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Quebec Gold is a high-potency strain of marijuana grown and found mainly in Quebec. It is an M39 x Friesland cross-strain. It has a sweet citrus smell and full-bodied, languid flavour with a heavy indica psychoactive effects. Quebec Gold is a short plant but produces heavy colas more than making up for its shorter statue. The plant has exceptional resin production and the buds are dense. Quebec Gold produces a deep, near black hash.

Quebec Gold is also the street name given to potent varieties of cannabis from Quebec. Since Quebec Gold is known to be such a potent strain, the name is often misused to represent high quality marijuana from Quebec. Quebec is considered to have some of the best strains of marijuana in Canada, as good as or better than BC, also known as BC Buds, the generic term for high quality marijuana from British Columbia.

Many law-enforcement agencies are seeing Quebec Gold as the east coast answer for British Columbia's BC Bud. Canada has become a source country for high-grade marijuana called "BC Bud" and "Quebec Gold," substances that are rapidly gaining market share in the United States. Marijuana cultivation has become a thriving industry in Canada for two reasons: low risk and high profits. Most of the marijuana coming out of Canada is still grown in British Columbia, but in the last 10 years, growers have also gone into business in Ontario and Quebec.Quebec Gold is very buzzing tabarnack de caliss d'austi de sacrament tu vois?

Large profits are a strong motive for smugglers to move as much Quebec Gold as they can into the U.S. A pound of Quebec Gold nets $1500 to $2,050 Canadian wholesale in Quebec. Traffickers can sell that same pound for $5,600 Canadian in New York State and as much as $7,000 in California.[1][2]


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