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Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva
Produced by Masakazu Kubo
Written by Akiro Hino
Starring Yō Ōizumi
Maki Horikita
Mamiko Noto
Shirō Saitō
Nana Mizuki
Music by Tomohito Nishiura
Editing by P.A. Works
Studio OLM, Inc.
Distributed by Toho Company Ltd. (Japan)
Release date(s) December 19, 2009 (Japan)
March 18, 2010 (Singapore)
TBA (North America)
Running time 97 mins.
Country  Japan
Language Japanese
Preceded by Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute
Followed by Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (レイトン教授と永遠の歌姫 Reiton-kyōju to Eien no Utahime?) also known as Professor Layton and the First Movie and Professor Layton and the Immortal Songstress, is a Japanese animated film, and a continuation of the Professor Layton series. The movie takes place directly after the events of Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute, in which Layton's apprentice, Luke, is investigating the concept of immortality. However, the trailers of the movie have sugested that the entire film may be a flashback. According to Level-5 the movie will stay true to the games, with music, puzzles, and characters. It remains to be seen if the film will be distributed overseas, though Level-5 is keen on making the distribution. The movie will be released in Singapore on March 18, 2010 showing in Japanese with English and Chinese subtitles.



Professor Layton series fictional chronology

The Specter's Flute
The Eternal Diva
The Mask of Miracles
The Curious Village
The Diabolical Box
The Last Time Travel

Layton receives a record in the mail from a famed opera singer, Jenis Quatlane. Layton remind Luke of their adventure with her, and the flashback begins. After the events of Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute, Layton receives a letter from a former student of his, Jenis Quatlane. Jenis writes that she is performing at an opera house called the Crown Petone, and there have been many strange things happening. In addition, two young girls from the London area have been reporting missing, and Jenis thinks its related to the strange things happening at her theatre. She includes two tickets, Layton and Luke attend, while Remi decides to stay back in London with Doctor Schrader in search of the missing girls. Layton and Luke arrive as the enormous Crown Petone theatre which was built on the Atlantic Ocean. Layton and Luke take seats in the front row, and enjoy the opera. After its over, Layton and Luke begin to clap, but the rest of the audience seems bored. Then, as the stage is cleared, a masked man comes out and begins talking about the Eternal Life. He says, we will all play a game, and whomever wins, will get the Eternal Life. Inspector Clamp Groski then goes to make an arrest on the masked man, to see the stage fall apart beneath him, dropping him into the ocean. The masked man then reveals the losers will die. The audience breaks into a mass panic, and its up to Layton and Luke to stop the masked man.


Professor Hershel Layton: A tea-loving professor of archaeology from London's Gressenheller University, and an avid puzzle solver. He is no detective, but there are no mysteries he cannot solve. His adventures around the world solving cases brought him much fame, and a very good reputation.

Luke Triton (Seiyu: Maki Horikita): The self-proclaimed "number one apprentice" of Professor Layton. Luke follows his teacher everywhere, and is always trying to learn from him. Luke has a special talent that allows him to speak to animals.

Remi Altava (Seiyu: Saki Aibu): The appointed assistant of Professor Layton. She is quite knowledgeable, and is described as a heroine. She leaves Layton and Luke to investigate about kidnapped children from London with Dr. Schrader.

Jenis Quatlane (Seiyu: Nana Mizuki): A famed opera singer who requests Professor Layton's aid. She is known to have a beautiful voice.

Jean Descole: The true villain of the film. He is an intelligent scientist, who draws people do his side with his empty promises.

Inspector Clamp Grosky (Seiyu: Hōchū Ōtsuka): Head of Scotland Yard, he investigates the Crown Petone to find out about the abductions.

Odlaw Whistler: The pianist who runs the music in the opera house. He built the Crown Petone 10 years ago, the same time his daughter, Melina died.

Mirena Whistler (Seiyu: Fumiko Orikasa): Ozlo's daughter and Jenis's best friend who died 10 years prior to the start of the film.

Curtis O'Donnel: Adventurous sea-captain. He wants to win the Eternal Life in order to navigate the seas forever.

Mark Broshiv (Seiyu: Kenta Miyake): Amateur historian. He wants to win the Eternal Life inorder to solve all the mysteries of the ancient world.

Emily Ruth (Seiyu: Megumi Toyoguchi): Young, talented, and beautiful young lady. She is a champion chess player, known throughout all Britain. Her grandfather is sick, and she wants to use the Eternal Life to keep him alive.

Freddy Bagased (Seiyu: Jōji Nakata): Wealthy CEO who lives in London. His doctor gave him six months to live, and he wants to win Eternal Life so his companies will remain successful.

Annie Doretchi: A famous British author. She wants Eternal Life inorder to write novels forever.

Misha Leidori (Seiyu: Kikuko Inoue): Beautiful model. She wants the Eternal Life so she will never age, and be pretty forever.

Pierre Starbuck (Seiyu: Kōichi Yamadera): Star soccer player, who had to give up playing due to a leg injury. He wants Eternal Life in order to play again.

The movie also features many short cameo appearances of many of the characters throughout the Professor Layton Series, including Flora Reinhold, Don Paolo, Inspector Chelmey, Constable Barton, Mr. Beluga, Granny Riddleton, and more.


Two albums were released in Japan containing the music of the film. One titled The Eternal Diva Jenis Quatrain, containing all the vocal songs, and the other titled Layton Kyoju To Eien no Utahime Original Soundtrack, containing the main music from the film.

The Eternal Diva Jenis Quatrain


  1. Record of Memories 1:19
  2. Let This Happiness Be Eternal 1:46
  3. A Transient Life's Departure 2:06
  4. Jenis' Tears 1:38
  5. The Eternal Diva 7:03
  6. Song of the Stars 0:37
  7. Song of the Sea 0:49
  8. Song of the Sun 2:16
  9. Indigo Memories 1:39

Disc length 19:13

Layton Kyoju To Eien no Utahime Original Soundtrack


  1. Cold Open ~Professor Layton's Theme 2:38
  2. Prologue to the Adventure ~Puzzles 1:27
  3. Travel Guide ~Descole's Theme 1:40
  4. Compensation 1 ~Detragiganto's Theme 0:33
  5. Departure to the Voyage ~Descole's Theme 2:05
  6. Detragan's Echoes ~Whistler's Theme 1:06
  7. Rules for the Survivors ~Tense Atmosphere 0:46
  8. Puzzles Number 001 ~Puzzles 3 1:56
  9. Compensation 2 ~Detragiganto's Theme 0:21
  10. Puzzles Number 002 ~Puzzles 5 4:11
  11. Mirena's Tenacity ~An Uneasy Atmosphere 0:27
  12. People of the Past ~The Looming Tower 2:13
  13. The Right Crown ~de Scole's Theme 1:54
  14. At London ~About Town 0:43
  15. The Passionate Whistler ~Whistler's Theme 1:26
  16. The Legendary Kingdom ~Theme of Ambrosia 0:56
  17. Rest ~A Moment of Peace 0:53
  18. A Pursuer Approaching 1 ~A Pursuer Approaching 1:18
  19. Puzzles Number 003 ~Revolutionary Idea 0:54
  20. Adjusting the Pace ~Pursuit in the Night 1:11
  21. Compensation 3 ~Detragiganto's Theme 0:12
  22. Escape! ~Professor Layton's Theme 2:24
  23. Puzzles Number 004 ~The Plot Thickens! 2:07
  24. Descole Appears ~Descole's Theme 1:01
  25. Professor Layton's Piano ~Song of the Sea 0:32
  26. A Pursuer Approaching 2 ~A Pursuer Approaching 1:04
  27. Remi's Efforts ~Remi's Theme 0:31
  28. Whistler's Experiment ~Dangerous Experiment 2:10
  29. The Puzzle Explained! ~Professor Layton's Theme 2:34
  30. Great Conspiracy ~de Scole, Ambrosia's Theme 2:36
  31. Overture to Destruction ~de Scole's Theme 1:07
  32. Detragiganto Appears ~Detragiganto's Theme 1:43
  33. Jenis' Crisis ~Tense Decision 0:21
  34. Future British Gentleman ~Luke's Theme 1:53
  35. The Last Battle ~Time of Conclusion 1:49
  36. The Dream Collapses ~Theme of Ambrosia 1:38
  37. Father's Memories ~Whistler's Theme 0:35
  38. The Feelings Will Always Be Close ~Whistler's Theme 2:46
  39. The Eternal Diva / Jenis Quatlane (CV Nana Mizuki) 6:55

Disc length 62:36


Level 5 has recently stated that they wish to release a Professor Layton movie every winter, and that they are already producing the next movie, with the working title, Professor Layton and the Second Movie. It is rumored that Eternal Diva is part of a proposed trilogy of Layton films. Besides the animated movies, a live-action movie is in the works as well.


Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva has been a critical success in Japan, making it one of the first video game movies to be successful. Due to the good reception of the film, Level 5 will likely release it in other regions.

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