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Queen's Blade (クイーンズブレイド Kuīnzu Bureido?) is a series of visual combat books published by Hobby Japan, based on the licensed works from Lost Worlds. First published in 2005, it features only female characters in sexual art situations.

Beginning with the 7th series, it uses all-new game rules compatible with the Lost Worlds books.


Game information

Queen's Blade is Hobby Japan's Japanese spinoff from Flying Buffalo's Lost Worlds game series. In combat picture book games, players simulate turn-based fighting with books that each represent a character.

The original game books feature characters designs by many popular artists, including Hirokazu Hisayuki (My-HiME), Kazuhiro


Each series is released with two characters.

  • Leina/Reina (レイナ Reina?): A nomad warrior who is Elina's older sister. She is to appear in the upcoming Spiral Chaos game, voiced by Ayako Kawasumi like in the anime. Leina was created by artist Hirokazu Hisayuki.[1]
  • Risty/Listy (リスティ Risuti?): Risty the wild bandit has many weapons in her arsenal. Voiced by Yuko Kaida in the anime, she was created by the artist Eiwa.[2]
  • Irma (イルマ Iruma?): A member of the Queen's Assassins of the Fang, Irma tries to eliminate the other aspiring fighters in the competition. Voiced by Yui Kano in the anime, Irma was designed and illustrated by Hirotaka Akaga.[3]
  • Nowa (ノワ Nowa?): Described as the Guardian of the Forest, the half elf Nowa and her monkey companion protect the creatures who live there. She is voiced by Mikako Takahashi in the anime.[4]
  • Tomoe (トモエ Tomoe?): A Shinto priestess from the island of Hinomoto (an alternate reading of the kanji for Japan), she is a member of the elite society of priestesses that protect their homeland. She is to appear in the upcoming Spiral Chaos game, voiced by Mamiko Noto like in the anime. She was designed and illustrated by the artist Eiwa.[5]
  • Echidna (エキドナ Ekidona?): A 'wild elf; from the southern jungles, Echidna is an elven mercenary with over 500 years of experience. In the past she led the Assassins of the Fang, but is now a mercenary. She is considered a favorite to win the Queen's Blade tournament, but her current employer is unknown - all that is certain is that she herself has no interest in the throne. She is voiced by Yuki Kaida in the anime. Also in the anime, she wears a poisonous snake, which she keeps as a pet and has it help her fight on occasion. She was created by the artist F.S.[6]
  • Menace (メナス Menasu?): An ancient Egyptian themed princess of the land of Amara, Menace was betrayed by her advisers and died trapped in her palace as her kingdom fell into ruin. Centuries later, the powerful Swamp Witch resurrected her to become part of her army. Menace broke free of the witch's command and set out on her own. Voiced by Yuko Goto in the anime, she is illustrated by veteran artist F.S.[7]
  • Elina (エリナ Erina?): The daughter of Count Vance, and younger sister of Reina, a prominent Queen's Blade competitor. She was trained from a young age in all manner of martial arts, from stealth to strict military discipline, and acts as both bodyguard, spy, and assassin for her father. Unlike Leina, Elina's personality is vicious. Voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi in the anime, she was created by Hirokazu Hisayuki.[8]
  • Airi (アイリ Airi?): A scythe-wielding ghost maid, Airi was given human form by the evil Swamp Witch in her quest for domination. Airi serves every whim of her mistress quite willingly. Used primarily for assassinations, she can literally suck the vitality of her enemies simply by touching them. She is voiced by Kanae Itō in the anime.[9]
  • Nanael (ナナエル Nanaeru?): Though she claims to be a literal angel who came down to Earth to restore holy order across the land, Nanael is actually scheming to create a country of her own , exile the women, and fill it with men to act as her servants! Due to her foolish behavior in the holy realm she was put on probation and Exiled to the mortal world. She carries a vial of "holy milk" which she must not allow even one drop to be spilled throughout the course of the tournament. Unwilling to treat dwellers of the "lower world" as equals, her combat technique involves the telekinetic manipulation of her celestial knowledge to keep opponents at bay. She is to appear in the upcoming Spiral Chaos game, voice by Aya Hirano like in the anime. Nanael is illustrated by Kuuchuu Yousai.[10]
  • Cattleya (カトレア Katorea?) and Rana (ラナ Rana?): A former Adventurer, Cattleya settled down with Blacksmith and her fellow Adventurer husband Owen. They ran a shop and had a son named Rana. Their happiness was destroyed when Owen disappeared. Cattleya adventures to find him now, is Rana with her by her side. Cattleya fights with the enormous two-handed sword "Giant-Killer." Her combat ability is hampered by Rana constantly clinging about her knees. Voiced by Ryōka Yuzuki, Cattleya was designed by Kaneko Hiraku.[11]
  • Nyx/Nix (ニクス Nikusu?): A peasant girl born to a laborer in the service of Count Vance. As a child, Nyx was looked down upon and despised by those of higher station, and frequently humiliated and abused by the Count's daughter, Elina. When she stumbled upon Funikura, an evil sentient staff, she was granted immeasurable magical powers. However, she is unable to control them effectively, and despite possessing a strong sense of justice, she is just as likely to set an entire village aflame to punish its evil leader. She takes on a gaudy clothing style mannerism so as not to be overlooked by her former tormentors, but the malevolent will of the evil staff she struggles to command continues to oppress her. She entered the Queen's Blade tournament to prove her worth to those who have looked down on her through her whole life, as well as seek revenge against Elina, her former tormentor. Voiced by Rie Tanaka in the anime, Nyx was designed by Kuroki Masahiro.[12]
  • Melpha (メルファ Merufa?): A high-ranked priestess in a fundamentalist sect, Melpha is widely respected by her followers as a holy woman. Compared to the other competitors her fighting ability is minimal, but she possesses the ability to heal her own wounds and inflict divine punishment on her opponents through the use of provocative "holy poses". Voiced by Sayaka Ohara in the anime, Melpha was illustrated by popular doujin artist and character designer Zundarepon.[13][14]
  • Melona (メローナ Merōna?): A shape-shifting magic-using girl, Melona who has the ability to take any physical form, takes the form of a pink liquid substance to create objects, move from place to place and to imitate people, one noticeable use is her hair which turns into hands that hold up her breasts and cover her nipples. Her primary offense is squirting acid from her breasts. She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the anime.[15]
  • Claudette/Clodette (クローデット Kurōdetto?): Also called the Lightning General, Claudette uses a lightning sword as her primary weapon. She is to appear in the upcoming Spiral Chaos game, voiced by Atsuko Tanaka like in the anime. Claudette was designed by artist Hirokazu Hisayuki.[16]
  • Ymir/Yuumil (ユーミル Yūmiru?): Daughter of the Dwarven King, Ymir has entered the competition to prove the superiority of dwarven weapons. Voiced by Ayaka Saito in the anime, she was illustrated by Mibu Natsuki.[17]
  • Alleyne/Allean (アレイン Arein?): One of the oldest and most seasoned veteran warriors of a tribe of forest elves, Alleyne is taciturn and blunt in her dealings with others. She's had a long relationship with Echidna, who she often chastises for her loose ways but is mocked in return for her inexperience with men. The appearance of the half-elf Nowa in the forest elf community marked a turning point for Alleyne, who appointed her "guardian of the forest". The elf village elders did not approve however, and drove her from the village with the excuse that she must join the Queen's Blade tournament. Distraught, Alleyne secretly set out for the tournament as well, to protect the girl whose sudden appearance had awoken feelings long dormant in the veteran elven warrior. Voiced by Eri Kitamura in the anime, she is illustrated by Matsuryuu.[18]
  • Aldora/Aldra (アルドラ Arudora?): Aldra is the victor of the past two Queen's Blade tournaments and reigning queen. As the child of a priestess and the lord of the underworld, she is a cursed half-demon. She has the powers of "petrifying gaze" and "flesh-rending secret blades". Voiced by Miyū Takeuchi in the anime, Aldra was created by the popular illustrator and game character designer Kantaka.[19]

Queen's Blade Rebellion

  • Annelotte (アンネロッテ Annerotte?): The 'princess knight' is the charismatic leader of a new faction—the Rebel Brigade. Formerly a member of the knight corps of Margrave Creutz (her father), her sense of justice compelled her to split off and form a new unit with similarly fated women warriors. She fights on horseback with the aid of her spectral steed Ambrosius, and wields a sword that can be converted to a lance at will. Designed by Eiwa.[20]
  • Huit/Yuito (ユイット Yuitto?)[21]
  • Vingt/Vante (ヴァンテ Vante?)[21]
  • Milim/Murimu (ミリム Mirimu?)[21]
  • Elina (エリナ Erina?)[21]
  • Ymir/Yuumil (ユーミル Yūmiru?)[21]
  • Ta Nyan & Sai Nyan (ターニャン と サイニャン?)[21]
  • Shigy (シグィ Shigy?)[21]
  • LunaLuna (ルナルナ LunaLuna?)[21]

Queen's Gate

Queen's Gate is a supplement to the game that uses licensed characters from other games and series.

Novel characters

  • Fio
  • Queen Unicorn
  • Logan
  • Hans
  • Nubia
  • Hell Scream
  • Frost Dragon

Queen's Blade -Hide&Seek- characters

Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos characters

  • Cute (キュート Kyūto?):

The main heroine. Described as a Novice fighter but over the course of the game, the players will learn of Cute's mysterious being tied with special powers that can decide the fate of the world. Due to her small bust size, some cutscenes show her low-esteemed.

Voiced by Momoko Saitō, and Illustrated by Poyoyon Rock.

  • Jean (ジャン Jan?):

A young and rather cowardly sorcerer employed by Cute's family as her bodyguard in the Queen's Blade Tournament. Despite being a coward, Jean is skilled at capturing Gal Monsters and does not hesitate to put his life on the line for the sake of Cute.

Due to being surrounded by several well-endowed and scantily-clad women, Jean is prone to perverse delusions and excessive drooling. Amongst the ladies, he took the most interest with Tomoe and even calling her "Tomoe-chan" out of affection.

Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, and Illustrated by Poyoyon Rock.

  • Dora (ドーラ Dora?):

A well-endowed sorceress in the employ of the two Dragon goddesses. In the game, when she and Lamica are unable to defeat Cute and the others, she enlisted the help of the Amaran Princess Menace.

  • Lamica (ラミカ Ramika?):

The boisterous young succubus partner of Dora. She is encountered several times in the game and has the habit of taunting Cute and the others into a fight.

  • Puia (Puia):

One of the three kinds of Gal Monsters which Jean can capture in the game. Puia is a Harpy.

  • Arane (アラネ Arane?):

One of the three kinds of Gal Monsters which Jean can capture in the game. The Arachne appears as a young and cold-hearted girl in yukata with spider leg-like hair which she uses in attacking.

  • Cerate (ケラット Kurato?):

One of the three kinds of Gal Monsters which Jean can capture in the game. Cerate is a fierce dinosaur with an affection for her captor.

Other Characters

  • Shizuka (シズカ Shizuka?): A kunoichi from Hinomoto, Shizuka is a money grubbing assassin. She couldn't care less about the affairs of the battle as long she gets paid; she just hates working hard in general and instead have a personal group of ninjas to aid her. Shizuka does not have a game book of her own, yet has been featured in the anime, voiced by Hitomi Nabatame, manga, collectible cards ver2.0, and even had a PVC figurine released. She was created by Eiwa[23]


Television and DVD

A TV anime series, Queen's Blade: Rurō no Senshi was produced by ARMS. The anime premiered on April 2, 2009, and aired every Thursday in Japan until June 18, 2009.[24] The series contains 12 episodes. The show aired uncensored on AT-X, while being heavily censored on other channels. The DVD will contain the uncut versions of the episodes, including six new OVAs.[25]

A second season began airing in September 2009. Media Blasters liscensed both seasons for North American distribution.[26]

Video game

Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos was produced for the PlayStation Portable, by Namco Bandai.

Action figures and statues

Kaiyodo, producer of the Revoltech series of action figures, have announced that they will be producing a line of Queen's Blade revoltechs. The line launched July 2009 with the release of Reina, Airi and continued with Echidna, Nanael, Melona and a Reina II.
Revoltech Queen's Blade #001 Leina (A second player color version is also available)
Revoltech Queen's Blade #002 Airi (A second player color version is also available)
Revoltech Queen's Blade #003 Echidna (A second player color version is also available)
Revoltech Queen's Blade #004 Nanael (A second player color version is also available)
Revoltech Queen's Blade #005 Melona
Revoltech Queen's Blade #006 Menace
Revoltech Queen's Blade #007 Alleyne
Revoltech Queen's Blade #008 Elina
Revoltech Queen's Blade #009 Cattleya

Both MegaHouse and Griffon have also and continue to produce various statues of the characters as well.

Comic books and manga

  • Queen's Blade Anthology Comic: A series of comic books published by Hobby Japan.
  • Queen's Blade Hide & Seek: A comic first serialized in 2007-12 issue of Monthly Comp Ace.
  • Queen's Blade Struggle: A comic created by AstroguyII, first serialized in Dengeki Black Maoh Vol.2 in 2007-12-19.


  • Queen's Blade Fan Disc: character dress-up software published in 2006.
  • Queen's Blade 1: A mobile phone game using game rules from the combat picture book series. Service host by DigitalMediaLab,Inc. and it supports FOMA 703i and 901i series. Carriers include NTT DoCoMo.


  • Queen's Blade Collection Card ver.2.0: A currently produced card series, with individual biography cards for each character (minus the Rebellion series so far), plus art work cards, and each pack comes with Gum.


There has been at least one fan-produced character in the series—Stella—which was issued as a limited-edition.


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