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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Suborder: Araneomorphae
Superfamily: Gnaphosoidea
Family: Prodidomidae

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31 genera, 303 species

The Prodidomidae are a spider family with about 300 species in 31 genera. They are sometimes called Long-Spinneret Ground Spiders.

This family is part of the superfamily Gnaphosoidea. They are easily identified by the greatly elongated base of the piriform gland spigots. At least parts of their body are covered with shiny scales or setae. The posterior median eyes are flat and silvery, with a triangular, egg-shaped or irregularly rectangular shape.[1]



Prodidomidae are ground dwellers. Most species are nocturnal and hide during the day in litter, but Myandra, which are probably mimicking ants, seems to be active during the day.[1] The genus Zimiris is synanthropic and thus found worldwide in the tropics.


Although Theuma walteri was described from Turkmenistan by Eugène Simon, it is suspected that Simon accidentally exchanged its locality with that of Anagraphis pallens (Gnaphosidae); then T. walteri would have been collected in the Cape of Good Hope, while A. pallens is from Turmenistan.[2]


The Prodidomidae are considered "higher gnaphosoids", together with the Lamponidae and Gnaphosidae. These share anterior lateral spinnerets consisting of only a single article, while the lower gnaphosoids retain a separate, complete distal article that is represented by an entire, subdistal ring of sclerotized cuticle.[2]


  • Anagrina Berland, 1920Africa
  • Austrodomus Lawrence, 1947South Africa
  • Caudalia Alayón, 1980Cuba
  • Chileomma Platnick, Shadab & Sorkin, 2005Chile
  • Chileuma Platnick, Shadab & Sorkin, 2005 — Chile
  • Chilongius Platnick, Shadab & Sorkin, 2005 — Chile
  • Cryptoerithus Rainbow, 1915Australia
  • Eleleis Simon, 1893 — South Africa
  • Encoptarthria Main, 1954 — Australia
  • Katumbea Cooke, 1964Tanzania
  • Lygromma Simon, 1893Costa Rica to Brazil, Galapagos
  • Lygrommatoides Strand, 1918Japan
  • Molycria Simon, 1887 — Australia
  • Moreno Mello-Leitão, 1940 — Chile, Argentina
  • Myandra Simon, 1887 — Australia
  • Namundra Platnick & Bird, 2007 — Africa
  • Neozimiris Simon, 1903 — USA, Mexico, Panama, Galapagos, Bahamas
  • Nomindra Platnick & Baehr, 2006 — Australia
  • Oltacloea Mello-Leitão, 1940 — Brazil, Argentina
  • Plutonodomus Cooke, 1964 — Tanzania
  • Prodida Dalmas, 1919Philippines, Seychelles
  • Prodidomus Hentz, 1847Mediterranean, Africa, Australia, Asia, Venezuela, Hawai'i
  • Purcelliana Cooke, 1964 — South Africa
  • Theuma Simon, 1893 — Africa, Turkmenistan?
  • Theumella Strand, 1906Ethiopia
  • Tivodrassus Chamberlin & Ivie, 1936 — Mexico
  • Tricongius Simon, 1892South America
  • Wesmaldra Platnick & Baehr, 2006 — Australia
  • Wydundra Platnick & Baehr, 2006 — Australia, Malaysia, Moluccas
  • Zimirina Dalmas, 1919Spain, Algeria, Canary Islands, South Africa
  • Zimiris Simon, 1882 — Circumtropical

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Supergroup: Unikonta
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Regnum: Animalia
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Prodidomidae Simon, 1884

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