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PR-52, PRI-1

Luis A. Ferre Expressway
Maintained by Puerto Rico Dept. of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP)

Length: 67 mi (108 km)
north end: Puerto Rico 22 Highway.svg I-PR2.svg PR-22 in San Juan, PR
south end: Puerto Rico 2 Highway.svg I-PR2.svg PR-2 in Ponce, PR
Major cities: San Juan, Caguas, Ponce
System: Puerto Rico Highway System
PR-52 is one of the most important expressways in Puerto Rico. In this image, PR-52 passes near Santa Isabel

PR-52 is a freeway in Puerto Rico. It runs from PR-1 in Río Piedras southwest until it intersects with highway PR-2 in Ponce. At its north end, the short PR-18 continues north to PR-22 (also known as Expreso de Diego) in San Juan. The area of PR-18 is known as the Expreso Las Américas while all of PR-52 is known as the Autopista Luis A. Ferré; the plans for this 108-kilometre (67 mi) expressway were developed thanks in part to then-governor Luis A. Ferré who was also a civil engineer.[1] The PR-52 section is tolled. Tolls are located in Caguas, Salinas, Juana Díaz, and Ponce. The expressway is currently the longest in the island, but this will change when PR-22 extends to Aguadilla.

The section between the Caguas toll and the town of Salinas is somewhat treacherous, and accidents have been known to occur there rather frequently. In that section the freeway begins a steep slope, followed by an equally steep downward spiral. Dense fog and low visibility are often present in this area, particularly during or just after a rain. Signs warning drivers to test their brakes while in that area of highway 52 are posted around and several emergency ramps are available going south. Puerto Rico's only rest area is on this expressway. The rest area has no relief, vending, or service facilities such as a restaurant or a gas station.


Route description


Puerto Rico Highway 18

PR-18 begins from PR-22

This short segment connects PR-52 to PR-22 and makes intersections with PR-17 (Ave. Piñero), PR-23 (Ave. Roosevelt), which grants access to Plaza Las Américas (the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean), Ave. Domenech (access to Parque Luis M. Marín). It is mostly 4-lane in each direction.

The combined route of PR-18 and PR-52 is coterminous with the unsigned Interstate Highway PRI-1.


Exit list

Location Mile # Destinations Notes
  • Puerto Rico Highway 196(Exit 19)
  • Puerto Rico Highway 34(Exit 20)

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