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Qian Xinzhong (Chinese: 钱信忠; born 1911) is the former Minster of Health of the People's Republic of China (1965-1973, 1979-1983).

Born in Baoshan, Jiangsu Province, Qian entered Tongji University in 1926 to study German language and art. From 1928, he studied medicine in Baolong Hospital affiliated to Tongji University. In December 1940, the health department of 129th army division and the field army health department of Eighth Route Army headquarter merged, and Qian became the head of new health department. In 1945, he was appointed as head of health department of Shanxi-Hebei-Shandong-Henan military region.

After formation of PR China, Qian was sent to Soviet Union in 1951 and studied at USSR First Medical College. In 1955, he attained the rank of major general of the People's Liberation Army of China. After returning to China in 1956, he was appointed as vice director of health department of PLA General Logistics Department, and the president of PLA Academy of Military Medical Sciences. In 1957, he became the deputy Minister of Health. He was elevated to Minister in 1965, but was soon deprived of the post and persecuted in Cultural Revolution. He re-emerged in 1973, and directed malaria prevention campaign in five provinces of China. He was re-appointed as Minister of Health in 1979.

He was awarded "World Population Prize" by United Nation in 1983. He organized the editing of "China Medical Encyclopedia"(中国医学百科全书), and in 1990, authored the book "New Research on Population"(人口新作).


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