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Psycho is a slang word for a person who is either psychopathic or psychotic. The term is often considered offensive or derogatory.




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Psycho is slang for a person who is either psychopathic or psychotic, both forms of insanity. The term is often considered mildly offensive or derogatory.


  • Psycho (1960 film), directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Psycho (1998 film), a remake directed by Gus Van Sant.
  • Psycho II, a 1983 sequel to the first film (unrelated to the novel Psycho II).
  • Psycho III, a 1986 sequel to the first film.
  • Psycho IV: The Beginning, a 1990 prequel to the first film.

Literary works

  • Psycho (novel), a 1959 novel by Robert Bloch.
  • Psycho II (novel), a 1982 novel by Bloch.
  • Psycho House

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Prefix psycho-, as an abbreviation for psychotic or psychopath.



  1. (colloquial): Psychotic, or otherwise insane.





psycho (plural psychos)

  1. (pejorative, slang) A person who is psychotic or otherwise insane.
    The loony bin up on the hill is full of psychos.
  2. (pejorative, slang) A person who acts in a bizarre or dangerous manner.
    She complained that he was a psycho for driving at such a high speed in heavy traffic.



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Simple English

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Produced by Alfred Hitchcock (uncredited)
Written by Joseph Stefano (screenplay)
Robert Bloch (novel)
Music by Bernard Herrmann
Cinematography John L. Russell
Editing by George Tomasini
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Universal Pictures
Release date(s) June 16, 1960
Running time 109
Country United States
Language English
Budget $806,950 (estimated)
IMDb profile

Psycho is a 1960 horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It tells the story of a woman, played by Janet Leigh, who steals money from her work place and runs away. When she stops at a motel for the night she is murdered by the hotel's owner, played by Perkins, who is obsessed with his dead mother. The film is famous for the unexpected death of the heroine midway through the film in the 'Shower Scene' which has in turn become very famous in popular culture. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Robert Bloch. This was inspired by the crimes of Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards.

Main cast

Actor Role
Anthony Perkins Norman Bates
Janet Leigh Marion Crane
Vera Miles Lila Crane
John Gavin Sam Loomis
Martin Balsam Detective Milton Arbogast
John McIntire Sheriff Al Chambers
Simon Oakland Dr. Fred Richmond

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