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No explicit mention of queens is made till we read of the "queen of Sheba." The wives of the kings of Israel are not so designated. In Ps. 45:9, the Hebrew for "queen" is not malkah, one actually ruling like the Queen of Sheba, but shegal, which simply means the king's wife. In 1 Kings 11:19, Pharaoh's wife is called "the queen," but the Hebrew word so rendered (g'birah) is simply a title of honour, denoting a royal lady, used sometimes for "queen-mother" (1 Kings 15:13; 2 Chron. 15:16). In Cant. 6:8, 9, the king's wives are styled "queens" (Heb. melakhoth).

In the New Testament we read of the "queen of the south", i.e., Southern Arabia, Sheba (Matt. 12:42; Luke 11:31) and the "queen of the Ethiopians" (Acts 8:27), Candace.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

Queen is also a British rock band, see Queen (band), or their first album, see Queen (album).

A queen is the female head of a royal family. Sometimes she is the wife of a king, but sometimes the queen is the ruler and her husband is not a king.

In a country whose system of government is a monarchy, the ruler, or head of state, is decided by inheritance. That is, when a ruler dies their child, or nearest relative, takes over. For much of history most countries were governed in this way, especially in Europe. Some countries elect their monarch instead of using inheritance, like the Holy Roman Empire and Malaysia.

The wife of a king is also called a queen. However the husband of a female ruler is not called a king. The last King of Britain (George VI) had a wife (Elizabeth) who was called Queen Elizabeth. When he died he had no sons, so he was followed by his daughter. She was also called Elizabeth and became Queen Elizabeth II. She was married to The Duke of Edinburgh; but when she became Queen he did not become King.

Many people do not think it is good to have a Queen[needs proof], because she is not elected, though most people in the UK want to keep the royal family.

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