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Pucca (Korean: 뿌까 [p͈uk͈a]) is a media franchise from the South Korean company Vooz Co., Ltd. and currently distributed in the US by The Walt Disney Company. The main character Pucca is the 11-year old (12 in Super Slam Birthday Bash) niece of three Chinese noodle house owners. The Noodle House is located in Sooga Village, a small village in the mountains. Pucca is in love with the 12-year-old ninja, "Garu" (가루 [kaɾu]). Pucca always seems to beat him in combat and unintentional competition, simply by sheer wit. The characters are quite popular in Europe and Asia, with TV animation in cartoon channels in Europe, Central and Latin America. These animations were compiled into a DVD, available in Germany. A UK children's book publisher (Hodder's) has also published a series of Pucca children's books. Pucca has also attained a small, but dedicated, cult following in the U.S. after its release on television through Disney and products featured in "Morning Glory" stationery stores across America, mainly in large malls. The UK also has pencil cases/tins, which have become quite popular, stationery items, and notebooks/diaries. In Israel, a Pucca-branded snack was launched on May, 2006. In Brazil, chocolate company Garoto released a Pucca licensed candy for Easter 2009.

There is also an ongoing manhwa series in Korea, which has been translated into Chinese, Spanish and German, of Pucca and Garu traveling around the world through an enchanted board game. Their fellow travelers include friends Abyo, Ching, Mio, Yani and Ssoso. Ching, Pucca's best friend, is in love with Garu's best friend Abyo. Pucca has a cat named Yani who likes to flirt with other cats, especially with Garu's cat Mio, but does not like any of them. Ching, Abyo, and Ssoso are all Kung Fu fighters, unlike Garu who practices ninjitsu. Abyo wants to learn ninjitsu like Garu to beat him in a sparring match and is not very good at Kung Fu.




Flash animation

In the initial period, Pucca was an online animated series made with Macromedia Flash by original company Vooz Co., Ltd.. Many of its greeting cards and flash episodes center around Pucca's comical attempts to steal a kiss from Garu and the competition at times between the two characters. There is little to no dialogue in these flash cartoons so that fans all over the world can enjoy them. The most popular places for westerners to access the Pucca Funny Love cartoon series are and its French counterpart

TV animation

DVD releases

Title Label Release Date
Pucca: Funny Love Pinnacle Vision 2 July 2007
Pucca: Kung Fu Kisses Shout! Factory
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
18 March 2008
Pucca: Ninjas Love Noodles Shout! Factory
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
18 March 2008
Pucca: Spooky Sooga Village Shout! Factory
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
16 September 2008
Pucca: Secret Samurai Santa Shout! Factory
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
28 October 2008
Pucca: Sooga Super Squad Shout! Factory
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
3 March 2009


Title Publisher First Released
Pucca's Most Wanted Vooz 18 November 2004
Pucca and Garu: First Meeting Vooz 18 November 2004
Pucca: Hands Off My Dumplings! Vooz 19 May 2005
Pucca's Fishy Tail Vooz 19 May 2005

German books

Title Written By First Released Translation
Pucca und Garu: Wir gehören zusammen Martin Stabno 31 October 2005 Pucca and Garu: We belong together
Pucca: Das bin ich Martin Stabno 31 October 2005 Pucca: This is me
Pucca: Oj Berhdsdev Galaxyfl Martin Stabno Coming Summer Pucca: Oh My Galaxzo!!!!

Photo Frame books

Title Publisher First Released
Pucca Photo Frame Book 1: Various Kissin Ways Vooz 13 January 2005
Pucca Photo Frame Book 2: Making Sweet Music Vooz 13 January 2005

Key Chain books

Title Publisher First Released
Chopstick Dance with Pucca Vooz 17 March 2005
Ninja Training with Garu Vooz 17 March 2005


Pop culture References

  • In Double A Attack, there is a reference to the Energizer Bunny in the scene where they are making evil Double A batteries.
  • In Sooga Super Squad, there is a reference to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, when they get costumes.
  • In Chef-Napped, there is a reference to the classic James Bond films with Abyo as a secret agent.
  • In Tame That Toon, There are four references to old cartoons. Old-Time Ring Ring resembles Betty Boop, Old-Time Abyo resembles Popeye, Old-Time Garu resembles Mickey Mouse and Old-Time Pucca resembles Minnie Mouse.
  • In Garu Hood, there are three allusions to fairy tales.
  • In Tokyo A Go-Go, Pucca transform into a Sailor Scout to save Garu from a giant sumo; also, Godzilla and Gigan can be seen fighting in the background.
  • In Full Moon Pucca, when Garu is upside down Pucca pulls his mask down just far enough for her to kiss his lips like in the 2002 Spiderman film. Also the spaghetti kiss from Lady and the Tramp
  • In Shirtless Avenger, Slammin' Ramen Swordsman is modelled after Kamen Rider.
  • In Puccahontas, there is reference to Pocahontas.
  • In Garu of the Jungle, there is a reference to Tarzan & George of the Jungle.

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