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Quad may refer to:


  • Quadrangle in architecture, e.g., on a university campus
  • Quad, a dormitory room or suite housing four residents
  • Quad Cities, a region which includes the Iowa cities of Bettendorf and Davenport and the Illinois cities of Moline, East Moline, and Rock Island


  • Quadrupel is a Belgian style ale of great strength with bolder flavor compared to its Dubbel and Tripel sister styles.


  • Quad Damage, a Quake and Unreal Tournament power-up
  • Quad, a type of combined robotic enemy in the Nintendo Gamecube game Metroid Prime 2
  • Quad (more commonly Quads), four of a kind in poker
  • Quad, a Harkonnen attack vehicle from the computer game Dune 2
  • Quad cannon, an anti-air weapon in Command & Conquer: Generals

International Trade

Music, theatre and film


Science and mathematics

  • Quadriceps, a muscle
  • Quadruped, a creature or mechanism which moves on four legs
  • Quad (energy), a unit of energy (short for quadrillion) defined as 1015 British thermal units (about 1.055 exajoule (EJ) or 1.055 × 1018 J)
  • Quadrilateral, a four sided figure in plane geometry
  • Quadratic, the second power in mathematics
  • Quadrangle (geography), a 7.5-minute topographic map produced by the United States Geological Survey, covering in greater detail one quarter of the area of a 15-minute map
  • Quadrilateralized Spherical Cube, a mapping scheme for data collected on a spherical surface, such as a planet
  • QUaD, a telescope located at the South Pole that is designed to measure the cosmic microwave background radiation polarization
  • Quadratic Formula, the equation used to solve quadratic equations

Society and religion


  • Quad, a boat configuration in rowing that contains 4 people, with 2 oars each, and no coxswain
  • Quad, a chairlift in skiing which carries four persons
  • Quad (figure skating), a figure skating jump with four revolutions
  • Quad skates, roller skates with two wheels on each of two axles
  • Quad, A type of surfboard containing 4 fins


  • Quad-core
  • Quadtree, a tree data structure typically used to partition a 2-dimensional space
  • Quad precision, a number stored using 16 eight-bit bytes, which is four times the size of 4-byte single precision
  • Quad Electroacoustics, a British manufacturer of electronic amplifiers, tuners and loudspeakers mainly for the high-end domestic market
  • Quad, an abbreviation for a type of videotape recorder, especially 2" Quadruplex videotape, where there are four record heads on a spinning drum which move perpendicular to the direction of tape travel
  • Quad, telecommunication term referring to four conductors formation used to form two balanced pairs
    • Star quad, four conductors in square formation, in which opposite conductors are connected in parallel at both ends to form a single, magnetically-concentric balanced pair, in order to minimise magnetic induction
  • Quadraphonic sound, or four-channel sound
  • quad, abbreviation for Quadrupole ion trap
  • Em quad, in typography, a space that is as wide as the height of the font
    • En quad, a space that is one half the width of an em quad
  • QUAD (cipher), a stream cipher


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