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Psychosocial refers to one's psychological development in and interaction with a social environment. The individual is not necessarily fully aware of this relationship with his or her environment. It was first commonly used by psychologist Erik Erikson in his stages of social development. Contrasted with social psychology, which attempts to explain social patterns of behavior in a general sense, the term "psychosocial" can be used to describe the unique internal processes that occur within the individual. It is usually used in the context of "psychosocial intervention," which is commonly used alongside psychoeducational or psychopharmacological interventions and points toward solutions for individual challenges in interacting with an element of the social environment.

Problems that occur in one's psychosocial functioning can be referred to as "psychosocial dysfunction" or "psychosocial morbidity." This refers to the lack of development or atrophy of the psychosocial self, often occurring alongside other dysfunctions that may be physical, emotional, or cognitive in nature.

Psychosocial support is an approach to victims of disaster, catastrophe or violence to foster resilience of communities and individuals. It aims at easing resumption of normal life, facilitate affected people participation to their convalescence and preventing pathological consequences of potentially traumatic situations.

Psychosocial Network is a network of practitioners of psychosocial work and serves the information sharing need of diverse people in the psychosocial field - ranging from grassroots practitioners to UN policy-makers.

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