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Quadrangular space
Axillary space.png
Suprascapular and axillary nerves of right side, seen from behind. Quadrangular space is the lateral space, labeled in green at center right. Axillary nerve is visible entering it.
The scapular and circumflex arteries. (Quadrangular space is visible but not labeled. Posterior humeral circumflex artery is visible entering quadrangular space at center right.)
Gray's subject #149 589

The quadrangular space (or quadrilateral space) is an axillary space in the arm. This is a clinically important anatomic space in the arm. In the quadrangular space, the axillary nerve and posterior circumflex humeral artery can be compressed or damaged in the space due to space occupying lesions or disruption in the anatomy due to trauma. Symptoms include axillary nerve related weakness of the deltoid muscle in the case of any significant mass lesions in the quadrangular space.



It is bounded by:[1]


It transmits the axillary nerve and posterior humeral circumflex artery.

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