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Stable release 1.3.2c / 2009-12-10; 36 days ago
Operating system Unix-like
Type FTP daemon
License GPL

ProFTPD is a FTP server. The ProFTPD server is a configurable GPL-licensed FTP server software for Linux and Unix based operating systems.

ProFTPD uses only one configuration file "/etc/proftpd.conf". The ProFTPD config file is very similar to Apache's config file. It can be used to configure multiple virtual FTP servers easily, and has chroot capabilities depending on the underlying filesystem. It can run as standalone server or inetd service. It is able to work over IPv6.

Its design is modular, which enabled writing SSL/TLS encryption, RADIUS, LDAP and SQL extensions as modules.

It works with following operating systems: AIX, BSD/OS, Cygwin, DG/UX, Digital Unix, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, zSeries, Linux (including Linux for IBM S/390), Mac OS X, NetBSD, OpenBSD, SCO Unix, Solaris and SunOS. There is no native support for Microsoft Windows.

There is also graphical frontend for ProFTPD called gProFTPd.

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