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This is a list of Princesses of Asturias, since 1388, both by marriage and birth.

The title was created in 1388 for the future Henry III of Castile and Katherine of Lancaster. A part of the pact ("Accord of Bayonne") was to elevate the young couple to a title, Prince and Princess of Asturias, which was modelled after that of Prince of Wales in English kingdom. The title was to belong to the official successor of the Castilian throne. Thus the first holders of the princedom was the young don Enrique de Castilla y de Aragon and his wife dona Catalina de Lancastre y de Castilla.

If the heir apparent does not exist, the title is given to the heir presumptive, whereas (contrary to practice in other non-Iberian countries) in the event of the lack of an heir apparent, the title can be (but is not necessarily) given to the heir presumptive. For example of heirs presumptive Infanta Maria de las Mercedes of Spain, eldest daughter of Alfonso XII, was styled Princess of Asturias during her childhood, particularly when her posthumous brother Alfonso XIII was not yet born.


Princess of Asturias


By birth

This is a list of Princess of Asturias who held the title by their own rights:

Picture Name Heiress of Birth Became Heiress to the Throne Ceased to be Princess of Asturias Death
Coat of Arms of the Heir of the Crown of Castile 13th-16th Centuries.svg Infanta Maria Henry III 1 September 1401 1402 6 March 1405
brother's birth
4 October 1458
Coat of Arms of the Heir of the Crown of Castile 13th-16th Centuries.svg Infanta Catalina John II 5 October 1422 17 September 1424
Coat of Arms of the Heir of the Crown of Castile 13th-16th Centuries.svg Infanta Leonor 10 September 1423 17 September 1424
sister's death
own death or brother's birth
Juana la Beltraneja.jpg Infanta Joanna
Henry IV 28 February 1462 1464
Isabel la reina catolica.jpg Infanta Isabella 22 April 1451 5 July 1468
brother's death
10 December 1474
became Queen-regnant
26 November 1504
Isabellaasturias1470.jpg Infanta Isabella Isabella I 2 October 1470 28 June 1478
brother's birth
28 August 1498
2 October 1470 4 October 1497
brother's death
10 December 1474
became Queen-regnant
28 August 1498
Juan de Flandes 003.jpg Infanta Joanna 6 November 1479 1502 26 November 1504
became Queen-regnant
12 April 1555
Isabel II, niña, Vicente López.JPG Infanta Isabella Ferdinand VII 10 October 1830 29 September 1833
became Queen-regnant
10 April 1904
Isabella, Infanta of Spain and Princess of Asturias.jpg Infanta Isabella Isabella II 20 December 1851 28 November 1857
brother's birth
23 Abril 1931
Alfonso XII 20 December 1851 29 December 1874
brother's became King
10 December 1474
niece's birth
23 Abril 1931
Maria de las Mercedes de Borbón.jpg Infanta Mercedes 11 September 1880 17 October 1904

By marriage

This is a list of Princess of Asturias who held the title by their marriage to the Prince of Asturias:

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Princess Ceased to be Princess Death Spouse
Katherine of Lancaster.jpg Catherine of Lancaster John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster
31 March 1373 17 September 1388 25 December 1406
became Queen
2 June 1418 Prince Henry
Armoiries Aragon Navarre.png Blanche II of Navarre John II of Aragon
4 June 1424 16 October 1440 27 July 1453
2 December 1464 Prince Henry
Bernaerd van Orley 002.jpg Margaret of Austria Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
10 January 1480 3 April 1497 4 October 1497
husband's death
1 December 1530 Prince Juan
Maria Manuela de Portugal.jpg Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal John III of Portugal
15 October 1527 15 November 1543 12 August 1545 Prince Philip
Mary I by Master John.jpg Mary I of England Henry VIII of England
18 February 1516 25 July 1554 16 January 1556
became Queen
17 November 1558
Elisabeth de France Spain7.jpeg Elisabeth of France Henry IV of France
22 November 1602 25 November 1615 31 March 1621
became Queen
6 October 1644 Prince Philip
Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans, Reine d'Espagne, Jean Ranc.jpg Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans Philippe II, Duke of Orléans
11 December 1709 20 January 1722 14 January 1724
became Queen
16 June 1742 Prince Louis
Maria Barbara de Braganza.jpg Barbara of Portugal John V of Portugal
4 December 1711 20 January 1729 9 July 1746
became Queen
27 August 1758 Prince Ferdinand
Anton Raphael Mengs 003.jpg Maria Luisa of Parma Philip, Duke of Parma
9 December 1751 4 September 1765 14 December 1788
became Queen
2 January 1819 Prince Charles
Maria Antonietta Borbone Napoli 1784 1806.jpg Maria Antonia of Naples and Sicily Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies
(Bourbon-Two Sicilies)
14 December 1784 4 October 1802 21 May 1806 Prince Ferdinand
Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano.jpg Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano Jesús José Ortiz Álvarez 15 September 1972 22 May 2004 Incumbent - Prince Felipe


  1. ^ According to some to be illegitimate

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