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  1. Timetable: There will be 6 x 2 hour tutorials (Weeks 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 14) - see weekly schedule. Contact the unit convener for help.
  2. Goal: The tutorial program aims to provide some practical experiences, expansion, and reinforcement of key topics covered in lectures and readings, although not necessarily in the same order.
  3. Attendance: Tutorial attendance is strongly recommended, but is not compulsory.
  4. Preparation/Reading: Students do not generally need to prepare or read ahead for tutorials (unless specifically instructed to do so). However, it would be advantageous to at least familiarise yourself with, and ideally read, the corresponding textbook chapter(s) beforehand and/or afterward.
  5. Correspondence between lectures and tutorials: Tutorial topics do not necessarily coincide with the timing of the corresponding lecture in part due to the availability of guest lecturers.
  6. Assessment: Assessment of content covered during the tutorials will be in the following fortnight's online quiz and the exam. There is no in-class assessment during tutorials.

List of tutorial topics

Week Tutorial Title
02 01 Consciousness and learning
04 02 Therapies for psychological disorders
06 03 Sensation and perception
10 04 Cognitive processes and intelligence
12 05 Motivation
14 06 Social processes, society and culture

List of tutorial times and locations

Tutorial Day Start End Room Tutor
01 Tues 12.30 14.30 02C07 Clare Watsford
02 Tues 12.30 14.30 07B18 Rebecca Pashley
03 Tues 14.30 16.30 02A18 Clare Watsford
04 Tues 15.30 17.30 07B09 James Neill
05 Tues 16.30 18.30 20A01 Danielle Hopkins
06 Tues 17.30 19.30 07B09 James Neill
07 Tues 18.30 20.30 2A14 Danielle Hopkins
08 Thu 08.30 10.30 06B10 Jessica Smeltink
09 Thu 10.30 12.30 07A52 Danielle Hopkins
11 Thu 12.30 14.30 02B04 Danielle Hopkins
12 Thu 16.30 18.30 07A51 James Neill

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