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Psyren Volume 1.jpg
Volume 1 cover
Genre Action, Supernatural
Author Toshiaki Iwashiro
Publisher Shueisha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump
Original run December 3, 2007 – ongoing
Volumes 8 (List of volumes)
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Psyren (PSYЯEN-サイレン- Sairen ?) is a Japanese shōnen manga series by Toshiaki Iwashiro. Psyren follows Ageha Yoshina, a high school student who is chosen by Nemesis Q as a participant in the game Psyren. The games take place in a world known a wasteland known as Psyren, which is revealed to be the world after a decade. Ageha and his friends then attempt to change the future and save the world from becoming the Psyren they know.

Psyren has been continuously serialized in the Japanese manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump since the December 3, 2007 (issue 2008-01), and has been collected in eight tankōbon volumes as of November 2009.



One day while heading home, Ageha Yoshina finds a public pay phone ringing by itself. He picks it up, receiving no answer except a calling card with the word "Psyren" printed on it. After Sakurako Amamiya, a girl in Yoshina's class, disappears after mentioning "Psyren", Ageha uses the calling card in hopes of finding her. After answering a long and detailed quiz on a pay phone, he is asked if he wants to go to Psyren. The next day, he answers a ringing phone and is immediately drawn into the world of Psyren. A world which is inhabited by monsters called Tavoo. A world where players must fight to survive using the psychic powers known as PSI.

During their many trips between his world and Psyren, Ageha and his friends learn that Psyren is actually the world a decade into the future. They learn the cause of the world's destruction is a group known as W.I.S.E and a meteor known as Uroboros.




Ageha Yoshina (夜科 アゲハ Yoshina Ageha ?)
Ageha is a brash young high-schooler who offers to take care of anyone's problems for the price of 10,000 yen. When he becomes a participant in the game Psyren, Ageha is trained under Amamiya and Matsuri to master his PSI abilities. During his second trip to Psyren, Ageha's power manifested as a massive black sphere that attacks anything with PSI. This power was later identified as "Melchsee's Door", an ability that creates a highly concentrated ball of pure burst energy. This ability seeks out any PSI energy in the area and completely eradicates it; it also obliterates any physical matter it touches.
Sakurako Amamiya (雨宮 桜子 Amamiya Sakurako ?)
A girl in Yoshina's class who used to be bright and lively but for an unknown reason, became cold and cynical. She specialises in weapons, normally taking one with her on her trips to Psyren. If caught unarmed, she is able to improvise and create a make-shift weapon. Her Burst is over satisfactory; she is extremely proficient in Rise, capable of quickly latching on to, and breaking, the arm of Shiner; her Trance is strong enough that it is able to create a scythe in her Mind Jack: Insanity Size. She also has some skill at creating illusions to deceive her opponents.
Hiryū Asaga (朝河 飛龍 Asaga Hiryū ?)
Asaga is a tough guy who says that he came to Psyren in search of a friend Tatsuo. He agrees to help out Amamiya for Yoshina. After their safe return to earth, he comforts Yoshina about Amamiya being taken by an unknown friend and reveals himself to be Asaga Hiryū, Ageha's former classmate from elementary school who used to be a cry-baby. He displays more proficiency with PSI than Ageha, learning to use his abilities and controlling it faster, though that may be because Ageha's Melchsee's Door is a more advanced technique. Asaga's PSI ability resembles the tail of a Dragon in its Burst state fitting his nickname. Recently he has advanced his PSI ability as he is now able to create the wings of a Dragon that can whip up huge gales. Matsuri warns him to keep an eye on Ageha and Oboro's abilities and claims he is the only one who could take them out if necessary. Recently he has decided to stay in Psyren in order to help a resistance against WISE.
Oboro Mochizuki (望月 朧 Mochizuki Oboro ?)
An idol in the present, Oboro received a call card and tried to tell the nation about it on a local talk show but was silenced by Nemesis Q. He developes PSI powers that allows him to heal comrades of injuries. He joins Matsuri's training session, completing it without problem. He also demonstrated an ability to kill a Tavoo by 'dissolving' it when he touched it. He is currently the fastest when using rise. He seems to have taken a liking to Ageha, stating that if Ageha got hurt, he would "hug him any time". He's latest appearance sugest he was reborn as a Tavoo.
Kabuto Kirisaki (霧崎 カブト Kirisaki Kabuto ?)
A local playboy who seems to spend his time hitting on attractive women. Kabuto's former way of life was running away from problems and annoying stuff as a way to achieve peace. After being told by his uncle that the only one who will achieve peace will be himself and that the problems he is trying to escape from are pushed to someone else, he decides to change. Kabuto goes to Psyren to try to make his fortune and of the new arrivals during the group's second tip to Psyren. Kabuto's PSI is a type of precognition known as Menance, the ability to predict danger allowing him to avoid attacks by the enemy.


The Antagonists are a group known as W.I.S.E and are lead by Miroku Amagi.

Miroku Amagi (天戯弥勒 Amagi Miroku ?)
A mysterious man so far only shown in the present who disguised himself as Inui's brother who, in reality, had died many years ago. Miroku hypnotized Inui in to thinking that he was his younger brother, Saburō Inui. He has Inui steal money for him so his plans to create a new world with his organization W.I.S.E. can come together. Miroku's psychic ability is called Sephirot. Only one form of his ability was seen so far: an attack called "Gevurah", which allows miroku to create a lightning-like tree at any location he desires which pierces everything (the power limit of this attack was not yet revealed, but it appears to be extremely powerful, as it allowed Miroku to finish all of the Elmore Wood children in one blow). Amagi's Sephiroth most likely relates to the Kebbalah, and so does the tree-like form of his attack. He is the man who killed the Elmore children in the original videotape that the drifters found in Psyren , as well as when the tape changed due to an alteration in the time line Amagi is seen leading the group instead of attacking the Elmore Children because they already saw his PSI ability. In recent chapters it has been implied that he may not have been behind the arrival of the meteor Uroboros that destroy and transformed the earth, however he is responsible for hunting survivors and turning them into Taboo. He's the younger twin brother of the girl behind Nemesis Q. He is also the one responsible for stabbing Grana's right eye in a friendly battle in the first encounter.
Grana (グラナ Gurana ?) (Star Commander No. 1)
The leader of the Star Commanders, his recent appearance suggests he is very lazy and forgetful. He has an eye-patch over his right eye. His PSI ability is an amazing telekinesis, as he used it to create a massive building from thousands of pieces in a matter of minutes, while in conversation. Grana has also demonstrated an ability called 'Sun Ring', where he can use telekinesis to literally bend light photons and create a massive beam capable of disintegrating most matter instantly. He ordered for Shiner and Dholaki to retrieve Ageha and bring him back to the WISE headquarters. When Miroku confronted Grana in the past to recruit him into W.I.S.E. it was revealed that Grana was the original 'prototype' created by the organization that later created Miroku and Nemesis Q's creator.
It's revealed that he was the one responsible for killing Matsuri and Kagetora in the future along with Shiner.
Junas (ジュナス Junasu ?) (Star Commander No. 2)
The second member of W.I.S.E. introduced, he has the appearance of a young teenager and wears a distinctive black helmet with a fin on the crest. He appears to be a swordsman, with the ability to materialize swords. He along with Dholaki appear along with Miroku in his declaration of war in the second version of the future and it's assumed he was there in the unchanged future. It's later revealed that he has a job has a janitor in a disbanded orphanage in order to look for Caprico to convince her to join WISE. It's later revealed that he was part of project "Grigori" and was known as #05. His PSI ability is called "Bishamon-Mura" and takes the form of hundreds of fragile swords that float in the air. When they break the pieces drop down and cut the enemy to pieces. He also has shown ability "Bishamon-Tsubute" by using a knife medium, he stabs/slashes towards an enemy and more solid knives to penetrate or to slice at enemies.
Shiner (シャイナ Shaina ?) (Star Commander No. 3)
The third member of W.I.S.E. introduced, he arrives after Dholaki is defeated by Ageha, apologising for being late. His outward appearance is very calm and gentle. He is the head of W.I.S.E.'s PSI Research Division, and is very curious. He takes a special interest in Ageha and his ability. Shiner's PSI ability allows him to teleport himself or other people dubbed the "Hexagonal Transfer System", making it easy for him to kill his opponents. In chapter 66 he was defeated after being outdone by Shao's power, his arm being broken by Amamiya and was almost killed by Frederica but barely escaped. After returning to his tower he killed a Taboo not wanting anyone to see him in such a "disgraceful manner" and he started to wonder if the reason he escaped to the tower was because of fear.
Caprico (カプリコ Kapuriko ?) (Star Commander No. 4)
The fourth member of W.I.S.E. introduced, she has the appearance of a cute young girl. She has a distinctive star-shaped scar on her forehead. She appears to be the head of W.I.S.E.'s Biological Research Division. It is suggested that she is responsible for the creating of the insect-like Taboo in Psyren and we see her drawing a design for another Taboo. Back in the present world, she is shown to be a girl from a disbanded orphanage who gained her abilities after falling from a cliff. She is called the "creator" by Miroku. She has the ability to bring to life anything that she draws possibly requiring a chant. Her powers follow the basis of using PSI requiring imagery to create a physical form, only she can 'cheat' and simply just draw anything she imagines and focus on bringing that to life.
Dholaki (ドルキ Doruki ?) (Star Commander No. 5)
The first member of W.I.S.E introduced, he has long silvery hair and a wears a long coat with a large collar. His upper face is covered with a bird-like visor similar to that of Nemesis Q. Dholaki is very prideful, so he implanted a second core into him which gives him more power after being defeated by Ageha's "Melchsee's Door", but he now only has a .5% chance of surviving over one year. He is seen in Tatsuo's flashback as the man who oversaw the implanting of the core in Tatsuo's chest. Matsuri briefly met him in the tower during her time in Psyren and was attacked before narrowly escaping. During Ageha's third trip to Psyren, Dholaki is alerted to the drifters' presence and offers to confront them on his own. Dholaki chased after Kabuto and Ageha, and does battle with Ageha and his upgraded "Melchsee's Door", but is defeated. Dholaki possesses a PSI ability that creates massive explosions using burst called "Explosia", which also allows him to deviate PSI waves. He is the head of W.I.S.E.'s Border Security Division. He appears along with Junas and Miroku in his declaration of war in the second version of the future and it's assumed he was there in the unchanged future. He came back to take revenge on Yoshina with a robotic replacement for his missing arm and shoulder. He quickly shows that his upgraded Explosia is more than a match for Ageha's Melchsee's Door, but is killed by Kyle after he destroys both his cores.

Other characters

Tenju's Root

Elmore Tenjuin (天樹院エルモア Tenjuin Erumoa ?)
An old woman, clairvoyant Psychicer in current Japan who is trying to unlock the secrets of Psyren and save Japan from its intended future. She is offering 500 million yen to whoever can figure out Psyren. With her ability to see into the future called Millennium Kaleidoscope, she has seen what Japan will eventually become through the window in her meditation room. Her husband Koper was a Psyren drifter who could read minds. Together, the two of them became wealthy and famous for their fortune-telling ability. After retiring, the couple began taking in gifted orphan children and helping them train their PSI abilities. One year ago, however, Koper turned into ash when he attempts to tell her about Psyren. Before he died, Elmore was able to see into Koper's mind and saw Psyren's calling card, Nemesis Q, the future of the world. Her husband dead, Tenjuin Elmore is still PSI-training orphans in her home, known as Elmore Wood. It is revealed that she was destined to die in a plane crash but. Ageha's however delayed her trip to the airport and saved her life. In the future she is leading the group known as "Tenju's Root".
Frederica (フレデリカ Furederika ?)
A girl with pyrokinesis. She has fire-based powers and the temper to match, often flying in to rages. She dislikes outsiders and is loud-mouthed and inconsiderate. She is often referring to herself as a spy codenamed "Sexy Rose". She unknowingly lost control of her powers and burnt down her house when she fell ill. She dislikes Ageha, but she cooperates to teach him 'Burst Stream'. Although her personality has not changed much in the future, Frederica displays tsundere-like behavior. As a child, she dubbed her ability "Pyro Queen." It was simply just stream-like manipulation of her fire. In the second future, she had developed a program called "Salamandra" for her 'Pyro Queen'. She deeply cares about Marie but is to shy to say it. Frederica often tries to make someone whom she acknowledges her servent.
Marie (マリー Marī ?)
A girl who uses Telekinesis. She is the complete opposite of Frederica, her best friend, being shy and very kind. In the future, Marie is revealed to have a crush on Ageha. She has shown a very high development of her Telekinetic abilities, being able to rip apart an environment and avoid harming important people or friends.
Kyle (カイル Kairu ?)
A mischievous, but powerful boy. He and Ageha have established a brotherly relationship. His ability is Burst based and is called 'Material High' which lets him create nearly invisible solid material by super compressing the air. In the future, Kyle developed his Rise abilities granting him superhuman speed and strength. He has developed many uses for his Material High and rise powers such as:
  • "Fall Down." He has shown this ability as a child and in the future when he survives, both though are different variants. His childhood version is simply a giant sphere crashing down on his opponent, and in the future, he creates 5 pillars around his opponent and seals them within them after they fall from the sky.
  • Blocks, A simple cube or prism that Kyle can use as jumping blocks or as shields.
  • "Victory Stamp" is a rise attack, where Kyle launches himself at an opponent like a cannonball and stomps on an opponent sending them flying away.
Shao (シャオ Shao ?)
A calm, rational Chinese boy. He specializes in tracking people down. It has been stated that his past is similar to Frederica's. His power, dubbed "Shinra-Banshou or All Creation" enables him to sense and redirect the PSI-energy around him, also allowing him to sense PSI users around him, as well as seeing the "true nature" of people. In the future, Shao's develops the ability to nullify other people's psi-powers through their mind. It is revealed Shao has a crush on Marie.
Van (ヴァン Van ?)
A quiet and apathetic boy who possesses the ability to heal people. In the future, his personality has changed into a talkative and emotional teenager. His healing abilities have progressed to the point he is able to regenerate peoples' limbs when they are within his Cure Zone. He seems to be French, or at least to like speaking French. It's later revealed that the reason behind his change of personality has because he was the only one capable of curing left after Ian died.
Lan Shinonome (東雲 嵐 Shinonome Ran ?)
A Psychicer chosen by Kyotada Inui for his unique ability to transport items with his PSI ability called Trick Room. He creates two boxes that are linked by an alternate dimension. Lan then places one box over specific coordinates of an item (for instance, a safe) and then "downloads" the contents into the other box, making a completely untraceable robbery. It is later revealed that Lan agreed to help Inui because he needed money to pay for his comatose sister's hospital stay. He is later revealed to be alive in the future and is a part of "Tenju's Root". He helps transport Marie, Kyle, Van, Kabuto, and Ageha to get to the hideout using his Trick Room.
Haruhiko Yumeji (夢路 晴彦 Yumeji Haruhiko ?)
A Psychicer with the ability to manipulate electricity, called Shocker. Haruhiko was chosen by Kyotada specifically for his current operations of stealing money from the underworld.
In the future, he joined "Tenju's Root" and is responsible for suppling most of the base energy with his Shocker. His known attacks for "Shocker" are:
  • Shotgun-Bolt, which he fires a strand of lightning at an opponent to stun them and cancel their PSI
  • White Shock, which shines the area and has a temporary blinding effect (which is why he wears goggles)
  • Charge(unofficial), in combination with Lan's Trick Room, he charges the download box creating a microwave like effect frying any being downloaded into the box.
Chika Shinonome (東雲 千架 Shinonome Chika ?)
The comatose sister of Lan Shinonome; she is the reason her older brother agreed to aid Inui in his illicit activities, in order to obtain money for her medical treatment. In the future, it is revealed that she has recovered from her coma, and is among the members of "Tenju's Root". It is assumed that she, like her brother, is a Psychicer, though her abilities have yet to be demonstrated. She also can drive a motorcycle like Matsuri.


Nemesis Q (ネメシスQ Nemeshisu Q ?)
Nemesis is a PSI-program with basic intelligence and individuality sent back from the future to select among the people those worthy of using PSI to teach them about the future, discover the truth, and stop Psyren from occurring. The creator of "Q" mentioned that her body could not withstand the time-travel transfer so she sent a program to do it for her. Its creator also embedded another order in Q: to kill those who divulge info about Psyren to protect the creator form being caught. It is revealed that Nemesis Q's creator is actually Miroku Amagi's older twin sister a psychicher girl that was taken by the government at the age of six along with her brother. When Q transports someone into the future, events in the gap between times seemingly occur as if the person involved simply disappeared. Q gives special treatments to Ageha because she thinks Ageha's powers are significant.
Matsuri Yagumo (八雲 祭 Yagumo Matsuri ?)
A famous concert pianist and veteran Psyren drifter, she was the one who taught Amamiya all about Psyren. Because her card's value is already at zero, she cannot help the main characters and instead acts in a mentor role. She is a talented pianist, though she drinks a lot and drives a motorcycle. When Ageha and Asaga first met her, she was drunk and responding to a call for assistance from Amamiya. She reacts playfully in regards to Ian and Kagetora's crush on her. She is concerned about Ageha and Oboro's abilities, and tells Hiryu that he's the only one who could take them down if necessary. Matsuri is shown to be an extremely competent user of Burst. Using her vast telekinetic abilities, she trains Ageha in controlling his highly destructive Burst abilities. She was able to deflect his full 'Melchsee's Door' an unconfirmed number of times, while showing no visible strain. In the future she is suspected dead along with Kagetora. Her true level of power was revealed by Grana, supposedly the strongest member of the WISE; he stated that she was 'more like an Almighty Type' and commented on the fact that, had she been in a better condition, she might've 'stood a chance' against him.
Kagetora Hyōdō (雹堂 影虎 Hyōdō Kagetora ?)
Another old friend of Matsuri who is an expert user of Rise-type PSI, claiming to be the best Rise user in all of eastern Japan. Kagetora says that he is always available to die or kill for Matsuri ever since she saved him from a near-deadly hit and run accident with an elderly woman on her way home from the store. (In actuality it was a gunshot wound from a gang fight.) He has proposed to Matsuri 22 times and was turned down every time. His physical appearance is that of a typical gangster with sunglasses, slicked-back hair, and a print button-down shirt. His favorite food is Mont Blanc cake, he loves cats, and he would never harm a woman or child. Kagetora is a Psychicer and does not know any of the details of Psyren. However, he comes to help Matsuri train the new Psyren Drifters in Rise techniques. Recently he is trying to stop a group of PSI user that had been using their power to commit crimes however he was nearly killed by Inui but was saved by Ageha. In the future he is suspected dead along with Matsuri.
Tatsuo Mana (真名 辰夫 Mana Tatsuo ?)
A friend of Asaga's who was always sickly with a hereditary disease. As he stayed sick he grew angry with the outside world, he went to Psyren and offered Asaga a card but he refused. In Psyren, a figure wearing a mask appears, holding a rifle that uses his PSI energy. He strongly resembles Tatsuo and after killing all but the five survivors, takes his aim at them and destroys part of the building. Amamiya says he's a Burst User and he also uses Rise to fight her physically. After using Trance, Amamiya realizes that Tatsuo was transformed into a Taboo by having an orb implanted into him. Tatsuo regains his mind after being hit by Ageha's, however his core remains because it is integrated to his body. Because he does not have his card, he stays in Psyren, revealing that he will die when his core runs out of energy, but will look for a way around this. He describes his time as a Taboo as being trapped in someone else's body, and regrets all the killing he did. He appears later on chapter 69 when he saved Asaga from some Taboo. He is later shown with a new Asaga as they are planning to take down a tower.
Ian (イアン Ian ?)
A superior cure user and old friend of Matsuri with a rather unfriendly personality. He doesn't want others to know about his power because he wants to live his life in peace. Ian has proposed to Matsuri 12 times and shot down every time, but apparently has not given up. He is a born PSI user and thus cannot be told anything related to Psyren, but is willing to wait until Matsuri can tell him, and promised not stick his nose in it. He dislikes Amamiya claiming that, since she showed up, Matsuri doesn't have any time for him. In the future, he dies after over-using his powers.
Fubuki Yoshina (夜科 フブキ Yoshina Fubuki ?)
The older sister and guardian of Ageha Yoshina age 24. She always gives long lectures, but prefers to hit him for the little things like being late and goes as far as tying him up from the ceiling repeatedly. She has a crush on the idol Oboro Mochizuki, who ironically acts a lot like



Psyren is written and illustrated by Toshiaki Iwashiro. The series is published in Japan by Shueisha, and has been serialized in the shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump since the 2008-01 issue (December 3, 2007). Publication is ongoing, with serial chapters collected in eight tankōbon volumes as of November 2009.[1]


Volumes from Psyren have commonly appeared in Japan's best-selling lists of manga volumes.[2][3] Anime News Network writer Carlos Santos found the series to be a "solid solid shounen series" due how fights are made since the characters use the "brain to win the battles" instead of "getting a new power-up or hacking into his 'inner-strength' to beat the enemies". The lack of long training story arcs and how emphasized is the "the good vs. evil" were also praised by Santos who noted that those were the "good points" of the shonen genre. Still, he criticized the series' artwork for being very similar to the one of Bleach.[4]


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