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Pull my finger is a joke or prank regarding flatulence in which a mark is asked to pull the finger of the illusionist (or person playing the joke), who simultaneously farts so as to suggest a causal relationship between the pulling of the finger and the subsequent expulsion of gas. References in popular culture tend to treat "pull my finger" as a meme, saying the line but not showing the result, apparently on the assumption that the result is well known.

A comparable activity is referenced in a short story in Mordecai Richler's collection, The Street (1969), wherein Richler writes of a character:

He settled in sullenly at the kitchen table, his smile morose, and suddenly he would call out, "Pull my finger!" If you did he let out a tremendous burp.

A variation on this joke appears in Yasujiro Ozu's 1959 film 'Good Morning'. Schoolchildren ask each other to push their foreheads, and the child responds with an expulsion of gas.

In 2008, an iPhone app called Pull My Finger was one of the most popular apps in Apple's App Store, purchased over 50,000 times in less than one week. It allowed users to pull a virtual finger, activating the sound. The phrase is now the focus of a legal battle between Pull My Finger and iFart over the use of the phrase.[1]


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