in the Princess Maker series of life simulation games developed by the Japanese computer game and anime production company Gainax. It has been translated into Korean and Chinese; an English-language beta version exists, but was never formally released. In this game, you are a war hero who raises a girl to the age of 18. At the end of the game, your daughter goes into a line of work; what this work is, how much talent she has for it, her marital life, and her overall happiness all depend on your actions.



Princessmaker2 english.jpg

The game takes place in a fantasy world presumably modeled after medieval Europe. The starting year is given as 1210 K.D. Your character is a famous warrior who defended the kingdom from an invasion by Lucifon, the Prince of Darkness (a corruption of Lucifer); consequently, you are known throughout the land as a military hero and receive an annual salary from the palace.

One night, your character receives a communication from a god whose identity is determined by the birthdate you select at the beginning of the game. This god bestows upon you a child of the heavens, and it is your duty to raise her from the age of 10 to the age of 18, at which point she will enter a line of work; the most desirable outcome is that of a royal princess, hence the name of the game.

Your daughter has a set of statistics that fluctuate depending on the activities you assign to her schedule, including various part-time jobs, schooling, adventure, and free time. It is these statistics that ultimately determine her final occupation, her skill level in her line of work, and her overall happiness in life; her marital fate is also decided, in part, by these statistics. The game also makes use of some invisible statistics to determine the occurrence of certain special events.

The god who visits your character is your daughter's patron god. That patron determines her starting statistics in such a way that is loosely related to the god's role in the Roman pantheon; for example, a girl born under Mars begins the game with an advantage in fighting reputation.


While the game in itself is not pornographic, it has been accused of being as such by some unspecified people, owing to what these people see as several unsavory thematic elements, including certain part-time jobs, ending possibilities, and the art in general. These people also make the following observations:

In two of the possible vacation images, your daughter is nude. In one of these images she is sunbathing face down so that only her posterior is visible. In the other image she is swimming naked underwater, swimming towards the camera. In all other vacation images she is fully clothed or wearing a cover-up. In the English beta version, the graphics were edited and your daughter is wearing a cover-up or a swimsuit in the images where she was previously nude.

While adventuring, if your daughter has high charisma and loses a fight to Venezaro or Blood-Rose Vanesta (bandits found in the forest or the lake, respectively), he will attempt to rape her; although this is not shown, it is made explicit through dialog. After this incident Cube rescues your daughter and helps her work through her ordeal at home. The rape causes your daughter's "charisma" statistic, which represents her sex appeal, to increase, and being rescued from the rape by Cube improves her relationship with the butler, which may cause her to marry him at the end of the game.

Your daughter can be put to work as a waitress in a bar serving drinks and food at the age of 14; at 15, she may work at a "sleazy bar," where she provides companionship for male patrons and pours their drinks. Once she hits 16, you may put your daughter to work at the cabaret as a waitress or a burlesque dancer. Working at either of the latter two workplaces opens the possibility for your daughter to become the paid mistress of a middle-aged man, although she will refuse to do so and be offended if she has a high Morals statistic. In all of these situations, Cube will seriously and openly question his patron's decisions regarding this, showing that none of these situations are portrayed as a good thing.

Several final occupations fall under what the English version of the game categorizes as "dark side"; these include different levels of prostitution, burglary, and even the potential for your daughter to either kill or elope with Lucifon and either way become the Princess of Darkness. None of these endings are presented in a positive light. In the end both your guardian deity as well as your butler Cube will criticize your efforts at raising your daughter and your deity will tell you that it would have been better had the child simply stayed in heaven. These endings are presented as a consequence for making poor decisions in raising your daughter.

In addition, it is possible for you to marry your own daughter, which suggests incest and pedophilia. In this ending both father and daughter realize that their relationship is not the social norm (in fact, not even the deities are too happy, accepting this only because of their strong love and the absence of blood ties) but that they both care for each other very deeply so they decide to brave society and marry because they love one another. Your daughter may still have any compatible career ending in addition to marrying her father.

The art provides many outfits, both revealing and demure for your daughter to wear at the player's choice, including a dress called the "Leather Dress" in the English beta. This dress is leather with many buckles and is reminiscent of bondage apparel. It increases Charisma and decreases Morals. In addition there is a dress called the "Spiky Dress" in the English beta that seems to be inspired by punk and heavy metal fashions, as it includes spikes and chains with fishnet tights. This dress increases Sensitivity while lowering her Morals.

Finally, in the English beta version there is one final outfit that is made available only by entering a code, entering debug mode, and choosing to equip the "Undress" on your daughter; this renders your daughter completely nude, regardless of her age, although it does not alter her pose or her disposition. This debug mode is not available in the original Japanese PC release or in any of the later console releases.

Legend of Another World

It is a SNES port of the game. The default name for your daughter is Melody. The combat and adventure system was redesigned.

Refine edition

Princess Maker 2 refine edition
Developer(s) Gainax/GeneX
Publisher(s) CyberFront Corporation (Japan)
Designer(s) Takami Akai
Series Princess Maker
Platform(s) Windows 98
Release date(s) JP 30 September 2004
Genre(s) Life simulation game
Mode(s) Single player
Media CD-ROM
Input methods mouse, keyboard

Along with Princess Maker 1, Princess Maker 2 has received a newer "refined" version for Windows. The overall graphics of the game have been improved, along with sound quality and various other improvements.


  • The anime, Petite Princess Yucie which is loosely based on all the Princess Maker games, has the character of Cube from Princess Maker 2, appearing as Yucie's steward in the anime, looking nearly identical in style and design to how he appears in Princess Maker 2.
  • Ket Shi (ケット・シー Ketto shī ?) , the god of the Wildcat tribe which can be found while adventuring, is based on the Cat Sidhe, a fairy creature from Celtic mythology, which in fiction is commonly renamed "Cait Sith". The legend of Cad Sidhe is quite popular in modern Japan, and has been incorporated into many other Japanese games, anime, and manga as well. Ket Shi also makes an appearance in an episode of Petite Princess Yucie as a demon cat who tries to overthrow the ruler of the Demon World. Both characters have different appearances and personality, but share the same knowledge in shapeshifting spell.
  • When the player's daughter is sent in fencing classes, a fighter (of the ones who compete in the fighting contest) can appear, to challenge the fencing school and take its sign as a souvenir. This is based on the Japanese practice of "Dojo Yaburi". The daughter can accept the challenge and confront the fighter, though if she loses or does not challenge him/her, the latter will take the sign away and the player will not be able to give the daughter fencing classes next month.

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Princess Maker 2
Isn't she adorable?

Developer(s) Gainax
Publisher(s) Gainax
Release date 1993
Genre Life Simulator
Mode(s) Single Player
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Dos
Media Computer game, Anime TV series
Input Much appreciated
System requirements Dos Emulator
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Princess Maker 2 is one of a series of "Princess Maker" games produced by Gainax. There are many, many of these games, but only one has been translated into English. Guess which one. Go on, guess.


You start out with a cute-as-a-button 10 year old girl, given to you to raise. You give her a name, choose her birth-date (which affects her stats, and also which deity is her patron god/goddess) and also her blood type (which affects her stats as she ages).

Once the preliminaries are taken care of, you play the game by setting up the girl's monthly schedule. Each week, she can work, go to school, adventure, or goof off. Working and going to school raise certain skills (and in some cases, lower others) but also increase stress. Giving her free time lowers her stress so that she doesn't run away, or become a little hooligan who won't work and spends all your money. Vacations, while expensive and significantly less restful, have other effects such as making her closer to you.

Adventuring is different from the rest of the game, as it involves the arrow keys. While on an adventure, your daughter will wander around a little maze-y world, fighting monsters via a turn-based combat system. You may also find one of three major criminals in the game. They are tough to beat, but if you manage it, you'll be very well rewarded.

You start the game with 500 gold, which is your annual salary. Every month, a bit of your gold is deducted to feed her. With a normal diet this is 30 gold, although you can change her diet to make her strong and obese or skinny and frail. The rest of the money can be spent on tuition or items from the shops. (Incidentally, 500 gp does not go a long way.)

Each October, there is a festival during which your daughter can compete in one of four competitions. Winning these competitions gives you money (and sometimes a useful item), as well an increase in her "reputation" for that field. If her reputation in a given field is high enough, when she is 14 she will acquire a rival. Having a rival means that your daughter will only want to do that particular competition each year, and making her do a different one will raise her stress.

When she turns 18, you get to see the fruits of your labor. All of your daughter's stats are tallied to determine what she will be when she grows up. She could be anything from a hooker, to a farmer, to the ruling queen. Also, she may get married. Usually this is just some schmo (either a knight, wizard, or what-have-you), but there are ways to get a specific marriage ending such as The Prince, A Dragon, Your Butler (Cube), or even YOU! After all is said and done, your daughter's patron deity will come to comment on how you did.

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