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Look at the following pictures. The caption below each picture describes in Punjabi the object in the picture. Once you have recognized the objects, use your knowledge of Gurmukhi to read the captions. The captions contain the initial letter of the object name besides the object name in Punjabi and in English. Follow this by loudly reading each caption without the English word. Take the help of the sound file if necessary. Practise it repeatedly till you master it i.e. till you are able to fluently speak it.


1. Practise speaking the words of the Muharni given above in the text. Play the sound file for help in speaking.

2. Write the following words in alphabetical order.

1. ਵੱਛਾ, 2. ਰੇਸ਼ਮ, 3. ਲੂੰਬੜੀ, 4. ਯੱਕਾ


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