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Psycho III

original movie poster for Psycho III
Directed by Anthony Perkins
Produced by Hilton A. Green
Written by Charles Edward Pogue
Starring Diana Scarwid
Jeff Fahey
Roberta Maxwell
and Anthony Perkins
as Norman Bates
Music by Carter Burwell
Cinematography Bruce Surtees
Editing by David E. Blewitt
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) July 2, 1986
Running time 94 min.
Country United States
Language English
Gross revenue $14,482,000 (USA)
Preceded by Psycho II
Followed by Psycho IV: The Beginning

Psycho III is a 1986 sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. The film stars Anthony Perkins (who also directed the film), Diana Scarwid, Jeff Fahey and Roberta Maxwell. The screenplay is written by Charles Edward Pogue. The original electronic music score is composed and performed by Carter Burwell in one of his earliest projects.


Plot summary

The film begins with Maureen Coyle (Diana Scarwid), a mentally unstable young nun, on top of a bell tower about to commit suicide. When another nun tries to get her to come down, Maureen accidentally pushes her over the railing to her death. Another nun tells Maureen that she will burn in hell. She is forced to leave the convent after this ordeal.

Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) is still manning the desk at the Bates Motel and living with the preserved corpse of his "true" mother, Emma Spool (Claudia Bryar), whom Norman killed at the end of Psycho II. Local law enforcement and Norman's ex-boss Ralph Statler (Robert Alan Browne) are concerned since Mrs. Spool has been missing for over a month. Duane Duke (Jeff Fahey), a sleazy musician in his 20's desperate for money, is offered the job of assistant manager at the Bates Motel. Maureen, now the new long-term tenant, has some issues to resolve in her life. She gave up her vows as a nun only days before, and she isn't sure just how she feels about either spiritual or earthly matters.

Sheriff John Hunt (Hugh Gillin) and Statler have a conversation at the diner, when Tracy Venable (Roberta Maxwell), a pushy journalist from Los Angeles, interrupts them. She is working on an article about serial killers being put back on the streets. Venable is trying to back up her theory that Norman is back to his old ways again. Norman appears and Venable jumps at the chance to talk with him. Unaware of her ulterior motives Norman opens up to her, but is distracted when an exhausted Maureen enters and sits at the lunch counter. He is startled by Maureen's presence, because he feels she strongly resembles Marion Crane (Janet Leigh). Seeing the initials "M.C." on her suitcase Norman freaks out and leaves the diner.

After the conversation with "Mother", Norman spies on Maureen as she undresses and heads into the bathroom to take a shower. Keeping "her" word, "Mother" enters Maureen's motel room with plans to kill her. Upon pulling back the shower curtain, it is revealed Maureen has attempted suicide by cutting her wrists, a sight which snaps Norman back to his "normal" side. Maureen looks up at "Mother" who is so weakened by what "she" sees, "she" lowers the knife. Due to blood loss, Maureen hallucinates and she mistakes Norman, dressed up as "Mother," is the Virgin Mary holding a silver crucifix.

Meanwhile, Tracy has met with Duane at a bar where they discuss Norman, and it seems Tracy blames Norman for Mrs. Spool's disappearance. When she leaves, Duane picks up another girl at the bar, Red (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning's Juliette Cummins). Norman gets Maureen to the local hospital to save her life. After she is released, he invites her to stay back at the motel and they begin a romantic relationship.

The same night, Duane and Red arrive at the motel and hear an argument between "Mother" and Norman, but think it's just a TV turned up too loud. Red and Duane, head to cabin 12 where they make love. Later that night, Red makes it clear she wants more than just a fling. Calling him a pig, they argue. Duane, infuriated, throws her out of the cabin. Red heads down to the payphone to call a cab, where she realizes she is wearing her blouse backwards. As she takes it off to put it on the right way, "Mother" shatters the phone booth door and stabs a trapped Red to death. The next morning, Duane finds Norman scrubbing down the phone booth.

A group from out of town arrive at the motel where they plan to watch the local football game. Tracy comes to find Norman and ask questions about his past and "Mother". Norman becomes defensive with the reporter and tells her to leave, never to return. Later that night, he and Maureen go to a restaurant, where they dance and talk romantically, while Tracy searches Mrs. Spool's apartment. She discovers the Bates Motel's telephone number written on a magazine cover. Norman and Maureen return to the motel to find most of the other guests engaged in drunken stupor. Norman goes with Maureen to her room and they fall asleep in each other's arms having refused to make love. Some time afterwards, Patsy Boyle (Katt Shea Ruben), the only sober guest, wakes up Maureen to ensure her safety as Norman had left the door open, a bad idea with all the drunken guests around. Patsy needing to use the bathroom finds the one in Norman's parlor unoccupied, but "Mother" again emerges and slashes her throat. Norman (an homage to the reaction of finding Marion dead in the shower in the original) gasps when he discovers Patsy's body. He buries her in the motel's ice chest outside the office.

The next morning, Sheriff Hunt and Deputy Leo appear at Norman's house to investigate Patsy's disappearance. Norman tries to prevent Hunt from entering his mother's bedroom, when he discovers that "Mother"/Mrs. Spool has disappeared completely. Outside, Tracy tells Maureen about Norman, and she, rather upset, leaves the motel and goes to stay with Father Brian, who took care of her at the hospital. Meanwhile, Tracy is convinced Norman is behind the latest disappearances. Norman searches for his mother all over the house and finds a note from her stating that she is in cabin 12. When Norman arrives at the cabin, he learns it was Duane who took "Mother". Duane attempts to blackmail Norman into giving him a large sum of money to keep quiet about his secret, and Norman nervously tells him he wants his mother back to which Duane replies "Take her. But you know what I want in return, and you know what I'll do if I don't get it". He agree's to Duane's blackmail demands, but he then unexpectedly throws an ashtray at Duane's head. They fight and Norman seemingly kills Duane by hitting him several times with his own guitar. Terrified of what he has done, he blames "Mother" for this.

Tracy talks to Statler and Myrna (Lee Garlington) about Mrs. Spool and discovers she was working at the diner before Statler bought it from Harvey Leach. Tracy meets with Leach, a resident at an assisted living facility, and is informed that Mrs. Spool had also once been institutionalized for murder. Meanwhile, Norman drives Duane's car to the swamp with Duane and Patsy's bodies in it. Duane turns out to be alive and attacks Norman, who accidentally drives the car into the swamp. He struggles out of the car while Duane drowns. Tracy reads some old newspapers at her study and discovers about the "Bates kidnapping".

Maureen convinces herself that Norman is her true love. She returns to the motel and takes a shower before visiting Norman at his house. They share a tender moment at the top of the staircase when "Mother" shouts furiously at Norman, which startles and causes him to lose grip on Maureen's hands. She falls down the stairs into the cupid statue at the base of the stairs. She goes limp and sinks to the floor revealing the arrow had punctured her skull. Distraught, Norman screams and confronts his mother that he will get her for this. "You don't have the guts boy!" utters "Mother." Then, Tracy arrives at the motel and tries to find Maureen. She enters the house only to find her lying dead on the couch of the living room which is filled with lit candles. Then she sees Norman dressed as "Mother," bearing a knife, and tries to flee. She tries to reason with Norman by explaining his family history: Emma Spool, who was in fact his aunt, was in love with Norman's father, but he married her sister, Norma, instead. Mrs. Spool, having serious psychological problems, kidnapped Norman when he was a baby, after she killed Mr. Bates, believing Norman was the child "she should have had with him."

She discovers Mrs. Spool's corpse in the bedroom, and Norman takes off his mother's dress. "Mother" orders him to kill Tracy, and when Norman raises the knife, he brutally attacks "Mother", dismembering her preserved remains. The last scene shows Sheriff Hunt taking Norman to his squad car, with Father Brian and Tracy following behind. Hunt informs Norman that they may never let him out of the institution again, Norman replies "But I'll be free...I'll finally be free." Norman, sitting silently in the back of the squad car on the way to the institution, enjoys his victory over his mother by caressing a trophy: the severed hand of Mrs. Spool. He smiles sardonically as the screen fades to black and the credits roll.

Main cast

Actor Role
Anthony Perkins Norman Bates
Diana Scarwid Maureen Coyle
Jeff Fahey Duane Duke
Roberta Maxwell Tracy Venable
Hugh Gillin Sheriff John Hunt
Robert Alan Browne Ralph Statler
Lee Garlington Myrna
Janet Leigh Marion Crane (flashback)
Claudia Bryar Mrs. Emma Spool (flashback)

Production notes

Filming on Psycho III began on June 28, 1985 at Universal Studios. Director and star Anthony Perkins clearly made an effort to make Psycho III in a style reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's original Psycho (as well as the 1958 film Vertigo) as opposed to Psycho II. For instance, during a conversation between Maureen Coyle and Norman Bates in a hospital room, Maureen expresses her concern that she may have "gone a little mad" when she left the nunnery. Norman echoing himself from the original film replies: "We all go a little mad sometimes."

DVD release

Psycho III was released on DVD in Region 1 as part of a triple feature package with Psycho II and Psycho IV on August 14, 2007 by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.


There were many songs recorded for Psycho III, some of them were performed by Stanton Miranda. Carter Burwell composed the main soundtrack and also some songs that play on the jukebox in the diner and on the radios in cars. The soundtrack for Psycho III was originally released on MCA Records.

The song, Scream of Love was released as a single on vinyl only. The dance remixes by Arthur Baker was featured on the 12" vinyl. MCA commissioned a music video featuring Carter Burwell, Anthony Perkins and a Hitchcockian woman. Perkins presented the video on MTV as a guest VJ.

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Psycho III is a 1986 film, the second sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic Psycho. A failed nun and a sleazy musician run into the old desert motel run by Norman Bates in memory of his mother.

Directed by Anthony Perkins. Written by Charles Edward Pogue.
Norman Bates is back to normal. But Mother's off her rocker again! Taglines


Norman Bates

  • Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!
  • The past is never really the past. It stays with me all the time.
  • She can't help it. She can't help the things she does. She's just an old lady. A sick old lady.
  • You! You made me do this, your tainted blood in me! [A cartoon laughs from the TV] Don't laugh at me, mother! Don't laugh at me!

Duane Duke

  • [repeated line] Watch the guitar.
  • Stupid bitch! You could have been comin' instead of goin'!

Sheriff John Hurt

  • Norman! What the hell's the matter with you?
  • I've had enough of this Nancy Drew horseshit from you.


  • Nun: Wasn't you own sin red enough? You'll burn in hell for this! You'll burn in hell!
  • Mother: Why can't you leave my poor son, my poor Norman alone?
  • Tracy Venable: She was crazy, Norman, but she wasn't your mother... Neither are you!


Mother: Put me closer to the window.
Norman Bates: Someone will see you, mother.
Mother: Are you ashamed of me?
Norman Bates: You know why, mother. They've even written about you in the newspapers.
Mother: Stop your whining, boy. All this fuss over nothing.
Norman Bates: Not nothing. I-I saw her. Even the initials on her suitcase, "M.C." Marion Crane.
Mother: Another of your cheap erotic illusions, out of your cheap erotic imagination. You killed her. The slut deserved it. But she's dead, and the dead don't come back.
Norman Bates: Y-Y-You came back.
Mother: I never went away, don't you know that by now? You can't get rid of me. I'll always be with you, Norman. Always. Stand up straight and wipe your snotty little nose. If the disgusting little whore is going to upset you so much, just get rid of her.
Norman Bates: No!
Mother: Then maybe I will.

Red: Mmm.. Oh, God, don't tell me your one of those guys who farts, rolls over, and then goes to sleep.
Duane Duke: I picked you up in a bar, after one lousy drink! Whaddya want to get married?
Red: You shit-heel! [slaps him]
Duane Duke: Look! I gotta get up for work soon, so why you don't just go home, huh?
Red: How? You brought me out here.
Duane Duke: Here's cab fare. Phone book's on the table.
Red: Jesus, you make it all sound so cheap.
Duane Duke: It is? But it beats a good vibrator.
Red: Yeah? Well, at least a vibrator get me off! [gives Duke the finger]
Duane Duke: [grabs Red] Use the payphone, bitch!

Mother: You dirty, dirty boy.
Norman Bates: But I... I didn't do anything, mother... I didn't do anything, mother. She a nice girl.
Mother: She's a whore.
Norman Bates: But we didn't do anything.
Mother: You let her come between us.
Norman Bates: But this... It isn't right. It isn't natural.
Mother: It's perfectly natural for a son to love his mother.
Norman Bates: God, will you leave me alone, mother? Will you leave me alone?!

Duane Duke: Doesn't scan, does it, Norman? But... a lot of shit here doesn't.
Norman Bates: What are you doing with my mother?
Duane Duke: Don't you mean mummy? You did a nice job on her, Norman. Fresh as the day she was croaked.

Norman Bates: I just want my mother back.
Duane Duke: Take her. But you know what I want in return, and you know what i'll do if I don't get it.
Norman Bates: I know what you'll do...

Mother: Get that whore out of my house! Throw her down in the muck and filth where she belongs!
Norman Bates: I'll get you for this, mother. I'll get you for this.
Mother: You haven't got the guts, boy!

Maureen Coyle: You must think I've gone mad.
Norman Bates: Oh, no... no. We all go a little mad sometimes.

Mother: It's lies. It's all lies. Norman, she's a lying whore.
Tracy Venable: Norman! Norman, where are you?
Mother: She's a slut!
Tracy Venable: Norman!
Mother: Don't let her talk about me like that!
Tracy Venable: Norman! Please, Norman, please listen to me! Norman, Mrs. Bates, whoever your are, damn it, doesn't it make any difference in that demented brain of yours?
Mother: Kill her, boy! Get her! Just like the others! Get her!
Tracy Venable: Oh! No! Don't! No! Please! Norman, no!
Mother: [Norman stabs mother] Norman! Can't you do anything right? How dare you treat your mother in such... a... way... Norman.
Norman Bates: So I don't have the guts, huh?

Sheriff John Hurt: Jesus, Norman. I wanted to believe it wasn't you. This time, they'll lock you up forever!
Norman Bates: But I'll be free. I'll finally be free.


  • Unlock the terror. Unlock the fear. And enter into the all new nightmare of...
  • Norman Bates is back to normal. But Mother's off her rocker again!
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the shower!
  • Norman Bates is back home with Mother again!
  • The most shocking of them all.

Main cast

Actor Role
Anthony Perkins Norman Bates
Diana Scarwid Maureen Crane
Jeff Fahey Duane Duke
Roberta Maxwell Tracy Venable
Hugh Gillin Sheriff John Hurt
Robert Alan Browne Ralph Starler
Lee Garlington Mryna Garlington
Janet Leigh Marion Crane (flashback)
Claudia Bryar Mrs. Emma Spool (flashback)

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