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This is a list of Public holidays in North Korea. See also the Korean calendar for a list of traditional holidays.

Date English name Notes Remarks
8 January Kim Jong-un's Birthday[1]
16 February Kim Jong-il's Birthday 2 days
1st day of 1st lunar month Seollal 3 days
15 April Kim Il-sung's Birthday Considered to be the "New Year" in North Korea
16 April Creation Day Believed by many North Korean's to be the day the world was "created". North Koreans believe the Kim-il Sung "created the world" in 1912 when he was a day old. Often celebrated along his birthday.
25 April Army Day
1 May Labour Day
5th day of 5th lunar month Surinal
27 July Victory Day
15 August Liberation Day, established when Japan surrendered to Allies of World War II
9 September Independence Day, Founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
15th day of 8th lunar month Hangawi 3 days
10 October Founding of the Workers Party of Korea[2]
27 December Constitution Day

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  1. ^ "N.Korea marks Kim jr's birthday as holiday: reports". AFP. January 8, 2010.  
  2. ^ The actual accuracy of this date as the founding date of the WPK is disputed (see [1]). 10 October refers to the date on which a separate North Korean structure was formed within the Communist Party of Korea in 1945, although there are also claims that this foundation took place on October 13.


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