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Purble Place
Purble Place Vista Icon.png
Purble Place Vista.png
Developer(s) Oberon Games
Publisher(s) Microsoft
License Microsoft Software License Terms
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ESRB: E
Input methods Mouse/Trackpad

Purble Place is a computer game, developed by Oberon Games and included in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is an educational game for children, teaching pattern recognition and shapes and color identification.



The game features three mini games incorporated into it: Comfy Cakes, Purble Shop and Purble Pairs. There are also three different levels of difficulty: Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced.


Comfy Cakes

Comfy Cakes is the middle building of Purble Place. The object of the game is to fill all the orders correctly. The first thing the player does is match the shape of the cake: you can choose from either a square pan, a heart-shaped pan or a circular pan. The next step in making the cake is to choose the flavor of batter to be used, with the three choices being strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. In between layers, a filling must be used (either red, white, or green filling), and after all the layers have been placed, the player chooses from various toppings, following the specifications given. In some cases, icing is chosen--the flavors are the same used in the batter. In the final stages, there may be decor added, sugar may be sprinkled on top of the cake, and in rarer cases, flames are applied to iced cakes to create a smooth glaze. After the cake is completed, the player moves the cake to the star section, sending the order off to be shipped. However, if the cake is not made as specified, the player is penalized. If the player sends three incorrect orders, the game is over. After a certain number of correct orders are shipped, the player wins the game, and the score is tabulated. The final score depends upon the number of cakes baked, the number of incorrect orders sent and the efficiency of the player in baking.

Purble Pairs

Purble Pairs is a memory-style game which includes a sneak peek bonus that will allow the player to see what's behind the cloverleaf without being penalized. As the skill level progresses, the game becomes timed, the grid size increases, and the pictures become similar. Numerous special cards are present, such as a card of the icing machine in Comfy cakes, which shuffles the board when a matching pair of these is found, a joker, which finds another match of a card, a timer, which in intermediate or advanced, adds more time to the timer if the timer has been turned on, or a card of the Master Chef, which, when a matching pair is found, also finds and removes all cards containing a cake of the same appearance.

Purble Shop

Purble Shop is a code-breaker game similar to the colored peg game, Mastermind. In this game, a random selection of facial features are picked and hidden to the player. The player then picks a set of facial features and is told how accurate his or her picks were. The player is told if his or her picks have the correct color and/or if it is in the correct place and then gets a certain number of additional tries to choose the entire wardrobe correctly. If the player guesses correctly he or she is given an honorary title depending on the number of guesses and the difficulty level.


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