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Coordinates: 49°30′1.73″N 97°3′5.77″W / 49.5004806°N 97.0516028°W / 49.5004806; -97.0516028

Providence College and Theological Seminary
Motto Knowledge and Character for Leadership and Service
Established 1925
Type Private school
Religious affiliation Christian
President August Konkel
Staff Full-time Staff/Faculty, Part-time Staff/Faculty
Undergraduates 450
Location Otterburne, Manitoba, Canada
Campus 100 acres
Affiliations Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, CCCU

Providence College and Theological Seminary is an interdenominational Christian Liberal Arts College located approximately 50 kilometres south-east of Winnipeg in Otterburne, Manitoba. The goal of Providence is to teach students how to think, live, and serve in the church and society. Providence is currently accredited by The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). The College offers nearly 200 courses that are transferable to University of Manitoba. Students can also transfer many courses to other Canadian educational institutions such as Brandon University and University of Winnipeg.

Providence College offers Bachelor of Arts degrees with majors in Communications and Media, Biblical and Theological Studies, Business Administration, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Humanities, and Social Sciences, to name a few.[1]

Providence College is also home to an English Language Institute which prepares international students, whose first language is not English, for successful academic studies at the post-secondary level.


History (Synopsis)

The Winnipeg Bible Training School was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1925, and renamed a short time later to Winnipeg Bible Institute. It's founding was pushed forward by Reverend H. L. Turner.

When it received a provincial charter to grant theological degrees in 1949, it was renamed Winnipeg Bible Institute and College of Theology

In 1963 the college started a full degree-granting program and was renamed Winnipeg Bible College.

In 1970, facing the demolition of its quarters, shortfall in funds, and low enrolment, the college moved 50 kilometers south to Otterburne MB, where it acquired the vacant building of the former St. Joseph's College, a Roman Catholic high school. Enrolment that year was 70 students

In 1972, a graduate division was formed as Providence Theological Seminary. It now has full membership in the Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

In 1992 the school was renamed Providence College and Theological Seminary.



Providence College

Biblical and Theological Studies

Providence Colleges core its is Biblical and Theological Studies. It is offered to students in three different programs.

1-year Certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies

This program is ideal for students who are seeking one year of Biblical and Theological training before pursuing other educational or vocational goals and for students who are considering whether to pursue ordination. This certificate is fully transferable to every degree program in every division.

3-year B.A. degrees in Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology

These degree programs are ideal for students considering pursuing a career in ordained ministry and Christian counselling. They are accepted by major seminaries in Canada and the United States as meeting the requirements for entrance into an M.A. or M.Div. program.

4-year B.A. degrees in Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology

These degree programs are designed to equip students who wish to pursue graduate studies in seminaries and universities, in theology and religious studies departments. They offer students valuable experience in research, teaching, and writing, essential training in original languages, a solid foundation in the Bible and the history of its interpretation, and the means to build upon it.

Business Administration

The Providence College BA in Business Administration is focused on preparing Christians to serve God in the world of business. A 3-year Business Administration degree gives a university-level education, with a particular focus on small business. A fourth year honours degree is offerered in conjunction with Trinity Western University for a student wishing to specialize in either accounting, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, human resource management, international business, leadership and management, marketing, or personal finance. Trinity recognizes this degree as a suitable pre-requisite for their masters level program. As of October 28, 2008 a similar fourth year program is offered with The University of Winnipeg. The Certified General Accountants Association accepts the three year Bachelor of Arts program as fulfilling the degree requirement, as well as two and a half levels of their five level program.

Communications and Media

The Providence College 3-year BA in Communications and Media is designed to teach students to learn the creative basics: writing, oral communications, visual communications, and journalism. The practical knowledge learned in the Providence College BA will instruct students in the principles and production techniques of radio, television, film and photography, print (newspapers and magazines), and new media (Internet, web sites, CDs, DVDs, and more.) As well, students will be taught the basic communications theory and the role of media in society. A fourth year enriched BA is offered in which students spend a year interning with a professional media organization and focus studies on either Organizational Behaviour, Introduction to Management, Social Psychology or History of Religion in Popular Culture.


The Aviation program at Providence College is offered in conjunction with Harv's Air Service of Steinbach, Manitoba. It is offered in either a two year diploma or a four year BA with one of two focuses.


The Career Pilot Program is an integrated program in which students will obtain their commercial licence, multi-engine IFR rating, and flight instructor rating. Over 230 hours of flight training and 450 hours of ground school are included in this 4-year B.A. degree or 2-year diploma. The aim is to produce the industry’s highest quality commercial pilots who are “job ready.”


The missionary aviation program trains missionaries to use the airplane as a tool to spread the Christian Gospel. The program includes many of the components of the career pilot program, but with a missions emphasis. Providence College is one of only a few Christian colleges to provide comprehensive flight training tailored to the needs of the mission field.

Youth Leadership

The Providence college 4-year BA in Youth Leadership has been divided into four sections to provide an educational balance. Classes in the Theoretical Foundations section are designed to give a solid biblical and theological understanding of ministry to youth and their families. Human Formation classes teach how to nurture faith in young lives and how to help young people and their families through crises. Methodology is the fundamental basics, where students learn to lead people, manage ministry, and plan strategically with purpose and vision. Finally, the Practicum component of the program gives a hands-on ministry experience, combined with a course to help debrief for clarity and growth. The Youth Leadership Major includes courses in Youth Leadership, Parachurch Youth Ministry or Youth Leadership and the Family, Contemporary Youth Issues, Nurturing Adolescent Spirituality, Evangelism: History, Theory, and Practice or Ministry with the Emerging Generation, Career Youth Ministry and a Ministry Placement with Integration Seminar.


The Providence 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Humanities is designed to teach students to develop their critical understandings and appreciations of human nature, knowledge, values, interactions, societies, struggles and achievements. This program is designed to equip students with a broad understanding of human life and thought, an awareness of methods, topics and trends in the humanities and an advanced ability to think analytically, critically and creatively. The Three year BA in Humanities consists of a double minor in any two of English Literature, History, Music, Philosophy, or Theatre.

Social Sciences

The Providence College 3-year BA in sociology enables students to develop their critical understandings and appreciations of human nature, interaction, and culture through the examination of sociological theories, the use of sociological methods, and the analysis of sociological data. This program is designed to equip students with a broad understanding of human life and relationships, an awareness of methods, topics, and trends in sociology, and an advanced ability to think analytically, critically, and creatively. The Providence Sociology program is planned to help its graduates to understand people, culture, and society better, both in terms of the human condition and the human experience of life, to go on to graduate education in sociology and to pursue careers in any vocation that involves working with people, such as social services, education, counselling, social work, social research, civil service, public administration, journalism, community affairs, and law.

William Falk Library and Learning Resource Centre

To further advance its mission, Providence College and Seminary proposed to improve the library facilities through the construction of a new Learning Resource Centre. This new Centre utilizes the latest technology and materials to assist faculty in teaching more effectively and students in learning in a more stimulating environment.

The Learning Resource Centre provides room for over 100,000 volumes and the latest in technology. The number of private study carrels and other private work stations was increased to 200. The new facility also enables the faculty to do more quality course preparation and conduct private research.

The Learning Resource Centre enables Providence College and Seminary to be one of the largest and most significant information and educational resources in southern Manitoba, particularly in the area of biblical and theological studies.

This new facility is 20,000 square feet, not only providing the necessary space for our current student body and library holdings, but also allowing room for anticipated growth as we move into the twenty-first century.[2]


Providence is the home of the Freemen, who compete in both the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) and the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA), as well as the Manitoba Colleges Athletics Conference (MCAC). Providence has teams for Men's and Women's basketball, volleyball, soccer, and men’s hockey. Intramural sports include touch football and floor hockey in the fall semester and basketball and indoor soccer in the winter semester. There is also club level sports that are less involved and compete against other colleges in the area. The club sports include badminton, indoor soccer and women’s hockey. Providence College’s campus hosts one of the only Frisbee-golf (frolf) courses in Canada.

The colleges that Providence competes against in the NCCAA are: Faith Bible (Ankeny, Iowa), North Central University (Minneapolis), and Trinity Christian College (Ellendale, ND). The colleges in the MCAC are: Red River College, Canadian Mennonite University, St. Boniface University, Assiniboine Community College, William and Catherine Booth College, Oak Hills Bible College (U.S.) and Steinbach Bible College.

The men’s volleyball team competes in the National Intramural-Recreation Association against: University of Arizona, Michigan State University, Texas A & M and Utah Valley State College.

Providence College is equipped with a fully functional gymnasium, complete with a climbing wall and newly added workout facility, which will be up and running January 2009. The campus also contains two regulation soccer fields, an ice rink and beach volleyball court.

2006-2007 Freemen Athletics

Providence Freemen Athletics

The 2006-2007 season was another successful season for Freemen athletics. The Men's soccer team had a very strong season with a Varsity and Junior Varsity teams competing in CPAC with the Varsity team competing in NCCAA. The Varsity Men's Soccer team won the CPAC championship soundly over the CMU Blazers 6-1. They carried that momentum into NCCAA Regionals and captured a Regional Championship with a 2-0 win over Faith Baptist in the Finals. Coming into Nationals in Kissimmee, Florida as the #7 seeded team, the Freemen were outshot, yet only lost each game by 2 goals. The Women's Soccer team had a strong year as well, capturing their second straight CPAC Championship defeating Steinbach 6-0. They carried that momentum into NCCAA Regionals where they defeated NCU 3-1 for their first ever Regional Finals berth, only to be defeated by Crown.

The Women's basketball team captured the NIAC championship as the host team. The Freemen came into the tournament as the #1 seed and defeated Trinity Bible College for the title. The Men's Basketball team had another tough season, yet had a brigh spot during the NIAC Tournament as well. With the BLUE MAN CREW making more noise than ever had been heard in recent Providence athletics history, the #7 seeded Freemen played hard against Oak Hills and defeated them 74-66 for their first win of the tournament. Even though the Freemen fell to Alex Tech by only 2 points in the Consolation Finals, the Freemen finished the tournament in 6th place, bettering their #7 seed entrance.

The Men's Volleyball team has also been very successful capturing the NIVC Championship in Michigan as well as coming in second place at the NIRSA National Championships in Kentucky. Women's Volleyball also had success capturing a NIAC championship in Owatonna, Minnesota. The Men's hockey team finished the season 2-6 and finished third in CPAC while the Women's Hockey Team finished 4th in the annual CPAC Tournament in St Pierre.

Campus Residence

Male Residence

Bergen Hall

Bergen Hall is the principle male dormitory holding 124 Beds. Some of its features include a hot tub and sauna facility, Bathrooms in each room, Vending machines in the main lounge and a stove in the main lounge. The hot tub will most likely only be open for 3 days total during your stay at "Prov". Also the sauna is stupid and frickin smelly.

Bergan Hall is subdivided into four wings:


The 2nd story west wing.


The 1st story west wing.


The 2nd story east wing.


The first story east wing.

Female Residence

Eichorst Hall

Eichorst Hall is the principle female dorm. It holds 64 Beds and is built on a right angle, one wing pointing south, the other east. There are two rooms to one adjoining bathroom, and there are vending machines in the main lounge.

Eichorst Hall is divided into four wings.

Upper Townes

The 2nd story east wing.

Lower Townes

The 1st story east wing.

Upper Foersberg

The 2nd story south wing.

Lower Foersberg

The 1st story south wing.


In addition to Eichorst Hall, there are a series of Four-plex female dormitories which in total equal to 100 beds. They are divided into two independent floors, each floor into two halves. The rooms are set up with bunk beds to conserve space, 2–3 rooms share one large bathroom. These four-plexes are all scattered beside Eichorst Hall.


In between Cundy and Sweet.


Usually upper Cundy is reserved for mature students who wish to stay in dorm. If there is a surplus of male students, the lower floor has been used as overflow.


Is the farthest South of the Four-plexes, with the exception of Kindred, wchich is across the driveway the four-plexes share.


The newest dormitory.

Mature Student Housing


Turner is hybrid housing for maturing students. Hybrid housing is an attempt to take the community of dorm and combine it with the privacy of apartments. It is divided into four suites, each with four rooms. Each suite contains two bathrooms, and in a common area there is a kitchen and shared living area.


Hunt is divided into two floors, with two apartments per floor. Resedents have access to on-site, coin-operated laundry facilities, their rent includes electricity and water, and their suites come with a refrigerator and stove. One of the apartments is a one-bedroom, the other three apartments are two bedrooms.

Touring Ensembles

Aslan's Child

Aslan's Child is a five-member dynamic worship team that seeks to bring people into the presence of God, sharing their gifts of music. They work towards presenting both new and well known worship songs in a fresh and innovative way. This makes them an ideal choice when looking for a band to lead worship for youth or contemporary audiences.

Once Lost

Once Lost is group of musicians with a light, acoustic sound. Using hand drums, unique percussion and simple instrumentation they blend together in an eclectic worship style that is accessible to a multi-generational audience. Their lighter sound and variety of new and familiar songs invite a congregation into worshiping the God of creation.[3]

Prov Players

Prov Players, is a touring ensemble of theatre students who develop and share their talent for artistic expression through classic and contemporary one-act plays. These plays are chosen specifically for their meaningful content and to facilitate thought-provoking discussion. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious; they are always entertaining, and present a powerful message.[4]

Straight Ahead

Community performers and Providence students come together with a “big band” sound, dazzling jazz festival audiences and church congregations with their toe-tapping, attention-grabbing pieces. This past year, the group also stirred up some local jazz energy by performing and leading music workshops at two Manitoba schools. This talented young ensemble has an obvious love of music and a desire to use it in new ways to bring glory to God.

Guitar Ensemble

Providence Chamber Singers


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