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Professor Green
Birth name Stephen Paul Manderson
Born November 27, 1983 (1983-11-27) (age 26)
Origin London, England
Genres Electronica, grime (music), Hip Hop
Years active 2001 - present
Labels Virgin Records

Professor Green (born November 27, 1983, East London UK as Stephen Paul Manderson) is an English professional rapper who was signed to The Beats, a record label run by Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem, until February 12, 2008. He won the inaugural JumpOff MySpace £50,000 battle rap tournament in July 2008. Professor Green also worked with Lily Allen on her 2009 UK tour The Brilly-Allent Tour.

He started MC rapping at the age of 18, and released his first mix tape, Lecture#1, in 2006. He is currently making a new album, called Lecture#2, although the release has come into doubt after Warner Music Group, the company financing The Beats, closed all their deals with sublabels.


Pre Rapping

Professor Green was born and raised in Hackney, East London.

His mother and father were in and out of his life and he was subsequently raised by his grandmother from the age of one. [1]

Early career

When Professor Green was just 18 he started rapping as an MC. In his career as an MC, he won over 100 battles, and claimed his status as the worlds 2nd best MC in the Power Summit 50k battle in the Bahamas, however, losing out to favourite Jin in the final after beating many other of America's, and indeed the World's top MCs.

He has broken a few records since beginning his career, including becoming the first rapper to win The Jump Off 7 weeks in a row, completing the feat twice. He is still the only participant to have done this.

In 2007, Professor Green spent 13 months hosting part of a new radio show on Radio 1, called "In New DJs We Trust". This show was a late night show, held on Friday nights, but has since however been off-air.

Professor Green appears on one of the final tracks of "The Twangs" album. A remix of Either Way featuring Mike Skinner.


In the early hours of May 23 2009, Professor Green was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle during an altercation at Dirty Canvas 4th Birthday at Cargo in Shoreditch.[2]

Virgin Records

On Saturday 7th November 2009, Professor Green inked his second recording contract, signing to Virgin Records. It is unknown what the deal entailed however a mixtape and album is in the pipeline scheduled for released in 2010. The first single of the still unamed album is called "I Need You Tonight".




Released: 2006
Tracks: # "Hello" (Professor Green) – 0:28

  1. "Are They Rapping Like Pro?" (Professor Green) – 3:58
  2. "Stereotypical Man" (Mike Skinner) - 3:05
  3. "Before I Die" (Professor Green) – 1:45
  4. "Drunken Freestyle" (Professor Green) – 3:20
  5. "Without Trying (ft. Loudmouth)" (Professor Green) – 4:23
  6. "Save Him" (Professor Green) – 2:05
  7. "Stay High (Stay Fly RMX)" (Professor Green) – 1:58
  8. "So Sick, No Really (So Sick RMX)" (Professor Green) – 1:58
  9. "Same Old Me" (Professor Green) – 1:00
  10. "Drunken Freesyle #2 (Ft. Skinnyman)" (Professor Green) – 1:32
  11. "Lick Shots (Hip Hop RMX)" (Professor Green) – 3:41
  12. "Upper Clapton Dance (Ft. Chynaman of Haunted House + C.O.R.E)" (Professor Green) – 3:39
  13. "Goodbye" (Professor Green) – 0:22
  14. "Me im a Snitch" (Professor Green) – 0:22

The Green EP

  1. "Don't Let Go feat NY" (Professor Green)
  2. "Intermission" (Professor Green)
  3. "Trunk Shit" (Professor Green)
  4. "Big Wide World" (Professor Green)
  5. "What's Going To Become Of Us" (Professor Green)
  6. "Hometown Glory w/ Adele" (Professor Green)
  7. "Reefer Dreaming" (Professor Green)
  8. "Here I Come" (Professor Green)
  9. "Maybe feat Ed Hayes" (Professor Green)
  10. "Same Old Me" (Professor Green)

(new album coming out soon as well)


Year Single Album
2006 Stereotypical Man Lecture#1
2006 When You Wasn't Famous (Remix)
2007 Before I Die Lecture#1
2007 Before I Die (Remix)
2007 Either Way (Remix)
2009 Hard Night Out
2010 I Need You Tonight

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