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In many armed forces in the world, Private First Class (PFC) is a rank held by junior enlisted persons.


United States

Private First Class Arm Patch (U.S. Army)
Private First Class insignia(U.S. Marine Corps)

In the U.S. Army, Private First Class is the third lowest enlisted rank, just above Private (PV2) and below Corporal or Specialist in the Army, and is equivalent to NATO Grade OR-3. In the U.S. Army, it is in Paygrade E-3. In the U.S. Marine Corps however it is the second lowest, just under Lance Corporal and just above Private, equivalent to NATO Grade OR-2. In the U.S. Marines, it is in Paygrade E-2. Originally, in the Army, no insignia identified holders of this rank, but in 1920 one chevron was established for it; then a rocker was placed below the chevron in 1968 at the same time one chevron was authorized for the lower rank of private, in order to distinguish the latter from the still lower rank of recruit.

Advancement to Private First Class is currently automatic after a minimum of 12 months time in service and 4 months as Private, but may be shortened to 6 months and 2 months, respectively, if given a waiver. Some new recruits may begin their military careers as a Private First Class if they meet certain criteria when they enlist. For example, a recruit may be promoted to this rank upon entering service, if they are able to assist their recruiters in enlisting others, can pass a knowledge test and a PT test prior to leaving for Recruit Training ('Boot Camp'), have earned 48 college credits, by serving three years in a JROTC program and are recommended by the senior instructor, or serving 1 year of Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (College ROTC). Also, if a recruit has earned the rank of Sergeant or above in the Young Marines the recruit will automatically rank up to a Private First Class. Then there is also the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps where if you obtain the rank of E-3 Seaman you receive PFC for the Marines. Lastly, attaining the Boy Scout rank of Eagle, or the Civil Air Patrol rank of cadet second lieutenant also helps with the automatic rank up.


The rank of Private First Class (PFC) in the Singapore Armed Forces lies between the ranks of Private (PTE) and Lance-Corporal (LCP). It is usually held by conscript soldiers midway through their national service term. Privates First Class wear a rank insignia consisting of a single chevron pointing down.

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In many armed forces in the world, Private First Class (PFC) is a rank held by junior enlisted persons.

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