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Psalty the Singing Songbook is the anthropomorphic "big blue book" featured in the children's music Kids' Praise! albums. Psalty was created by Debby Kerner & Ernie Rettino, who also play the characters of Psalty and Psaltina (and many others) on their album appearances. He and the Kids' Praise! Kids travel around the world, singing and telling children about Jesus. Psalty has a Wife (Psaltina, played by Ernie's wife Debby Kerner Rettino), triplets (Harmony, Melody, and Rhythm), and a dog who always hits the wrong notes (Blooper)! Other characters Psalty runs into are the fame-seeking Charity Churchmouse, the singing firefly Farley McFirefly, and of course the swindling villain, Risky Rat. There are ten Kids' Praise! albums, each one having a different life lesson from God's Word. For more information on the characters that appear in the series check out the wikipedia page "List of characters in the Kids' Praise! series"

One of Psalty's favorite sayings is, "Praise the Lord!" There haven't been too many appearances of Psalty since the early 1990s, but on a 1995 TBN episode of Colby's Clubhouse, Psalty makes a guest appearance in an episode that could be considered a "passing of the torch", since Psalty had been the most visible of the characters.



Also see List of Kids' Praise! albums.


Kids' Praise! 1 (1980)

The Kids Praise Album!: An Explosion OF Happiness (AKA Kids' Praise! 1: An Explosion of Happiness!) was Psalty's first appearance -he searches for kids to sing praises with him. The songs were AMEN PRAISE THE LORD BEHOLD WHAT MANNER OF LOVE JESUS NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES IF I WERE A BUTTERFLY SEEK YE FIRST HEAVEN IS A WONDERFUL PLACE 1 JOHN 4: 7&8 THE WA WA SONG FATHER I ADORE YOU CHILDREN OF THE LORD

Kids' Praise! 2: Joy-fulliest Noise (1981)

After stumbling upon two kids going fishing, Psalty and the Kids' Praise Kids teach them how to become fishers of men and how to build their life on a firm foundation.

  • Songs:
  1. Matt 16:24
  2. Sandyland
  3. Say to the Lord, I Love You
  4. Jesus
  5. Arky Arky
  6. Make A Joyful Noise
  7. Clap De Hands
  8. Praise God
  9. In His Time
  10. Lord Be Glorified

Kids' Praise! Christmas: Psalty's Christmas Calamity (1982)

In this episode, Psalty and the kids are putting on a Christmas show. While practicing, the kids notice Psalty's pages are dusty. After trying different solutions, the disastrous result is the shrinking of Psalty's pages. The kids go home in a state of hopelessness, with Psalty left depressed at home.

God speaks to Psalty and reminds him that it is only through God's strength that anything is accomplished.

Relying on God for strength, the Christmas show goes just fine.

Kids' Praise! 3: Funtastic Family

Psalty's family are introduced :Psaltina, Harmony, Melody, and Rhythm. They explain the concept of the family of God and the body of Christ.

  • Songs:
  1. It's Time To Praise The Lord
  2. Ha La La La
  3. The Body Song
  4. Praise The Lord Together
  5. Just Like You
  6. Joy Joy
  7. 1 2 3 Jesus Loves Me
  8. I Love You Lord
  9. Stand Up
  10. Welcome To The Family

Kids' Praise! 4: Singsational Servants (1984)

Kids' Praise! 4: Singsational Servants included two new characters: Charity Churchmouse and Risky Rat. See the article for more information.

  • Songs
  1. "Were Singing Praises"
  2. "Servant Of All"
  3. "Take Al Of Me"
  4. "Draw Me Nearer"
  5. "Beautiful"
  6. "Bethoven New Symphony 9"
  7. "The Recipe Song"
  8. "Charity's Dream"
  9. "Make Me A Servant"
  10. "Jesus Put the Song In My Heart"
  11. "Make Me A Servant"

Kids' Praise! 5: Psalty's Camping Adventure

See article Kids' Praise! 5: Psalty's Camping Adventure

Kids' Praise! 6: Heart to Change the World

Psalty shows the kids another one of his inventions: the Psaltyscope. He uses it to teach the kids about being a missionary, and different places around the world. Psalty also reaches out to an estranged boy hanging around outside, and confronts his own daughter Harmony's selfishness.

The kids learn how they can change the world and can start in their own backyard!

Kids' Praise! 7: Psalty's Hymnological Adventure Through Time

Using yet another invention, Psalty and the kids accidentally travel far back in history, but they use the opportunity to learn about "the music of God's family; the hymns of the church!"

They visit King David as a shepherd boy still composing psalms and praises. They journey to the splendorous temple of Solomon to witness the praising of God. They evade temple guards and shoot forward to a 19th century printing press, then to a church where John Newton is speaking and join in singing Amazing Grace. They visit the blind composer Fanny Crosby, and sing a medley of her songs.

Finally, the kids visit Psalty himself, when he was just a booklet. Past Psalty joins Present Day Psalty in a touching rendition of Take My Life and Let It Be.

  • Songs SIDE 1
  • Songs SIDE 2

NOTE: HEENAY-MA-TOV (behold how good) is sung in Hebrew first, then repeated in English. This song list is taken directly from body of the "red audio cassette tape" original (as opposed to the paper insert).

Kids' Praise! 8: Play Ball!

It's baseball time, and Psalty is coaching the kids under the team name Psalters. The Psalters have a lot to learn, but Psalty helps them learn the basics of the game. Their first match-up is against a bullying team called the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs easily defeat the Psalters.

The kids are discouraged, but Psalty tries to console the Kids' Praise! Kids up by singing to them how in God's eyes there are no losers, we are all winners in God's Kingdom.

The Psalters go up against the Bulldogs in a rematch. When the coach is absent (due to a failure of the Psalty SuperSonic Scooter) the children once again turn in prayer to the Lord. They manage to win the game, and the Bulldogs agree they should form a partnership to learn from each other's team tactics.

The kids learn about sportsmanship, how to rely on God, and how in God's eyes, there are no losers.

Psalty's Kids & Co. 10: Salvation Celebration

Psalty, Psaltina and Charity Churchmouse are leading the Kids' Praise! Kids on a "Whistle Stop" train tour, on their way to St. Louis. They make stops along the way to sing songs and spread the good news of the Gospel. But not all is well. Risky Rat is on their tail! He tags along on the train disguised as a talent agent and tries to convince one of the kids to chase fame and fortune. Psalty and Charity teach her that God has a plan for her life. The girl eventually makes her decision; to commit her life to Christ. Risky has lost. The train arrives in St. Louis, and the mayor honors Psalty for his work with kids and spreading the Gospel.

While that happens, Risky Rat steals the Kids' Praise! 9 episode and revenge and sneaks off - so 10 must come before 9! Psalty and the kids are distraught, but are reminded that Jesus is Lord of All no matter what.

The video version of this album features future One Tree Hill (TV series) star Bethany Joy Galeotti (credited as Joy Lenz) as the character of Shelly Barnes.

Psalty's Kids & Co. 9: The Search For Psalty's Missing 9

Risky Rat has stolen all of Episode 9 "The Secret of How To Grow in the Lord" Kids' Praise! Albums, and it is up to Psalty and the kids to chase him to Africa to find it. Along the way, they learn how Christians must bond together, because even the hottest coal, if set apart from the fire, will go out.

The meet the Bookables, a rogue tribe of books that eat other books. Psalty manages to talk them out of eating him, and instead, teaches them of Jesus.

They catch up with Risky Rat, but not in time. Risky dumps all of the Kids' Praise! 9 tapes and CDs into a volcano. Psalty and the kids are devastated. They must come to grips with the fact that God obviously has a purpose in mind.

On their return trip, Psalty's son; Rhythm plays his tape recorder back, and Psalty learns Rhythm was taping their entire trip—all while they discussed how to grow in the Lord. The tape can take the place of the ones that had been destroyed. Things turn out okay after all.

Pow Pow Power To Live God's Way

Charity Churchmouse is trying to help the Kids' Praisers earn money for a missionary trip to France, but Risky Rat (disguised as Pierre Rat Le Mal) decides to try and foil their plan.

Psalty's Family Christmas Sing-a-long

A recording of Christmas songs linked by a story.

  • Tracks are:
  1. "Bark" The Herald Angels Sing,
  2. The Little Drummer Boy,
  3. I'm Gonna Wrap Myself Up for Christmas,
  4. Caroling Medley: Over the River and Through the Woods, Sleigh Ride, Caroling Caroling, Ring Around the World.
  5. Go Tell It On the Mountain,
  6. The Twelve Days of Christmas,
  7. Twinkle Medley: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Far Away, O Holy Night.
  8. Joy to the World Medley: Joy to the World, O Come All Ye Faithful, Some Children See Him, O Come All Ye Faithful Reprise

Charity Churchmouse - "On The Front Line"

  • Songs:
  1. Super-Charged Churchmouse
  2. Risky's Fast Deal
  3. The Warm Up Song
  4. Oh Happy Day
  5. Charity's Heart Song
  6. Bible Drill with I'm in the Lord's Army
  7. Risky's Rap
  8. Purple Pipe Praise
  9. All Hail King Jesus

Psalty's Bible Stories, Parables & Songs

  • Stories:
  1. David & Goliath
  2. Stevie Stealer
  3. Noah & the Ark
  • Songs:
  1. Bible Stories & Parables
  2. I'm Gonna Fight a Giant
  3. Do What's Right
  4. Put Your Hands Together
  5. Noah Built the Ark and Sailed Away
  6. Bible Stories & Parables Reprise

Psalty's Stocking Stuffer

1993 album on Word records, featuring 6 songs and 2 stories. This featured some of Ernie Rettino's other project Solomon the Supersonic Salamander. It features the characters Solomon Salamander, Max Magpie, Mrs. Beaverton, Slidekick, and Bo Evil.

  • Stories:
  1. Mini story from Solomon the Supersonic Salamnder: Choosing Good Friends
  2. Mini story from Psalty In Australia
  • Songs:
  1. God Has a Plan For My Life (from Psalty's Salvation Celebration)
  2. Get Hot Stay Hot (from Psalty's Search For the Missing 9)
  3. I'm a Little Praiser (from Psalty's Songs For Little Praisers)
  4. This Little Light of Mine (from Psalty's Funtastic Praise Party)
  5. Solomon the Supersonic Salamander(from Solomon the Supersonic Salamander: Choosing Good Friends)
  6. Never Right To Lie (from Solomon the Supersonic Salamander: Telling the Truth)

Psalty's Funtastic Praise Party 1

Aside from Kids' Praise 4 and 5, this is one of the first video tapes produced by the Kids' Praise! team. There is also an album release of the same name.

Psalty is taking his show on the road. But Risky Rat isn't about to let all that praise go unimpeded. He phones all of the kids and tells them the show is cancelled. Thus, Psalty is left by himself when the time comes. Psalty makes the best of it, and soon receives help from giant praise boxes, Tweeter, Midi and Woofer (named for speaker systems). They will assist Psalty in praising the Lord, and when they are full of praise, they will take it straight to the Lord.

Psalty leads the audience in several songs from his tapes, and uses elaborate sets, puppets, and lighting effects to recreate scenes. Members of the audience are invited to come up on stage and take part in the songs—even grown-ups. The kids take part on marshmallow roasts, and everyone is treated to giant bouncing beach balls all over the auditorium.

During the show, Risky Rat (played by Rob Rigg) attempts contact with Psalty with a telegram, pretending to be the owner of the theater, and telling them their contract has expired. Charity Churchmouse makes contact soon after, and says she saw Risky Rat mailing the telegram. Psalty leads the audience in further praise songs, which eventually drives Risky Rat (lurking about in the wings) away.

In the end, Psalty brings it all to a head by doing what he does best, giving a salvation message, and inviting the kids who would like to give their hearts to the Lord up on stage, and leading them in prayer.

Psalty's Funtastic Praise Party 2

Album release has songs only (no story).

Psalty's Songs For Li'l Praisers

Singalongathon (Maranatha Marathon Hallelujah Jubilee!)

Psalty and the Kids Praise! Kids are putting on a "Singalongathon" program. One thing goes wrong after another, but they continue to sing, until they finally realize that they haven't prayed. After prayer, things calm down a bit, and finally the singalongathon is a hit!

Features "I Love You, Lord", "Seek Ye First", "The Butterfly Song", "It's Not By Might" and many more songs.

Psalty's Might-Mini Musical: "Kids' Praise-A-Luia"

Psalty's Might-Mini Musical: "Growing Up In God,"

Songs from Psalty's Kids Bible 1

Songs from Psalty's Kids Bible 2

The Big Adventures of Little Psalty features a child-Psalty.

Psalty's Sleepytime Helpers Episode #1 Baby Birdy Bomber

Psalty is tinkering around in the workshop when two kids, Bobby and Tammy, seek him out. Psalty introduces them to his new Musiquizzical quilt, which will take you on an adventure if you answer questions about the Bible. Bobby and Tammy pass, and Psalty takes them to watch the time his daughter Melody rescued a baby bird that had fallen from its nest. The baby's mother returns and thanks Melody, and they all sing a song about how God cares, and He's always there.

The kids return to the workshop, confident in the knowledge that God sees even the tiniest sparrow fall, and cares about His children even more.

Psalty's Sleepytime Helpers Episode #2: Rough Ridin¹ Rodeo

As Rhythm attempts to break his horse, Rebel, at a real western rodeo, he learns that just as a broken horse is a useful tool, we become useful tools of the Lord when we are obedient to God. Just as Rhythm has to be patient as he hangs on to Rebel, God is patient as He hangs on to us! *Songs:

  1. "Obedience"
  2. "Dreamy Sleepytime Theme"

Psalty's Sleepytime Helpers Episode #3: Kids' Praise Parade

Oh no! Rhythm¹s drum has been destroyed and now he can¹t lead the parade! What¹s he going to do? We learn with Rhythm and Harmony that God is our source and our provider and He does miracles! Songs: Lord, You're Enough for Me & "Dreamy" Sleepytime Theme

Psalty's Sleepytime Helpers Episode #4: Blooper's Bloopers

Psalty's Sleepytime Helpers Episode #5: Caper At the Castle

Psalty's Sleepytime Helpers Episode #6: Uh-Oh Art Projects

Psalty's Sleepytime Helpers Episode #7: Fearfightin' Farley

Farley McFirefly helps a little girl, Mary, overcome her fear of the dark, of noises in the night, and of being alone as he comforts her with the knowledge that when we¹re asleep, God is awake. God is always with us, watching over us, and we have no need to fear. Songs: I Don't Have to Be Afraid & "Dreamy" Sleepytime Theme


The Kids' Praise Adventure Series presented by Focus on the Family. Most are written by Ken Gire and were released in 1988.

  • The Booklets' Baking Boo-Boo: A Story About Obeying ISBN 0-8499-9996-0
  • Harmony's Hullabaloo at the Zoo: A Story About Dealing With Fears ISBN 0-8499-9998-7
  • Limburger's Little White Lie: A Story About Telling the Truth ISBN 0-8499-9997-9
  • Melody's Kooky Cover Up: A Story About Building Self-Worth ISBN 0-8499-9994-4
  • Rhythm and Blues: A Story About Doing Right When You Feel Wronged ISBN 0-8499-9995-2
  • Spotlight on Charity: A Story About Overcoming Selfishness ISBN 0-8499-9999-5

Psalty's Worldwide Adventure Series by Ernie and Debby Rettino. They were released in 1991 and illustrated by Dale Wehlacz.

  • Psalty in Alaska ISBN 0-8499-0893-0
  • Psalty in Australia ISBN 0-8499-0897-3 (a version of this story appears on the album, Psalty's Stocking Stuffer)
  • Psalty in Egypt ISBN 0-8499-0894-9
  • Psalty in the South Pacific ISBN 0-8499-0895-7
  • Psalty in the Soviet Circus ISBN 0-8499-0892-2
  • Psalty on Safari ISBN 0-8499-0896-5

Ernie and Debby Rettino also wrote the Solomon the Supersonic Salamander series (AKA The Wisdom Series). They were illustrated by Dirk Wunderlich and they were released in 1992.

  • Choosing Good Friends (book number 1) ISBN 0-8499-1017-X (a version of this story, and a song about Solomon appear on the 1993 album, Psalty's Stocking Stuffer)
  • Telling the Truth (book number 2) ISBN 0-8499-1018-8 (a song about this story appears on the album, Psalty's Stocking Stuffer)

Spin Offs

Psalty had a lot of friends that made their own shows or books

-Colby's Clubhouse Made a Tv show

-Gerbert Made a Tv show

-Solomon the Supersonic Salamande Made a book series

-The Booklets Made a book series

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