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Part of the Israeli‚ÄďPalestinian conflict
and Arab‚ÄďIsraeli conflict series
Peace Process
Israel with the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights
      West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights a
Negotiating Parties
Palestinian territories
Camp David Accords ¬∑ Madrid Conference
Oslo Accords / Oslo II ¬∑ Hebron Protocol
Wye River / Sharm el-Sheikh Memoranda
2000 Camp David Summit ¬∑ Taba Summit
Road Map ¬∑ Annapolis Conference
Primary Negotiation Concerns
Final borders  ¬∑ Compensation for Jewish refugees from Arab countries  ¬∑ Israeli settlements
Palestinian refugees  ¬∑ Security concerns
Status of Jerusalem  ¬∑ Water
Secondary Negotiation Concerns
Antisemitic incitements
Israeli West Bank barrier ¬∑ Jewish state
Palestinian political violence
Places of worship
Palestinian territories  Current Leaders  Israel
Mahmoud Abbas
Salam Fayyad
Benjamin Netanyahu
Shimon Peres
International Brokers
Diplomatic Quartet ¬∑ Arab League ¬∑ Egypt
United Nations United States European Union United Kingdom France Russia Arab League Egypt
Other Proposals
Arab Peace Initiative ¬∑ Elon Peace Plan
Lieberman Plan ¬∑ Geneva Accord ¬∑ Hudna
Israel's unilateral disengagement plan
Israel's realignment plan
Peace-orientated projects ¬∑ Peace Valley  ¬∑ Isratin ¬∑ One-state solution ¬∑ Two-state solution ¬∑ Three-state solution ¬∑ Middle East economic integration
Major projects, groups and NGOs
Peace-orientated projects ¬∑ Peace Valley  ¬∑ Alliance for Middle East Peace ¬∑ Aix Group ¬∑ Peres Center for Peace

a The Golan Heights are not part of the Israeli-Palestinian process.

The Quartet on the Middle East, sometimes called the Diplomatic Quartet or Madrid Quartet or simply the Quartet, is a foursome of nations and international and supranational entities involved in mediating the peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Quartet are the United Nations, the United States, the European Union, and Russia. The group was established in Madrid in 2002 by the Spanish Prime Minister Aznar, as a result of the escalating conflict in the Middle East. Tony Blair is the Quartet's current Special Envoy.


Special Envoys

James Wolfensohn, the former president of the World Bank, was appointed Special Envoy for Israel's disengagement from Gaza in April 2004.[1] He stepped down the following year because of restrictions in dealing with the Islamic militant group Hamas and the withholding of money from the Palestinian Authority, risking its collapse.[2]

Tony Blair announced that he had accepted the position of the official envoy of the Quartet, the same day he resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and as a Member of Parliament on 27 June 2007.[3] The approval came after initial objections by Russia.[4] The United Nations is overseeing the finances and security of his mission.[5]

Peace efforts and actions

Tony Blair has periodically travelled to the Middle East following his appointment as Special Envoy. On a trip there in March 2008, he met with Israeli leaders to discuss recent violence. A planned meeting between Israeli and Palestinian businessmen was postponed due to recent fighting. [6] In May 2008 Tony Blair announced a new plan for peace and for Palestinian rights, based heavily on the ideas of the Peace Valley plan. [7]

In 2006, Israeli and Palestinian delegations called for the People's Republic of China to join the Quartet.[8]

In an August 2009 interview, Tony Blair said he would like to see Hamas and Hezbollah included in peace talks but under the right conditions, that religious leaders should be more involved in the peace process, and that resolving the conflict could be easier than it was in Northern Ireland.[1]


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