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Prison of Secrets

DVD cover
Directed by Fred Gerber
Written by Layce Gardner
Starring Stephanie Zimbalist
Music by Nan Schwartz
Cinematography John Fleckenstein
Editing by Lisa M. Citron
Studio Hearst Entertainment Productions
Release date(s) March 16, 1997
Running time 92 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Prison of Secrets is a 1997 television film directed by Fred Gerber. The film is based on a true story and focuses on a female prison inmate who fights for women's rights while still in jail.[1]



Lynn Schaffer is a loving mother and wife, who gets fired after refusing a plea-bargain with an employer. She is arrested for this, but does not think it is very serious. Eventually, she is convicted to women's prison for the maximum sentence of 10 years, leaving behind her husband Larry and daughter. In prison, she has difficulty adjusting to not having any privacy and having to deal with drug addicts and prostitutes. She soon finds out the the prison is corrupt, with Sergeant Ed Crang and other prison guards often raping inmates.

Lynn is determined to stop this, but Larry advices her to not interfere, pointing out that she could be free soon on probation. Lynn tries to take his advice, knowing that tough Angie and Betsy are the only people who are raped. However, when Frannie, one of the few women Lynn befriended, becomes the third victim, she realizes that nobody is save and decides to fight back. With the help of her husband, who runs a radio station, she informs the media about the corrupt events in prison.

Sergeant Crang, determined to keep Lynn silent, watches her every move, prohibits her from receiving visits from her husband and even beats her up. To collect prove, Lynn tries to convince fellow inmates to support her, but nobody is willing to co-operate. This is because they are either afraid of Crang or Angie, who forces the girls to remain silent. Angie has always been profitting from the corrupt system, getting drugs from the police and being released on supervision once a week to prostitute herself.

In the end, Lynn receives a file from a sympathizing female guard with all the evidence she needs. She tries to give it to the governor, who is visiting to find out if the rape accusations are true. Crang and Angie try to stop her, but with the help from fellow inmates, female guard Sheila, Lynn is able to reach the governor. Eventually, over 20 guards are fired and replaced by female guards. Lynn is admitted to serve the rest of her sentence at home.



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