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Feel the Magic XY/XX
Project Rub
European box art
Developer(s) Sonic Team
Publisher(s) Sega, Nintendo Australia
Designer(s) Yuji Naka (Chief Producer)
Yojiro Ogawa (Producer)
Takumi Yoshinaga (Director)
Artist(s) Nanako Yarimizu (Art Director)
Rieko Muramatsu
Naruki Sugeno
Composer(s) Naofumi Hataya (Sound Director)
Mariko Nanba
Tomoko Sasaki (Short-Jingle & Chorus)
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s) NA November 16, 2004
JP December 2, 2004
AU February 24, 2005
EU March 11, 2005
Genre(s) Mini-game compilation
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: T
PEGI: 12+
Media Nintendo DS Game Card

Feel the Magic: XY/XX, known in Japan as Kimi no Tame nara Shineru (きみのためなら死ねる lit. I Would Die for You ?) and in Europe and Australia as Project Rub, is a minigame video game compilation developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. It was first released in North America, and was later released in Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Feel the Magic: XY/XX was originally announced at E3 2004 under its code name, Project Rub. Then-executive managing director Yuji Naka said the title would place "an emphasis on controls using a Touch Screen, which will allow us to achieved the concept of 'rubbing,' a unique and fun gameplay mechanic made possible by the DS. We will investigate a wide-range of gaming elements unique to DS, so look forward to future SEGA titles."[1] Game details and previews came much later, in October.[2]

It follows the attempts of a young male protagonist to impress a young woman, aided by a group of people known as the "Rub Rabbits" into completing a series of minigames related to the plot. These minigames are all controlled by the touch screen and microphone, and often involve tapping, scribbling, and blowing into the microphone.[3] On February 2, 2006, the game won the "Best Concept" award at the 2006 Imagina Games Awards.[4] Game Informer has named the game one of the top ten weirdest of all time.[5]



One of the minigames from Feel the Magic: XY/XX called "Goldfish"

Feel the Magic: XY/XX is played solely with the stylus and microphone, and features a voice recognition system through both speaking and breathing. It is composed of several minigames that are loosely linked, as the player tries to impress the girl.

There are three main modes of play. Story mode is the main mode which contains the minigames in each chapter with three levels of difficulty, 'Normal', 'Hard', and 'Hell'. Memories is a gameplay mode where one can play any of the previous minigames previously beaten. Stars can be collected in Memories, that can unlock certain pieces of clothing. The third mode, Maniac, is where one is able to take all the articles of clothing earned during the game to dress up the girl.

There are other features in the game. It can be played in English or Japanese, allowing it to be import friendly. 'Hidden Rabbits' can be collected in the cutscenes through Story mode, and after collecting enough, clothing can be unlocked. There are 60 Hidden Rabbits. After completing the game, the Sound Test is unlocked, where the sound effects and music can be listened to. Feel the Magic: XY/XX has automatic saves.


A followup titled Where do Babies Come From? (Akachan wa Dokokara Kuruno? ?) was released on October 20, 2005 in Japan. The North American (and European) version was titled The Rub Rabbits! and released in February 2006 (February the 10th in Europe). It does not star the protagonist of this game; rather, the game focuses on the Rub Rabbit leader as the main protagonist, with the story taking place before he forms the Rub Rabbits.


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Feel The Magic
Box artwork for Feel The Magic.
Developer(s) Sonic Team
Publisher(s) Sega
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle
System(s) Nintendo DS
Players 1
CERO: All ages
ESRB: Teen
PEGI: Ages 12+
Followed by The Rub Rabbits

Feel the Magic: XY/XX (Project Rub in Europe) was a launch title developed by Sonic Team for the Nintendo DS, and was one of the first games for the system to make extensive use of the touchscreen and microphone features. It asks players to rub, touch, breath and yell, and is great for anyone wanting to get to grips with the Nintendo DS's features. It was developed by Yuji Naka and was made in 2004. Since then a sequel named The Rub Rabbits has been produced, also exclusively for the Nintendo DS.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
Scene 00
  • Goldfish
Scene 01
  • Parachute
  • Candle
  • Cart
Scene 02
  • Bull
Scene 03
  • Clean up
Scene 04
  • Antlion
  • Bus stop
Scene 05
  • Monocycle
  • Painter
Scene 06
  • Scorpion
  • Sign
  • Microphone
Scene 07
  • Hands
Scene 08
  • Drive
Scene 09
  • Yacht
Scene 10
  • Bonfire
Scene 11
  • Dance
  • Snake
  • Seeker
Scene 12
  • Plants
Scene 13
  • Chaser
Scene 14
  • Steal
Scene 15
  • Nightmare
  • Nightmare 2
  • Nightmare 3
Scene 16
  • Last battle
Scene 17
  • Final battle
Scene 18
  • Magic touch
  • Maniac
  • Extras


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Feel the Magic: XY/XX
Feel the Magic: XY/XX box art
Developer(s) Sonic Team
Publisher(s) Sega
Release date November 21, 2004 (NA)

December 2, 2004 (JP)
March 11, 2005 (EU)

Genre Minigames/Microgames
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) ESRB: T
CERO: Free
PEGI: 12+
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Input touch screen/microphone
Credits | Soundtrack | Codes | Walkthrough
Search for the ring!

Note: Feel the Magic: XY/XX was renamed to Project Rub for the European release and I Would Die For You for the Japanese release.

Feel the Magic: XY/XX was a launch title for the Nintendo DS and arguably one of the first DS games to make effective use of the DS features. It's sequel (though, in terms of story, prequel) The Rub Rabbits was released in 2005.

Not only does the game effectively use the new input devices as a means of delivering innovative gameplay, but it also uses these devices as new means of immersion. Feel the Magic is about love. There are three, unnamed characters: The boy, the girl, and the bully. While one might assume that a wacky storyline, surreal graphics, vague characters and bizarre inputs would detract from the overall story immersion, Feel the Magic actually uses these features to add to it.

The girl could be any girl. The boy could be any boy. The story could be any story. The connection felt between the characters is heightened by the fact that you're interfacing with them in very human ways (touching, blowing, speaking).

The first half of the game is composed of stunts that the boy does to vie for the girl's affection, aided by a group of men called the Rub Rabbits (who apparently fursuit to work together to help men in the group find girlfriends).

These stunts are grouped in sets that can be played to earn love points' that fill up the heart meter. Winning certain games adds a certain amount of points, losing detracts. Once the heart meter is full, the girl will agree to go out on a date with you. These dates start off as holding hands in the park or strolls down main street, but typically end up turning into fighting off killer bees, shooting bulls with kung fu chi, and slingshoting pedestrians in high-speed chases.

As the game progresses, the boy and girl fall in love, but then the bully character comes in and adds dramatic conflict, and the rest of the story becomes (equally wacky) get-away, survival, and ultimately rescue-related minigames.

Organic Interface

Yes, this game involves a lot of touching.
I hate it when this happens.
As with many games like Ico, The Sims or Tamagotchi, Feel the Magic attempted to make the player feel real emotions for onscreen characters. Feel the Magic did this in away that was never done before: Having the player touch, speak and blow to interact with the characters.

After a series of challenging minigames, the player finally got to hold the girl's hand (done by literally touching her hand, and moving your finger up and down with it to keep your hands connected), brush things off her back, button her dress, etc. Ultimately, as the story takes a dramatic turn, the player must fight grueling minigames against a the final boss. I personally got a pretty bad friction burn on my finger (which was more effective for this game than the stylus or thumb strap) against one of the forms of the final boss.

In Japan, the game's original title translated to I Would Die For You, which would have been a much more effective title than Feel the Magic, even though FtM was a pretty good title. The game ends with a stray shot from the final battle with the bully killing the girl. In a final minigame titled The Magic Touch, the player brings her back to life with a realistic CPR-simulating minigame. Though this could have been simply done on any other non-DS system as a tap A at the right time minigame, the fact that you had to blow into the microphone in short, controlled breathes, and push on her heart with your hand in a steady pulse, made the experiences seem very real, despite the fact that the girl was just a silhouette in a blue dress.

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