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Directed by K.Selvabharathy
Starring Vijay
Simran Bagga
Music by S.A.Rajkumar
Release date(s) November 26, 2000
Running time 169 min.
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget Rs. 20 crores
Gross revenue Rs. 80 crores

Priyamanavale (English: The Girl I Love) is a Tamil film which released on November 26, 2000 and directed by K.Selvabharathy. This film has Vijay in the main lead. Simran plays his love. A highlight of this film is that playback singer S.P.Balasubramanium is acting as Vijay's Dad.


Vijay (Vijay), having grown up in the United States, has no interest in marriage and his goal is to enjoy his youth whenever possible. His father (S.P.Balasubramaniam), distraught at his son's ways, seeks to marry him off to make him more responsible. His insistence makes Vijay agree to a marriage but with a unigue condition - a kind of a test drive! The marriage will be for a single year initially, and at the end of the year Vijay can choose to continue or not depending on his attitude towards his wife. His father picks Priya (Simran), his PA, who agrees to the condition because of problems plaguing her family. Unmoved by her devotion to him, Vijay opts to get out of the marriage after the year is over. But soon he realizes her worth and he wants her to come back, but now it's Priya's turn to say "no".

Full credit to the director and the lead actors for keeping the movie as interesting as it is. The story moves at a fairly fast pace which doesn't allow a focus on the lack of logic in the story. Characters have been fleshed out quite well and the fairly interesting concept of the 'agreement marriage' keeps the movie flowing well. The way Vijay reacts to and handles Simran's antiquated notions about marriage and her behaviour towards her husband are funny and interesting and make a lot of sense too.

What is surprising is that the movie has so many negative points but still manages to be entertaining. Simran's acts of devotion towards Vijay when he is sick are a little overdone. The problems in her household and their timing are overly cinematic and predictable. Fight sequences have been forcibly inserted, probably to satisfy Vijay's fans. The characters of 'Thalaivaasal' Vijay and Kazhan Khan are unnecessary. Radhika Choudhary fares even worse, appearing for only a couple of scenes in the entire movie.

The 'Seemandham' scene is the highpoint of the movie. Sharp dialogs which are delivered well, first by Simran and then by Vijay highlight this scene. The movie becomes mired in sentiments after this scene. It is obvious the director has his eye on the fairer sex but he still deserves to be punished for putting a pregnant Simran through the ordeals. A scene where she falls on her stomach was particularly painful.

Vivek can add another successful movie to his comedy resume. His comedy routines, which accompany the main story instead of standing out separately, are hilarious. The scene where Vijay orders the entire office staff to wear blue is the pick of his scenes with every single line finding its mark. His gloating over Vijay when the foreign girl picks him over Vijay and his backtracking after he learns the real reason are top class. He also has a few choice lines about the Rajkumar kidnapping and attendees to social functions(which he has hosted several times) that are both topical and hilarious.

Without any heavy emoting requirements, Vijay makes a mark in the role. He looks smart and his casual dialog delivery is impressive in many scenes. Simran, in keeping with her recent selection of movies like Paarthen Rasithen, gets another meaty role and does full justice to it. The only downside is that the role offers no scope for glamour and barring a couple of song sequences, is completely non-glamorous throughout the movie. Both Vijay and Simran match each other and excel in the 'Seemandham' scene at the climax. SPB is effective as the worried father. S.A.Rajkumar's tunes are pleasant at best.

This film is a remake of the successful Hindi film Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain released in 1999

Box Office

  • The film was the biggest hit of 2000 grossing 80 crores at the box office.
  • Simran's performance was well praised.


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