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Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll
Clockwise from center: Anastacia McPherson, Melissa Smith, Brittany Diiorio, Melissa Reyes, Jaime Benjamin, Asia Nitollano, Sisely Treasure, Chelsea Korka, Mariela Arteaga.
Format Reality television
Created by Robin Antin
Starring Pussycat Dolls
Robin Antin
Lil' Kim
Ron Fair
Mark McGrath
Opening theme Don't Cha
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 8
Executive producer(s) Ken Mok
Running time 60 min.
Original channel The CW
Original run March 6, 2007 – April 24, 2007
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Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll is the first season of Pussycat Dolls Present: that premiered on March 6, 2007 on The CW, and took place over the course of eight weeks. It was a joint venture between Ken Mok's 10x10 Entertainment, Pussycat LLC, Interscope A&M Records, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Warner Horizon Television.

The series followed a group of young women as they went through an audition process to join the girl group, the Pussycat Dolls. The contestants, who also lived together during the course of the series, were groomed by the group's founder and the series' creator and co-producer, Robin Antin, and were judged on their vocal and dancing ability. The winner went on to join the Pussycat Dolls as the act's seventh member, and appeared in the series but performed with the group only once since after opting to go solo[1]

In the UK, the show started airing on T4 (the Channel 4 weekend teenage block programming slot) on April 1, 2007. In Australia, the show debuted on Ten Network on April 1, 2007.



Kelli, Ewa, Sandra, Shauntae, Catherine, Anjelia, Jasmin, Natascha and Robyn were the nine semi-finalists who didn't make it to the final. Most of them got sick before performing, leading to the infamous vomiting sequence.

Brittany Diiorio entered the competition at the age of 20. It has been suggested that a vague similarity to Jessica also prevented Brittany's advancement in the show. Originally from Chesapeake, Virginia, Brittany now lives in Virginia Beach, managing a night club and pursuing a dancing, singing, and modeling career.[2] Brittany now goes by the name Danielle Diiorio (Dani D) to avoid comparisons to Britney Spears and has undergone a major look change[3] and has released three songs on her Myspace called Let me Breathe, Girlfriend and Higher.[3] She later replaced them with another one called Non-Exclusive[4]. She has also been on the cover of Way too social Magazine[4].

At the age of 21, Jaime Benjamin originally from Philadelphia, now lives in NYC and works as a production assistant.. Some say Jaime was eliminated too suddenly, possibly prompted by her resemblance to both Kimberly and Ashley. Following her elimination, she stated her favorite experience on the show was getting ready to perform on stage in front of a live audience.[5] Jaime is currently negotiating a record deal with major labels for her CD.[6] She has recently created a Music Myspace where she released a sneak preview of it containing 4 songs: Fame, Lifetime and Lovin' me (normal and Hell's Kitchen mix version),.[6]. She has also posted several videos on Youtube including song performances and sneak peeks, thank you to fans and silly videos (sometime with Melissa R.)[7]. She has proven to be quite popular, being ranked 3rd on the CW Lounge,[8] while being 8th on the show. She also performed solo at Sony in NYC on August's 17th[7]

The oldest of the group was Sisely Treasure (24). Former member of Cooler Kids, she lives in Los Angeles, working as a dance instructor.[9] Sisely, has released 3 songs on her Myspace: Smoke and Ashes, The Other side and Do the Robot, although the former two have since been removed[10]. She and her group (Sisely Treasure and the Safety Pin-ups) are also selling a limited edition of Do the Robot on Teen Acide records[10]. She is now a dancing performer in the group Gunn Metal Grey under the name Luci Glitoris[11] Since early 2008, Sisley has been tapped as the new lead singer of electronic rock band Shiny Toy Guns. She co-wrote and recorded with them for their second album, Season of Poison, and is touring with them throughout the fall.

Mariela Arteaga resides in Miami, Florida and was 21 when she entered the competition. She then later became a model on Deal or No Deal, starting in the 4th season.[12] Mariela now currently models for Skechers commerials and print ad.

Prior to the series, Anastacia Rose McPherson from West Hollywood, was a backup dancer for The Pussycat Dolls’ music video “Don't Cha.“ Ironically, in a post-show interview, the 23-year-old named her final performance, a burlesque themed act, as her favorite performance.[13]. She worked as a make-up artist and song lyricist. Anastacia has released 4 songs on her new Myspace Music page called: Share, Checkin you out, Get Away and I want in[14] Anastacia has also worked as a backstage interviewer at SmackDown!, making her debut at on the 12th October show[11], until her release from the company shortly after on the 8 January 2008. She also appears in Famouz's video for Wriggle. Anastacia has also had an appearance on a new second season of the game show called Duel as a "chip girl" where she hands out and takes away the chips of the contestants. The second season started on April 4, 2008 and ended on July 25, 2008 with a future of the new show unannounced.

Melissa Smith (24) is an aspiring singer, dancer, and actress in Los Angeles. She was also a contestant in Making The Band 3 but didn't make the girl group Danity Kane. She has starred in TV shows, theatre shows and independent films. She also has appeared in music videos for Celine Dion and JC Chasez whilst appearing in many commercials. She has done promotional modeling for Miss Fitness, Detroit Automotive Show, Microsoft, Xbox, Sketcher and Dickies Girls. She hosted the Detroit auditions of Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious Season 2. She has recorded two songs 'So Hot' and 'Maybe' and released her first single called 'I Believed' on 10 June 2008 to iTunes, she also released a music video which includes another song 'Lost in Love' at the beginning. She is signed to 4847 Records and has a lead role in the film Command Performance.

Miss West Broward USA 2007, Chelsea Korka (20) is rumoured to have a 4 octave vocal range just as Christina Aguilera. Chelsea has released two songs on her myspace site: "Give Me A Sign" and "Better Than"[15]. She is also expected to perform at the Las Vegas PCD Lounge with both Melody Thornton and Robin Antin, making her the first contestant to officially perform with the PCD outside the show[16]. Robin Antin also decided to add Chelsea Korka to her new group the Paradiso Girls. She has also appeared on Space Cowboy's Falling Down and LMFAO's La La La music video.

Runner-up Melissa Reyes (18) appeared in Paris Hilton's Promo Tour 2006[17], as Pilot/Series Regular in Nickelodeon’s Giggle Club[18], Paris Hilton’s video Nothing in this World (as a cheerleader cameo[19]), Mariah Carey’s video Get Your Number (cameo[19]), B5's video "U Got Me" (as a featured girl), Lil' Romeo's video My Girlfriend (cameo[19]) and Keak da Sneak's video 3 Freaks (cameo[19]) Melissa was also in Corbin Bleu's video, "Deal With It" and NLT's video, "That Girl" dancing with V. Online rumours accuse Robin Antin of a tendency to choose Asia over Melissa R. because of Melissa R.'s uncanny resemblance to Nicole (both are of Filipino descent). She was Audrey Magazine's cover girl for the June/July issue, which included a five-page article titled A Real Doll where she states that she hopes to become a recognized artist.[20] She went on to appear on musical videos such as Corbin Bleu's "Deal With It" (filmed before the show's airing), Marques Houston's "Wonderful", in all of which she plays the singer's love interest and in NLT (band)'s "That Girl" where she was one of the four love interest. She has also appeared in some Keshia Chanté videos, such as Let the Music Take You while she was in Toronto Canada. She has been a special guest at the Northern California dance contest in Hayward, CA where she gave a pre-show performance[4]. She has an album underway and has released two songs on iTunes. She was scheduled to play the lead part in a television show called 'Unity', as a character named Melissa, coincidentally but the show has not been picked up. She was also on the cover of Fokal magazine, Fall 2008 issue[21]

Winner Asia Nitollano (18) is a young mother to a baby daughter; she and the father are still together, despite her being promoted on the show as a single mom. Some fans of Melissa R. and Chelsea have made the popular assumption that Asia was chosen on purely an image point of view, as Nicole is the only Pussycat Doll who sings consistently. After being declared the winner of The Search for the Next Doll several online rumours surfaced that claimed Asia was kicked out of the group due to lack of musical ability, others claimed the other dolls couldn't deal with her diva attitude. As a final verdict to discredit the rumours, CW's head of programming, Dawn Orstroff explained that, though Asia was not booted out of the group, she will not be the next doll, because in an overtly bold move, she skipped all the way to pursuing a solo career. However, lack of confirmation by either Robin Antin or the Pussycat Dolls themselves have caused many fans to wonder if Asia's split with the group was completely her own decision. Some fans also point out the inconsistency of Asia's claims throughout the show of how much she wanted to be the next doll against the decision to go solo before even one tour or album with the Dolls. Critics point out that fans of Asia will definitely be disappointed as they will not be seeing her on stage nor purchasing one of her albums for a while because she has not been signed.

After the show Melissa Smith, Melissa Reyes and Chelsea Korka performed the Pink Panther/Fever Medley with the English burlesque group Girlesque at the Fashion cares event,[22 ] this has led fans to believe that they had started a group which turned out to be false[22 ].



Episode 1: The Auditions

The 18 semi-finalist are given songs as follow:

Group 1
Song "Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)"
Artist Pussycat Dolls
Performers Sisely, Brittany, Mariela, Shauntae, Melissa S. and Catherine
Group 2
Song "Buttons"
Artist Pussycat Dolls
Performers Jaime, Kelli, Ewa, Melissa R., Sandra and Asia
Group 3
Song "I Don't Need A Man"
Artist Pussycat Dolls
Performers Anjelia, Chelsea, Jasmin, Anastacia, Natascha and Robyn

Rehearsal do not go smoothly as Anjelia gets sick and Sisely gets in a fight with her group because she didn't want to rehearse too late to preserve her energy. Sandra as well as the Hot Stuff group struggle with their vocals while Chelsea and Shauntae struggle with their dancing. The girls are then taken to a Pussycat Dolls concert and meet the Dolls. On the way back home and overnight Jaime, Ewa, Chelsea, Sandra, Melissa S., Mariela, Natascha and Jasmin all get sick, while a now cured Anjelia rehearses with Anastacia. On their performance, despite being sick, the girls wow the judges and Nicole Scherzinger except for the group who performed I Don't Need a Man. After deliberation, the 9 finalists are called.

Eliminated: Kelli, Ewa, Jasmin, Natascha, Robyn, Anjelia, Sandra, Shauntae, Catherine

Episode 2: Welcome to the Dollhouse

The girls move in and after a video message by the Dolls (like each week), are given their song assignment as follow

Group 1
Song "Crazy In Love"
Artist Beyoncé
Performers Chelsea, Melissa S & Asia
Group 2
Song "Pon De Replay"
Artist Rihanna
Performers Anastacia, Sisely & Melissa R
Group 3
Song "1, 2 Step"
Artist Ciara
Performers Jaime, Mariela & Brittany

They are then taken to a restaurant where they discover their first challenge to be exotic dancing in a class cage in the restaurant. Despite Jaime overcoming her lack of confidence, Asia wins and gets immunity. During rehearsal, Brittany is criticized for "dancing like a stripperella" while Jaime struggles with her vocals. At the performance, Ron and Kim are introduced as judges and Melissa S. forgets her words but it is eventually Brittany who is sent home for her too sexual moves.

Eliminated: Brittany

Episode 3: The Transformation

The girls get a makeover by Jonathan Antin, Robin's brother and taken to a dinner with the judges. All the girls except Sisely are grateful for their new looks, especially Jaime who says the makeover boosted her self-confidence. In the challenge, the girls are recorded singing Don't Cha's chorus and despite Mariela's vocal improvement, it is Melissa S who wins immunity. The girls perform as follow:

Group 1
Song "Free Your Mind"
Artist En Vogue
Performers Asia, Anastacia, Melissa S. & Mariela
Group 2
Song "Heartbreaker"
Artist Pat Benatar
Performers Chelsea, Melissa R, Jaime, Sisely

The judges decide that the first group did the best, Mariela was praise for her improvement and strong performance with no negative feedback like every girl had. While the judges say that it is Melissa R.'s worst night yet, it is Sisely, who has struggled throughout rehearsal despite being given a rock song, who lands in the bottom with the still not confident Jaime who is eliminated for not standing out despite pulling off a decent performance.

Eliminated: Jaime

Episode 4: She Dances Like a Drag Queen

At this week's challenge the girls are assigned to perform a self-choregraphed routine with a male dancer and Mariela impress the judges, gaining immunity that is a bad thing. Robin picks Chelsea and Asia to be leaders and Sisely winds up getting chosen last. Chelsea chooses girls she hasn't worked with and does a good job as a leader. Asia doesn't manage to well, being distracted by Sisely's earlier comments about her dancing like a drag queen. The girls perform as follow:

Group 1
Song "Shame"
Artist Evelyn 'Champagne' King
Performers Anastacia, Chelsea & Mariela
Group 2
Song "Don't Leave Me This Way"
Artist Thelma Houston
Performers Asia, Sisely, Melissa R. & Melissa S.

Chelsea's group is deemed the best, despite having a weak rehearal, and Mariela's vocals. Which lands the ever-struggling Sisely and Melissa S, who has trouble showing her "inner doll" in the bottom two. Sisely is then eliminated as it becomes evident that her uniqueness is a weakness.

Eliminated: Sisley

Episode 5: Vegas, Baby

The girls are taken to Vegas where they perform Tainted Love after learning the routine on their moving tour bus. At the Challenge performance Anastasia felt uncomfortable in her dress, Chelsea gave strongest vocal performance, Mariela and Melissa S. had the loudest cheers. After the public votes were tallied, Melissa S. is crowned winner. Asia rubs some girls the wrong way after deeming the vegetables they are given disgusting and asking for a hamburger instead of cuisine while Anastacia continues to struggle with her weight. The girls are then given the following song assignments, making both Mariela and Anastacia worried, the former because she is paired up with the best vocalist in the top 6 and the latter because her teammate has immunity.

Group 1
Song "Un-Break My Heart"
Artist Toni Braxton
Performers Anastasia & Melissa S.
Group 2
Song "I Turn to You"
Artist Christina Aguilera
Performers Chelsea & Mariela
Group 3
Song "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
Artist Aerosmith
Performers Asia & Melissa R.

At the final performance, Melissa R. is criticized for crying on stage but is safe due to being in the best duo. Mariela and Chelsea land in the bottom two due to their shortcomings in singing and dancing respectively and a teary eyed Robin eliminates Mariela who expresses her gratitude.

Eliminated: Mariela

Episode 6: Dancin' With The Dolls

Chelsea expresses her feelings on Mariela elimination and Anastasia feels her biggest indirect competition was gone. The girls are given a Wait a Minute routine to learn where Chelsea and Anastacia struggle. Robin then tells them that only 4 girl will perform it on stage with the Dolls to get immunity, however she makes the last minute decision to cut both Anastacia and Chelsea out of the performance and they stay on the bus. At the performance, Melissa R. gains immunity despite almost getting too soon on stage. As they come back, the ongoing tension between Melissa S. and Chelsea reach their highest point as Melissa uses Chelsea's name as a synonym for bad dancer. Back at home Melissa R. breaks down because she struggles with her identity and sheltered past but is comforted by Melissa S. This week the girls perform a medley as one group and Chelsea is put in a swing, which Melissa S. believes is giving her an excuse to not dance.

Group 1
Song "The Pink Panther Theme"/"Fever"/"Big Spender Medley"
Artist Henry Mancini/Peggy Lee/Shirley Bassey
Performers Asia, Anastasia, Chelsea, Melissa R. & Melissa S.

After losing her microphone in the tub she danced in and sang badly, Melissa S. lands in the bottom two once again, but it is Anastacia who is eliminated due to her inability to use her figure to her advantage.

Eliminated: Anastasia

Episode 7: The Fantastic Four

The girls are taken on a fake promo tour, including a photoshoot, an interview and a commercial for a deodorant. All the girls struggle with their commercial and Chelsea ends up singing it to show off her best asset, while Asia ad libs a bit, talking about The Dolls's confidence. At the interview, Melissa S deems Chelsea the girl with the least potential, reigniting tension but is Asia who wins, though she does not get immunity but to have her commercial run nationally. This week the girls have to perform Beep's dance routine and Chelsea struggles, making Melissa S. happy as she can't evade dancing this week. However she gets the routine down with the help of Asia. The girls are also given solo assignments as follow:

Group 1
Song "Beep" (dance routine)
Artist Pussycat Dolls
Performers Asia, Melissa S., Chelsea & Melissa R.
Group 2
Song "Too Little Too Late"
Artist JoJo
Performer Asia
Group 3
Song "Don't Know Why"
Artist Norah Jones
Performer Melissa S.
Group 4
Song "I'm Going Down"
Artist Mary J. Blige
Performer Melissa R.
Group 5
Song "What a Girl Wants"
Artist Christina Aguilera
Performer Chelsea

Asia is criticized for struggling on a hard song while Chelsea and Melissa S. land in the bottom two, the former dues to her dancing problem, despite pulling off a strong performance this night and the latter for her lack of consistency. Melissa S is called but eliminated and Chelsea breaks down in tears of joy.

Eliminated: Melissa S.

Episode 8: The Girl Who Becomes A Doll

As the girls come home Melissa R. voices her relief at Melissa S.'s elimination leading Asia to call her phony at their last dinner with the judges. Tension continues throughout the night and Chelsea is woken up by the other girls' fight. The girls learn their song assignment as followed:

Group 1
Song "Lady Marmalade"
Artist Moulin Rouge
Performers Melissa R, Chelsea, and Asia
Group 2
Song "Feelin' Good"
Artist Pussycat Dolls
Performer Chelsea
Group 3
Song "I Don't Need A Man"
Artist Pussycat Dolls
Performer Asia
Group 4
Song "Stickwitu"
Artist Pussycat Dolls
Performer Melissa R.

All of them struggle due to the tension, leading Robin to tell them that none of them are ready. Melissa R. and Asia continue their fight during the group rehearsal, while a bemused Mikey and Chelsea look on. They then pretend to sort out their differences and hug each other. At the performance the judges are wowed by all of the girls and Chelsea is called first and told that she is eliminated. Robin then names Asia the winner and she is joined on stage by the Dolls and performs with them for the first time. She only performed with the Dolls again once at the CW Upfronts Event in New York City, and shortly after, she announced her departure from the group to pursue a solo career.

Eliminated: Chelsea, Melissa R.

Winner: Asia

Elimination's call-out order

Robin Antin’s Callout Order
Order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
01 Anastacia Asia Melissa S. Mariela,
Chelsea &
Asia Melissa R. Melissa R. Asia
02 Mariela Jaime Anastacia Melissa R. Chelsea Asia Melissa R.
03 Sisely Anastacia Mariela Melissa S. Asia Melissa S. Chelsea
04 Brittany Mariela Asia Melissa R. Anastacia Melissa S. Chelsea
05 Melissa S. Melissa R. Melissa R. Asia Chelsea Anastacia
06 Jaime Chelsea Chelsea Melissa S. Mariela
07 Melissa R. Sisely Sisely Sisely
08 Asia Melissa S. Jaime
09 Chelsea Brittany
     The contestants were in the best group but were not called by their names, additionally Mariela won the immunity challenge.
     The contestant won the reward challenge and as such is safe from elimination.
     The contestant won the reward challenge but did not win immunity from the upcoming elimination.
     This contestant wasn't allowed at the reward challenge, but remained in the competition.
     This contestant wasn't allowed at the reward challenge, and was eliminated.
     The contestants in this group were in the lowest group and as such up for elimination.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant won the competition, but did not accept her winnings.


  • On Week 2, Asia was called out by Mark McGrath, but not by Robin Antin.
  • On Week 4, group 1 was called out as "group 1", no specific name order was given. Group captains are listed in bold.
  • On Week 6, Chelsea and Anastacia were deemed the worst dancers and as such didn't take part in the challenge.
  • On Week 7, Melissa S was called before Chelsea but eliminated anyway.
  • On Week 8, Chelsea was called first and eliminated. Robin then called Asia as the winner.


  • Jaime: Dyed blonder & restyled
  • Sisely: Extensions Sewn In
  • Mariela: Straightened
  • Anastacia: Thinned & straightened
  • Melissa S.: Darker & later on bangs added
  • Chelsea Korka: Bangs added & trimmed
  • Melissa R.: Trimmed ends
  • Asia: Blonde streak extensions added


The show has also been spoofed on SNL, with a fake trailer saying that the girls needed to sort of sing, sort of dance, not write songs, be passably attractive from a distance but not distract attention from the lead singer. It also attacked the judges, listing Robin Antin as a "tanning bed owner" and the other ones as "nobody", and their judging with one saying "this was totally passable, you're moving on to the next round" and "Bitch you worse than me, nice work". It also made fun of the fact that very few people know the Pussycat Dolls members' names.[23]

Post show

  • Asia Nitollano shortly departed the group whitout releasing or recording any material. She is now a New York Knicks dancer.
  • Melissa Reyes released some songs on iTunes.
  • Chelsea Korka has joined the girl group "Paradiso Girls". Their first single hit the top 3 on the Billboard Hot Dance/ClubPlay. Their debut album will be released in 2010.
  • Melissa Smith has released two songs on iTunes I Believed and Lost In Love whilst having a starring role in the film Command Performance and guest starring on TV shows.
  • Mariela Arteaga is now a Deal or No Deal model.
  • Sisely Treasure has joined the band Shiny Toy Guns.


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