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In addition to its autonomous communities, Spain is divided into fifty provinces. These closely follow the pattern of the 1833 territorial division of Spain; the only major change of provincial borders since that time has been the division of the Canary Islands into two provinces rather than one.

Formerly of greater importance, since the adoption of the system of autonomous communities during the Spanish transition to democracy, the provinces have had fewer powers. They are still used as electoral districts, in postal addresses, phone codes, and as geographical referents. (A small town would be identified as being in Valladolid province rather than as being in Castile and Leon, for example.) No province is divided between two or more autonomous communities. Provinces were the units for the self-determination underlying the creation of the autonomous communities.

Most of the provinces are named after their principal towns with the exception of Araba/Álava, Asturias, Bizkaia/Vizcaya, Cantabria, Gipuzkoa/Gipúzcoa, Illes Balears/Islas Baleares, La Rioja and Nafarroa/Navarra. There are only two cities that are capitals of autonomous communities without being capitals of provinces: Mérida in Extremadura and Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

Seven autonomous communities are composed of only one province each: Asturias, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, La Rioja, Madrid, Murcia, and Navarre. These are sometimes referred to as "uniprovincial" communities.

Spanish provincial map

The table below lists the provinces of Spain. For each, the capital city is given, along with the autonomous community it is a part of, and a link to a list of
municipalities in the province. Where local place names differ from the Spanish, both are given (even if one of the names is not official), with the Spanish form first.

Province name Capital Autonomous community Lists of municipalities
Álava (in Spanish); Araba (in Basque) Vitoria (in Spanish); Gasteiz (in Basque) Basque Country Municipalities
Albacete Albacete Castile-La Mancha Municipalities
Alicante (in Spanish); Alacant (in Catalan) Alicante (in Spanish); Alacant (in Catalan) Valencian Community Municipalities
Almería Almería Andalusia Municipalities
Asturias Oviedo Asturias Municipalities
Ávila Ávila Castile and León Municipalities
Badajoz Badajoz Extremadura Municipalities
Baleares (in Spanish); Illes Balears (in Catalan)
Balearic Islands is the English name for this province
Palma Balearic Islands Municipalities
Barcelona Barcelona Catalonia Municipalities
Vizcaya (in Spanish); Bizkaia (in Basque);
Biscay is the English name for this province
Bilbao (in Spanish); Bilbo (in Basque) Basque Country Municipalities
Burgos Burgos Castile and León Municipalities
Cáceres Cáceres Extremadura Municipalities
Cádiz Cádiz Andalusia Municipalities
Cantabria Santander Cantabria Municipalities
Castellón (in Spanish); Castelló (in Catalan) Castellón de la Plana (in Spanish); Castelló de la Plana (in Catalan) Valencian Community Municipalities
Ciudad Real Ciudad Real Castile-La Mancha Municipalities
Córdoba Córdoba Andalusia Municipalities
Cuenca Cuenca Castile-La Mancha Municipalities
Gerona (in Spanish); Girona (in Catalan) Gerona (in Spanish); Girona (in Catalan) Catalonia Municipalities
Granada Granada Andalusia Municipalities
Guadalajara Guadalajara Castile-La Mancha Municipalities
Guipúzcoa (in Spanish); Gipuzkoa (in Basque);
Guipuscoa is the English name for this province
San Sebastián (in Spanish); Donostia (in Basque) Basque Country Municipalities
Huelva Huelva Andalusia Municipalities
Huesca Huesca Aragon Municipalities
Jaén Jaén Andalusia Municipalities
La Coruña (in Spanish); A Coruña (in Galician);
Corunna is also used in English
La Coruña (in Spanish); A Coruña (in Galician);
Corunna is also used in English
Galicia Municipalities
La Rioja Logroño La Rioja Municipalities
León León Castile and León Municipalities
Lérida (in Spanish); Lleida (in Catalan) Lérida (in Spanish); Lleida (in Catalan) Catalonia Municipalities
Lugo Lugo Galicia Municipalities
Madrid Madrid Madrid Municipalities
Málaga Málaga Andalusia Municipalities
Murcia Murcia Region of Murcia Municipalities
Navarra (in Spanish); Nafarroa (in Basque);
Navarre is the English name for this province
Pamplona (in Spanish); Iruña (in Basque) Navarre Municipalities
Orense (in Spanish); Ourense (in Galician) Orense (in Spanish); Ourense (in Galician) Galicia Municipalities
Palencia Palencia Castile and León Municipalities
Las Palmas Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Canary Islands Municipalities
Pontevedra Pontevedra Galicia Municipalities
Salamanca Salamanca Castile and León Municipalities
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Canary Islands Municipalities
Segovia Segovia Castile and León Municipalities
Sevilla (in Spanish);
Seville is the English name for this province
Sevilla (in Spanish);
Seville is the English name for this city
Andalusia Municipalities
Soria Soria Castile and León Municipalities
Tarragona Tarragona Catalonia Municipalities
Teruel Teruel Aragon Municipalities
Toledo Toledo Castile-La Mancha Municipalities
Valencia (in Spanish); València (in Catalan) Valencia (in Spanish); València (in Catalan) Valencian Community Municipalities
Valladolid Valladolid Castile and León Municipalities
Zamora Zamora Castile and León Municipalities
Zaragoza (in Spanish);
Saragossa is also used in English
Zaragoza (in Spanish);
Saragossa is also used in English
Aragon Municipalities

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Simple English

There are fifty parts of Spain called provinces. They are:

Province Population Area
Alava Province 299.957 3.047 km2
Albacete Province 384.640 14.858 km2
Alicante Province 1.732.389 5.863 km2
Almeria Province 612.315 8.774 km2
Avila Province 167.032 8.048 km2
Badajoz Province 671.299 21.657 km2
Balearic Islands Province 983.131 5.014 km2
Barcelona Province 5.226.354 7.733 km2
Burgos Province 361.021 14.269 km2
Caceres Province 412.580 19.945 km2
Cadiz Province 1.180.817 7.385 km2
Castellon Province 543.432 6.679 km2
Ciudad Real Province 500.060 19.749 km2
Cordoba Province 784.376 13.718 km2
La Coruna Province 1.126.707 7.876 km2
Cuenca Province 207.974 17.061 km2
Gerona Province 664.506 5.886 km2
Granada Province 860.898 12.531 km2
Guadalajara Province 203.737 12.190 km2
Guipuzcoa Province 688.708 1.997 km2
Huelva Province 483.792 10.085 km2
Huesca Province 215.864 15.671 km2
Jaen Province 660.284 13.498 km2
Leon Province 495.902 15.468 km2
Lerida Province 399.439 12.028 km2
La Rioja Province 301.084 5.034 km2
Lugo Province 357.625 9.803 km2
Madrid Province 5.964.143 7.995 km2
Malaga Province 1.453.409 7.276 km2
Murcia Province 1.335.792 11.317 km2
Navarra Province 593.472 10.241 km2
Orense Province 339.555 7.278 km2
Asturias Province 1.076.635 10.565 km2
Palencia Province 173.471 8.029 km2
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Province 1.011.928 4.099 km2
Pontevedra Province 938.311 4.477 km2
Salamanca Province 352.414 12.336 km2
Santa Cruz de Tenerife Province 956.352 3.208 km2
Cantabria Province 562.309 5.289 km2
Segovia Province 155.517 6.949 km2
Sevilla Province 1.813.908 14.001 km2
Soria Province 92.773 10.287 km2
Tarragona Province 704.907 6.283 km2
Teruel Province 141.091 14.804 km2
Toledo Province 598.256 15.368 km2
Valencia Province 2.416.628 10.763 km2
Valladolid Province 514.674 8.202 km2
Vizcaya Province 1.136.181 2.217 km2
Zamora Province 198.045 10.559 km2
Zaragoza Province 912.072 17.194 km2


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