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Queer as Folk
Queer as Folk.PNG
Genre Drama
Created by Russell T Davies and developed for American television by Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman
Starring Gale Harold
Randy Harrison
Hal Sparks
Robert Gant
Michelle Clunie
Thea Gill
Scott Lowell
Peter Paige
Sharon Gless
Opening theme Seasons 1-3:
"Spunk" by Greek Buck
Seasons 4-5:
"Cue the Pulse to Begin" by Burnside Project
Country of origin Canada
United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 83 (List of episodes)
Running time 44 to 58 minutes
Original channel Showtime
Original run December 3, 2000 (2000-12-03) – August 7, 2005 (2005-08-07)
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Queer as Folk is an American and Canadian television series co-production, produced by Showtime and Temple Street Productions which was based on the British series of the same name created by Russell T Davies. This North American version of Queer as Folk used various Canadian directors known for their independent film work (including Bruce McDonald, David Wellington, Kelly Makin, John Greyson, Jeremy Podeswa and Michael DeCarlo) as well as famed Australian director Russell Mulcahy (Highlander) who directed the pilot episode. The head writers were Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman who were also the executive producers of the series along with former Warner Bros. Television president Tony Jonas. Other writers in the later seasons included Michael MacLennan, Efrem Seeger, Brad Fraser, Del Shores, and Shawn Postoff.


Show premise

The series follows the lives of five gay men living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Brian, Justin, Michael, Emmett, Ted; a lesbian couple, Lindsay and Melanie; and Michael's mother Debbie. Another main character, Ben, was added in the second season. Due to tax incentives, the series was filmed in Canada, with frequent location filming in Toronto's Church and Wellesley gay village.

The show was noted for its somewhat frank depiction of gay life, as well as its vivid sex scenes. A disclaimer, "Queer as Folk is a celebration of the lives and passions of a group of gay friends. It is not meant to reflect all of gay society" appeared after each episode on Showtime in the U.S. but this disclaimer was not broadcast on Showcase in Canada (instead, the standard Showcase disclaimer "This program contains nudity, sexuality and coarse language — viewer discretion is advised" was broadcast before each airing and after each commercial).

The title comes from an expression originating in the North of England, "there's nowt so queer as folk", meaning "there's nothing as strange as people (Folk)".

Show history

The show drew strong ratings for both Showtime and Canada's Showcase. In fact, in Canada, the series had such high ratings that by the end of the fifth season Showcase had to air the show in an hour and ten minute time block to accommodate all the ads without cutting any scenes. This was not a problem for Showtime, since that service is commercial-free and no ads were ever broadcast during a QAF telecast.

The series ran for five seasons (2000 to 2005 on Showtime and 2001 to 2005 on Showcase). It was believed by fans that the show could have run for another year (most of the cast originally had six year contracts but according to one rumor the contracts were re-negotiated to five years after the first season).[citation needed]

However, Showtime was concerned about the rising production costs due to the strength of the Canadian Dollar. Some of the cast, however, felt that Showtime didn't want to be known as a "gay only" network so they cancelled the show. Publicly, at least, Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman both stated that they didn't feel there were really any further stories that they could tell. Randy Harrison (Justin) was reported as saying that had the series gone into a sixth season, he would not have been part of it.

Canada's Showcase, which was making a great deal of money from the advertising demand, did briefly consider producing a sixth season, but as Showtime owned much of the rights to the series and funded much of the budget, Showcase decided against it.

Another U.S. cable channel owned by Viacom, Logo, began broadcasting edited, commercially sponsored episodes of QAF on September 21, 2006.

As of January 9, 2008, Showcase began offering the Canadian version of the Queer as Folk episodes on their website. These Canadian versions differ from the Showtime and DVD versions in that they have breaks within the episodes (where commercials would have been inserted) and make references to "Showcase" and "Temple Street Productions presents" instead of "Showtime presents". Unlike the Season 1 DVDs, episodes 101 and 102 are presented separately and episode 102 is the rare extended version of the episode, created for broadcast during reruns of the first season and not seen since 2002. The first seven episodes were posted on January 9 and one additional episode was posted each week after.

Character profiles

Main characters

Name Actor UK counterpart: Character(Actor) Description
Brian Kinney Gale Harold Stuart Alan Jones (Aidan Gillen) Brian Kinney: a veritable sex machine. At 29 years old, he is living life for the now. He is his own man and believes in having sex for the sheer joy of doing it. While he and Justin have an on-and-off-again relationship, Justin is the only one of his sexual encounters that Brian finds himself falling in love with and the only one he continues to have sex with after the first night. He makes his living as an advertising executive for Vangard, and later on builds his own company, Kinnetik. While he purports himself as not part of the gay and lesbian community, he will do what he can to protect his fellow gay man or woman. His motto when it comes to straight people: "There are two kinds of straight people in the world, those that hate you to your face and those who hate you behind your back."
Michael Novotny Hal Sparks Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly) Brian's best friend since adolescence, Michael secretly harbours feelings for him. He enjoys reading comic books, particularly Captain Astro adventures. He starts the series as a manager at a K-Mart-like department store, the Big Q, but eventually follows his dream of opening a comic book store. From Season 2, he and Justin create the comic book Rage. From Season 2 onwards, Michael finds himself in a long-term relationship with Ben Bruckner, whom he eventually marries.
Justin Taylor Randy Harrison Nathan Maloney (Charlie Hunnam) Justin loses his virginity to Brian at the age of seventeen and falls in love with him. He runs away from home after coming out of the closet, primarily because his father is not accepting of his sexuality. Nicknamed "Sunshine" by Debbie because of his bright smile and cheery disposition, Justin is queer-bashed at the end of Season 1, resulting in Brian taking him in during Season 2.
Emmett Honeycutt Peter Paige Alexander Perry (Antony Cotton) Originally from Hazlehurst, Mississippi, Emmett is the most flamboyant of the group. He goes through several jobs, including shopkeeper at a clothing store called Torso, porn star, naked maid, party planner, and correspondent for a local news station.
Ted Schmidt Scott Lowell Phil Delaney (Jason Merrells) An accountant with a low self-esteem who envies Brian's lavish lifestyle, Ted is constantly rejected by men at gay clubs around Pittsburgh. He has a relationship in Season 3 with Emmett, as well as an on-again-off-again relationship with Blake.
Lindsay Peterson Thea Gill Romey Sullivan (Esther Hall) Brian's close friend since college who becomes the mother of his child Gus, Lindsay works as an art teacher but takes time off to care for her son. Lindsay's WASP parents are ashamed of her homosexuality and her partnership with Melanie.
Melanie Marcus Michelle Clunie Lisa Levene (Saira Todd) Lindsay's Jewish lover who works as a lawyer, Melanie dislikes Brian, partially because Lindsay is very affectionate towards him, but she becomes friendlier towards him in later seasons. She carries her and Lindsay's second child, Jenny Rebecca, whose biological father is Michael.
Ben Bruckner Robert Gant (none) A college professor who becomes Michael's long-term partner from Season 2 onwards, Ben also lives with HIV. Michael's mother Debbie disapproves of their relationship at first, because she fears that her son will become infected, but eventually she realizes that Michael loves Ben and so accepts him.
Debbie Novotny Sharon Gless Hazel Tyler (Denise Black) An active PFLAG member, Debbie is fiercely proud of her son Michael's homosexuality, to the extent of making him embarrassed about it. She treats all the boys as her own family, especially Justin, who briefly lives with her after he runs away from home. She is also one of the people who sees past Brian's cockiness for what he really is. She works at the Liberty Diner and, at home, she takes care of her ill brother Vic.
Dr. David Cameron Chris Potter Cameron Roberts (Peter O'Brien) (Season 1) Michael's ex-boyfriend. After falling off a ladder, Michael has therapy done with David, who is a chiropractor. Their relationship evolves quickly, and in a few months Michael moves in with David and meets his son. There is friction between David and Brian, since David is jealous of Brian's relationship with Michael.

Secondary characters

Name Actor UK counterpart Description
Vic Grassi Jack Wetherall Bernard Thomas (Andy Devine) To help Debbie pay the bills, Vic starts work as a chef at her diner. He also works as a caterer for Emmett's event planning business. Not long after an altercation with Debbie in Season 4, he dies of AIDS complications.
James "Hunter" Montgomery Harris Allan (none) (Seasons 3-5) Hunter is an HIV-positive teenage hustler who meets Ben and Michael while standing outside their apartment. Ben feels sorry for Hunter and takes him in. Eventually he and Michael adopt him. Hunter initially has an unrequited crush on Brian, but later falls in love with a girl named Callie Leeson.
Jennifer Taylor Sherry Miller Janice Maloney (Caroline O'Neill) Jennifer is Justin's mother and works as a real estate agent. After initially having difficulty with her son's coming out, she embraces the fact that her son is gay with Debbie's help, joining PFLAG. After divorcing Craig Taylor, she dates a younger man named Tucker (Lucas Bryant) in Season 5, much to Justin's disapproval.
Carl Horvath Peter MacNeill (PC Stroud - seen only in last episode) (Seasons 2-5) Debbie's boyfriend. He meets Debbie while working on a case involving the murder of a young gay man named Jason Kemp. He is slightly homophobic when Debbie first meets him, but she teaches him to be more accepting of homosexuals. He asks Debbie to marry him, which she accepts, but later decides that she cannot marry Horvath as long as Michael cannot legally marry. Instead, the couple decides to live together in common-law.
Cynthia Stephanie Moore Sandra Docherty (Alison Burrows) Brian's assistant. Quits Vangard to follow Brian when he starts his own firm, Kinnetic. Charming enough to dazzle clients, and firm enough to handle Brian.
Blake Wyzecki Dean Armstrong Similar to Harvey Black (Andrew Lancel) A crystal meth addict at the time he meets Ted at Babylon. His relationship with Ted ends quickly after Ted finds out that Blake is still hooked on drugs. In Season 4, he is sober and is Ted's counselor at a rehab clinic. They finally reunite in the series finale.
Daphne Chanders Makyla Smith Donna Clark (Carla Henry) Justin's best friend since high school, and the first person Justin comes out to (not counting Brian or Michael). She asks Justin to take her virginity since he has experience, and as a result falls in love with him. He quickly turns her down, but they remain friends.
Ethan Gold Fabrizio Filippo (none) (Seasons 2-3) Music student at PIFA who romances Justin. Feeling neglected by Brian, Justin leaves him for Ethan. It is a short-lived relationship, however, as Ethan cheats on Justin with a fan. Justin leaves him and reunites with Brian.
Drew Boyd Matt Battaglia (none) (Seasons 4-5) A star quarterback who, although engaged, is a closeted homosexual. He has an affair with Emmett and later leaves his wife to be with him, although they do not stay together. Drew comes out to the media with a controversial on-air kiss with Emmett.
Police Chief Jim Stockwell David Gianopoulos (none) (Season 3) A mayoral candidate, with Brian as head of his ad campaign. Stockwell is a homophobic police officer who abuses his authority. Brian, initially, helps with the campaign, but, at certain point, he decides to mess the campaign, with Justin's help, as Stockwell's closing the gay nightclubs. Brian launches a smear campaign, and as a result, Stockwell loses the election and is indicted.
Gardner Vance Carlo Rota (none) (Seasons 2-4) Brian's senior partner at the advertising agency. He buys Ryder's from the previous owner and christens it Vangard, firing every single ad exec but Brian—who proves himself indispensable by going after and signing up the Brown Athletics account, that Vance had been after for years. Brian becomes and stays partner after this, until the Stockwell smear campaign in season 3 which results in his getting fired.
Sam Auerbach Robin Thomas (none) (Season 4) A renowned artist who is notoriously difficult to deal with. He is instantly attracted to Lindsay and pursues her even though she is a lesbian. After his Pittsburgh art exhibit (which Lindsay organized), Lindsay gives in and they have a brief tryst at the gallery.
Cody Bell Mitch Morris (none) (Season 4) Leads the “pink posse”, and convinces Justin to join.
Tracey Lindsey Connell Rosalie Cotter (Caroline Pegg) (Seasons 1-3) Worked with Michael at the Big Q. She had strong feelings for him, and was devastated to find out that he was gay but eventually remained his friend. After Michael left the Big Q to start his comic book store, Tracey made several appearances, including when Ted interviews for the store's assistant bookkeeper position in season 3.
Callie Leeson Meredith Henderson (none) (Seasons 4-5) Hunter's high school friend and at one point, girlfriend. When she finds out that he has two fathers and is HIV positive, she is surprisingly not worried. Her parents embarrass Hunter at a swim meet when he hits his head in the pool and begins to bleed. When Callie rushes to the pool to help him, her father shouts that he "has AIDS". The entire room hears, and soon the entire school knows. Callie remains a friend of Hunter and appears occasionally for the duration of the series.
Brett Keller Mike Shara (none) (Seasons 4-5) Hollywood movie producer who offers to produce a movie version of Rage.


The first episode finds the four friends ending a night at Babylon, a popular gay club. Brian picks up and has sex with Justin, who falls in love with him and eventually becomes more than a one-night-stand. Brian also becomes a father that night, bearing a son with Lindsay through artificial insemination.

Michael's seemingly unrequited love for Brian fuels the story, which he occasionally narrates in voice-over. Justin's coming out and budding relationship with Brian has unexpected effects on Brian and Michael's lives. Justin confides in his straight high-school friend Daphne, while struggling to deal with homophobic classmates and his dismayed, divorcing parents, Craig and Jennifer. Later in the second season Justin and Michael co-create the sexually explicit underground comic "Rage", featuring a "Gay Crusader" superhero based on Brian.

Brian's son Gus, being raised by Lindsay and Melanie, becomes the focus of several episodes as issues of parental rights come to the fore. Ted is Melanie's accountant who once harbored a longstanding crush on Michael. He and Emmett begin as best friends, but briefly become lovers later in the series. Their relationship ends as Ted, unemployed and with a criminal record earned from running a legitimate porn website that was targeted by a Chief of Police running for Mayor, becomes addicted to crystal meth. In the fourth season, Brian, who has lost his job by assisting Justin in opposing an anti-gay political client, starts his own agency. Michael marries Ben Bruckner, an HIV-positive college professor and the couple adopts a teenage son, James "Hunter" Montgomery, who is also HIV-positive as a result of his experiences as a young hustler.

Ted's affair with a handsome crystal meth addict, Blake Wyzecki, sets the pattern for Ted's later tragic but ultimately redeeming experiences with drug addiction.

Melanie and Lindsay's relationship, while on the surface seeming more of a "stable" relationship, is actually quite tumultuous and controversial. Each cheats on the other at various points in the series; both tackle on a threesome shortly after they marry and become separated for much of the 4th and 5th seasons. Melanie is impregnated by Michael (through artificial insemination, as Lindsay was) in the third season, so that best friends Brian and Michael become co-fathers to Lindsay and Melanie's children. Melanie gives birth to a girl, Jenny Rebecca, over whom Melanie, Lindsay, and Michael have a brief legal custody battle following the women's transitory break-up. Brian's new advertising agency, Kinnetik, becomes highly successful both through a combination of Brian's customer loyalty and his edgier advertising. As a result of this, Brian is able to purchase Club Babylon from its bankrupt owner.

In the fifth and final season the boys have become men, and the series, perhaps more comfortable in its role in gay entertainment, tackles political issues head-on and with much more fervor.

A political campaign called "Proposition 14" is depicted during much of the final season as a looming threat to the main characters. This proposition, like so many real-life recent legislative moves that have affected many U.S. states, threatens to outlaw same-sex marriage, adoption and other family civil rights. The many ways in which such a proposition would affect the characters are depicted through nearly every episode. Debbie, Justin, Jennifer, Daphne, Emmett, Ted, Michael, Ben, Lindsay, Melanie and the children are depicted standing up and fighting against this proposition both by active canvassing, political contributions and other democratic processes, but are met with staunch opposition, discrimination, outright hatred and political setbacks.

The show climaxes near the end of the series when a benefit to support opposition to Proposition 14 hosted at Brian's club Babylon (after repeated relocations of the benefit, due to discrimination) is attacked by a bomb that initially kills 4, and eventually another 3 and injures 67.

This horrible event sets the bittersweet tone for the final three episodes, in which Brian, frightened by this third possible loss of Justin, finally declares his love for him. The two even plan to marry, but Justin's artistic abilities get noticed by a New York art critic and the two decide, for the time being at least, in favor of a more realistic approach to a stormy relationship that nevertheless works for their characters. Melanie and Lindsay, realizing they have more in common than they don't, resume their relationship but relocate to Canada to "raise [their children] in an environment where they will not be called names, singled out for discrimination, or ever have to fear for their life."

Emmett becomes a Queer-Eye type TV presenter but is later fired when professional football player Drew Boyd kisses him on the news. Ted confronts his midlife crisis head-on and finally reunites with Blake. Hunter returns and the Novotny-Bruckner family perseveres.

The series came full circle with the final scenes staged in the newly re-built Babylon nightclub. In the final scene, Brian dances to Heather Small's "Proud," a song that accompanied a pivotal scene between Brian and Michael in the very first episode of the series. It ends with a final narration by Michael:

"So the "thumpa thumpa" continues. It always will. No matter what happens. No matter who's president. As our lady of Disco, the divine Miss Gloria Gaynor has always sung to us: We will survive."

Cultural implications

The American version of Queer as Folk quickly became the number one show on the Showtime roster. The network's initial marketing of the show was primarily targeted at gay male (and to some extent, lesbian) audiences, yet a sizeable segment of the viewership turned out to be heterosexual women.

Groundbreaking scenes abounded in Queer as Folk, beginning with the first episode, containing the first simulated explicit sex scene between two men shown on American television (including mutual masturbation, anal sex, and rimming), albeit more tame than the scene it was based on in the UK version. Despite the frank portrayals of drug use and casual sex in the gay club scene, the expected conservative uproar never materialized.

Initially, most of the actors kept their real-life sexual orientations ambiguous in the press so as not to detract from their characters, causing much speculation among the viewing audience.[citation needed] Since that time, Randy Harrison, Peter Paige, Robert Gant and Jack Wetherall have stated that they are gay, Thea Gill has stated she is bisexual,[1] and the rest of the cast have stated they are straight (i.e, Gale Harold, Scott Lowell, Michelle Clunie, and Hal Sparks) but have for the most part avoided public discussion of their orientation.

Controversial storylines which have been explored in Queer As Folk have included: coming out, same-sex marriage, ex-gay ministries, recreational drug use and abuse (cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, GHB, ketamine, cannabis); gay adoption, artificial insemination; vigilantism; gay-bashing; safe sex, HIV-positive status, underage prostitution; actively gay Catholic priests; discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation, the internet pornography industry, and bug chasers (HIV-negative individuals who actively seek to become HIV-positive).

The series was set in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which it depicted with a good deal of creative license. Pittsburgh was chosen as the closest parallel to the UK series' industrial setting of Manchester, England. However, since Pittsburgh does not have a large gay district like San Francisco or New York, almost all of the Liberty Avenue scenes were filmed in and around the Church and Wellesley area of Toronto which is that city's gay village. In fact, not a single shot of the real Liberty Avenue was ever used in the series. Toronto was chosen as the production center of the series because of its lower cost of production and established mature television and film industry. And, as it happens, Toronto's gay village had the look the producers needed to bring their vision of Liberty Avenue alive.

Woody's, the central bar in this fantasy Pittsburgh, is the name of a leading gay bar in Toronto, whose real exterior was shot with only minor disguise. (In a Season 4 episode in which several characters travelled to Toronto, the real Woody's was dubbed "Moosie's".)

The series has, at times, made humorous reference to its image in the gay community. A few episodes featured show-within-a-show Gay as Blazes, a dull, politically-correct drama which Brian particularly disagreed with, and which was eventually cancelled.

Filming and production

For a table of the episodes for seasons 1-5, see List of Queer as Folk episodes.

Queer as Folk was produced by CowLip Productions, Tony Jonas Productions and Temple Street Productions in association with Channel 4 Television Corporation (the co-owner of the original UK series) and Showcase. Warner Bros. Television holds the international distribution rights to the series outside the US and Canada.

The show's original theme song, "Spunk", was written and performed by Greek Buck and was used during seasons one through three. When the main title sequence for the show was changed for seasons four and five, the theme song was changed to "Cue The Pulse To Begin" performed by Burnside Project. However, as a tip-of-the-hat to Greek Buck, the count-in from Spunk was left in the new opening sequence before "Cue The Pulse To Begin" was played.

All five seasons were filmed in wide-screen HDTV however only seasons 4 and 5 were regularly broadcast in HDTV in both the U.S. and Canada. In the U.S., Showtime did run Seasons 1, 2 and 3 in HDTV on Tuesday nights as a special repeat of an episode's full-screen broadcast the previous Sunday. These HDTV broadcasts from the first three seasons were not broadcast by Showcase in Canada. The episodes that appear in the commercially released DVD packages were taken from the HDTV versions.

Keeping up with the technology, Queer as Folk's Season 5 was one of the first series to be recorded using the relatively new digital video process rather than being made exclusively on film. The raw digital video was combined with some scenes that were filmed into a finished episode and then color corrected using a computer process to make the entire episode appear to be filmed.

Throughout all five seasons, the series was filmed primarily at Dufferin Gate Studios in Etobicoke, Ontario (a southwestern borough of Toronto).

Many of Season 3's non-location scenes of Babylon, Woody's and Liberty Diner were filmed at Greystone Studios in Mississauga (the city adjacent to Toronto's western border).

These same scenes for seasons 4 and 5 were filmed at the now-former Dufferin Gate Studios "B Studio" in Mississauga about 10–15 minutes from Dufferin Gate's home in Etobicoke. (This studio is now used by Shaftesbury Films as the home base for several of its projects, including the series The Listener).

The series finale of Queer as Folk originally included additional scenes (some new and some extended from their final presentation) that put the episode's running time to just under 64 minutes. This extra material was deleted from the episode before it was broadcast presumably because Showtime didn't want the program to run longer than 60 minutes. The final edit of the episode is slightly over 58 minutes. The deleted scenes are presented in the QAF Season 5 DVD package. The most notable deletion was a scene near the end of the episode that pays homage to the series' first episode. In the deleted scene, a young blond haired gay teen who looks like Justin is seen on Liberty Avenue, obviously for his first time, and as Justin did in the first episode, steps across Liberty Avenue and splashes through a puddle. This was meant to signify that the series had come full circle. It was ultimately deleted because the idea of "full circle" was already present in the final Michael-Brian scene (which preceded the deleted scene) and the use of the remix of "Proud" as the series' closing theme.

International release

  • Europe:
    • In Belgium the series has been aired weekly by the cable television channel Kanaal 2, now called 2BE.
    • In Finland the first two seasons were aired on the channel Nelonen under the title "Älä kerro äidille" ("Don't tell mother").
    • In France the show was first aired on the channel Jimmy in September 2002, then on the gay channel Pink TV in October 2004.
    • In Germany the show was aired from January 9 2006 (Mondays at 11.45 pm) under the original title on ProSieben. As of November 1 2008 the show is aired on the new gay channel TIMM. All 5 series were released in a dubbed German version on DVD.
    • In Greece the first season only aired on the Star Channel from September 2002 till March 2003, by the title of "Ανάμεσά μας" ("anamesa mas", meaning "Among us").
    • In Hungary all five seasons were aired under the title "A fiúk a klubból" ("Boys from the club") on the cable channel Cool TV (Central Europe) from 8. October 2004 till 9. October 2006.
    • In Italy it was aired several times on satellite channel Jimmy, and then on free digital channel called IRIS.
    • In the Netherlands, the first season began to air on OUTTV in 2008.
    • In Slovenia all five seasons were aired on Kanal A from August 2002 till 25. November 2005, Fridays around 11.30 pm (CET) under the title "Moške zadeve" ("Male stuff"). It's been rerun again since 2006.
    • In Spain channel Cuatro began airing the show from its beginning, starting on June 30, 2006.
    • In the United Kingdom, season 1 was broadcast by the BBC on its digital channel BBC Choice in 2002. Seasons 3 and 4 were broadcast by Channel 4's digital channel E4 in an unpromoted post-midnight slot (Channel 4 were the broadcasters of the British series). While the BBC still holds the rights to season 2, it has never been broadcast since BBC Choice was rebranded BBC Three and its remit was changed. All 5 Seasons have been released on DVD in the UK, Series 1 and 2 exclusively through HMV.
    • In Romania the show started airing in late 2008 on a gay themed network, Purple TV.[2]
    • In Poland the show will be airing beginning March 1, 2010 on nFilmHD at 11.00 AM.[3]
    • Though never aired in Croatia, the Croatian LGBT community organized a campaign in 2003 hoping that one of the four nation wide broadcasters would dare to "cross the line". To date this campaign has been unsuccessful, with the channels claiming that there would be "technical difficulties" airing the show. The Croatian national broadcaster HRT refused to explain the nature of the mentioned "technical difficulties".
  • Latin America:
  • Asia:
    • In Israel the show was aired on Channel 3 and yes stars channels. Currently the show reruns on HOT3. Due to linguistic problems, it was renamed "הכי גאים שיש" ("Hachi Ge'im SheYesh"; lit. "Proud as Can Be").[4]
    • In the Philippines, the show gained a cult following after gaining success Online, later on DVDs of the show was distributed on various gay record stores. the series is now one of the leading inspiration of the gay lifestyle in the Philippines, particularly in the gay community of malate, quezon city and makati.
    • In Turkey the first season was aired under the original title as pay-per-view on Digiturk 's Salon channel with the uncensored version during midnight.
  • Australia and the Pacific:
    • In Australia all five seasons were aired on SBS TV without commercial breaks on Monday nights at 10pm.





  • GLAAD Media Awards nominated for Outstanding Drama Series (winner)
  • Third Prize nominated for Effects Titles Ident's PSA's (winner)
  • Golden Reel Awards nominated for Best Sound Editing - Television Episodic - Music
  • Artios nominated for Best Casting for TV, Dramatic Pilot


  • GLAAD Media Awards nominated for Outstanding Drama Series
  • DGC Craft Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Direction
  • DGC Team Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in a Television Series - Drama


  • GLAAD Media Awards nominated for Outstanding Drama Series
  • ACTRA Toronto Awards nominated for Outstanding Performance - Female (Thea Gill)
  • DGC Craft Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Short Form (winner)
  • DGC Craft Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Direction - Television Series
  • DGC Craft Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Picture Editing - Short Form
  • DGC Craft Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Production Design - Short Form
  • DGC Team Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in a Television Series - Drama (winner)


  • GLAAD Media Awards nominated for Outstanding Drama Series
  • DGC Craft Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Picture Editing - Television Series
  • DGC Craft Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Production Design - Television Series
  • Golden Reel Award nominated for Best Sound Editing in Television Episodic: Music


  • GLAAD Media Awards nominated for Outstanding Drama Series
  • DGC Craft Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Picture Editing - Television Series
  • DGC Craft Award nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Production Design - Television Series
  • DGC Team Award nominated for Outstanding Team Achievement in a Television Series - Drama
  • Prism Award nominated for TV Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline (winner) tied with Lost
  • Prism Award nominated for Performance in a Drama Series Storyline (Scott Lowell)
  • BMI Cable Award Ray Ketchem nominated for Television Music Award (winner)

DVD releases (U.S. and Canada)

Season U.S. Release Date Details
The Complete First Season January 8, 2002 22 Episodes on 6 discs

DVD Features:

  • Scene introductions by Hal Sparks
  • Behind the scenes outtakes
  • "Meet The Folk" section containing biographies, interviews and character profiles
  • Season 2 Sneak Preview
  • Music Photo Gallery
  • Episodic Index, previews & summaries
  • Approximately 3 hrs of special edition episodes & commentaries
  • DVD ROM weblink
The Complete Second Season February 25, 2003 20 Episodes on 6 discs

DVD Features:

  • Folks on the Road: A Backstage Pass
  • A Day in the Life of Queer as Folk
  • What Is It About Babylon?
  • Wrap Party Reel
  • The Unexpurgated Lady in Pearls
  • Rage Gay Crusader: The Comic Book
  • The Making of Rage Gay Crusader
  • 2002 Queer as Folk Summer Pride Tour
  • The Folks
  • TV spots
  • Animated photo gallery
  • Season 3 sneak peek
  • Queer Duck preview
The Complete Third Season February 24, 2004 14 Episodes on 5 discs

DVD Features

  • Cast and crew commentary on three episodes
  • "Behind the Camera: The Director's with the cast and crew"
  • "Hot Summer Days"
  • "Wrap Party Reel"
  • "Enter Babylon: Los Angeles"
  • Music video "Some Lovin'" by Murk vs. Kristine W
  • Quotes, Folks, & Notes
  • Animated photo gallery
  • Season 4 sneak peak
  • TV spots and trailers
The Complete Fourth Season April 5, 2005 14 Episodes on 5 discs

DVD Features:

  • Behind the Babylon Tour/ Los Angeles
  • The Wardrobe Closet
  • Behind the Scenes of Peter Directorial Debut, "Say Uncle"
  • Peter's "Say Uncle" Trailer
  • Sneak Peek of Michelle's and Gale's Movie, "The Unseen"
  • Photogallery
  • Biographies
  • Previews
The Final Season May 30, 2006 13 Episodes on 5 discs

+ QaF Special: Saying Goodbye DVD Features:

  • Cyndi Lauper "Shine" music video
  • Rosie O'Donnell photo montage
  • Season finale wrap party reel
  • Season finale extended scenes
  • Patrick Antosh fashion extra
  • A special message from The Trevor Project and Queer as Folk
  • SHO Original
  • Sneak peek of Noah's Arc from LOGO Network
  • Queer as Folk merchandise sweepstakes
The Complete Series November 20, 2007 79 Episodes on 28 discs

DVD Features:

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Comic book

Rage is a gay fictional superhero in a comic book of the same name within the US television series Queer as Folk, not to be confused with the Marvel Comics character Rage (comics), an African-American superhero.

Within the series, the character of Rage is created by Michael Novotny, a life-long comic book fan, and Justin Taylor, a young artist, in response to Michael's disappointment over the cancellation of his favorite comic book, Captain Astro. The character is based on an idealization of Brian Kinney, Michael's best friend and Justin's lover, and the story line is inspired by Justin's rage over his own experience as the victim of a vicious gay-bashing. Rage has a partner/sidekick named Zephyr, loosely based on Michael, and a younger lover named J.T., based on Justin.

Rage appears to have several powers, including greater than normal human strength and resilience, superhuman sexual stamina, martial arts training, psychically enhanced charisma and persuasiveness, and a mind-distortion ability that causes homophobic attackers to perceive each other as gay and to attack each other. He also has the ability to heal others' injuries through sex.

The comic book appears in Season 2, episode 19 of Queer As Folk. A dramatization of characters is staged at club Babylon as part of the debut for the comic. Subplots for a later season revolve around the comic being considered for adaptation into a movie by an openly gay Hollywood producer.

Film adaptation

In 2008, rumors began to circulate regarding a film version of the television show being planned for the future. However, castmember Hal Sparks commented in a later interview that in "no way will there ever be a Queer As Folk movie," since he believes that at least two of the show's actors wouldn't be a part of it, and that the executive producers would refuse to work with them again anyway.[5]

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Queer as Folk (2000 – 2005) by Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman. For the UK version (1999 – 2000) by Russell T. Davies, see Queer as Folk (UK TV series)


Season 1

"Pilot" [Episode 101]

Michael [voice-over]: They say men think about sex every 28 seconds. Of course, that's straight men. With gay men, it's every 9. You could be at the supermarket or the laundromat, or buying a fabulous shirt, when suddenly you find yourself checking out some hot guy. Hotter than the one you saw last weekend or went home with the night before, which explains why we're all at Babylon at 1:00 in the morning instead of at home in bed. But who wants to be at home in bed? Especially alone, when you could be here, knowing that at any moment you might see Him. The most beautiful man who ever lived. That is, until tomorrow night.

Michael [voice-over]: Emmett can be a little campy. Okay, a lot campy. But you've got to admit, these days it takes real guts to be a Queen in a world full of commoners.

Michael [voice-over]: Ted's this really smart guy and he's got a really big heart. Only, nobody here is interested in the size of that organ.

Brian: C'mon, Mikey, let's fly... like in all those comic books. I'm Superman. I'll show you the world!
Michael: Why am I always Lois Lane?

Brian: Fucked him.
Michael: You did not. You looked at him.
Brian: That may appear to be what happened, but we did it all.
Michael: How was he?
Brian: Fabulous.

[Episode 102]

Emmett: I could be a... a r-real man, if I wanted to. You know, just lower my voice, stop... gesturing with my hands, make sure my face is expressionless... never, never use words like "fabulous" or "divine"... talk about, I don't know, nailing bitches and R.B.I.'s. But I'd rather my flame burn bright — than be some puny little pilot light.

Michael: We need a secret code word like "Shazam" so that if I get in a tight spot, you can come in and rescue me.
Brian: A tight spot. How about "buttplug?"
Michael: "Buttplug" might be a little hard to work into a conversation.

Brian: There's only two kinds of straight people in this world: the ones that hate you to your face, and the ones that hate you behind your back.

Brian: You know, I'm getting a little sick of people telling me what's my responsibility. If Lindsay and Melanie want to go off and have a kid, that's their responsibility. If what's-his-name, Justin, wants to go out and pick up guys while he's still in high school, that's his responsibility. My responsibility is to myself! I don't owe anybody a goddamn thing!

Brian: I don't believe in love. I believe in fucking. It's honest, it's efficient. You get in and out with the maximum of pleasure and minimum of bullshit. Love is something that straight people tell themselves they're in, so they can get laid. And they end up hurting each other, because it was all based on lies to begin with. If that's what you want, then go find yourself a pretty little girl... and get married.

[Episode 103]

Michael: I wished for a moment that I too could be a lesbian. But then I remembered I'd have to eat pussy, so I said forget it!

Emmett [to Brian]: You really showed those dykes who's got the low hangers.
Michael: And for once, it was us.

Michael: What the fuck did you do that for? You practically got us engaged!
Brian: Well, I want to dance with the bride at her wedding. And Tracy, too.

[Episode 104]

[Episode 105]

Brian: Look, I told you, I'm not your lover. I'm not your partner. I'm not even your friend.
Justin: I could be, if you gave me a chance.
Brian: Where did you learn to talk like that? Watching some teen drama?
Justin: I need you.
Brian: You think you do, because that's what we're taught to think: "We all need each other." Well, it's a crock of shit. You're the only one you need. You're the only one you've got.

[Episode 106]

Brian: I tune out self-pity, it makes my dick soft... And we wouldn't want that... would we?

[Episode 107]

[Episode 108]

Brian: It's not lying if they make you lie — if the only truth they can accept is their own.

Brian: So in order for Justin to stay here with you, he has to deny who he is, what he thinks, and how he feels. That's not love, that's hate.

[Episode 109]

[Episode 110]

Brian: I know I can be shit to you sometimes, I know that. But it's only 'cos I know you'll love me no matter what.
Michael: I do.
Brian: I do, too. Always have, always will.

[Episode 111]

Ted: [after finding out his HIV test was all clear] I'm negative.... I'm a negative!
Mel: That's ok, happy people can be really annoying.

Ted: So, listen. I know there's this part of us that thinks we don't deserve to be loved —
Mikey: What are you talkin' about?
Ted: Let me finish. So we fall in love with someone we know we can't have and who's never gonna loves us, and we fantasize about the day when, all of a sudden he realizes and sees everything he's been missing. You know, and all our dreams come true... and only, that day never comes, and before you know it, it's your fortieth birthday, it's your fiftieth birthday and you're still alone. Don't let that happen to you, Michael. Love someone for real, someone who loves you.

[Episode 112]

Matt: I'm Matt.
Emmett: Course you are. You're always Matt, or Scott, or Todd, or some other wonderful one-syllable name.
Matt: I'd offer to buy you a drink, but something tells me you don't need another.
Emmett: Something tells me you might be right! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go home; it's always nicer to vomit in your own toilet.

Brian: Hey, How's it goin'?
Justin: What? You actually wanna know?
Brian: Well, I asked, didn't I?
Justin: Everything's fine.
Brian: Good. What are you doin' tonight?
Justin: Huh?!
Brian: [laughs] Are... These... Particularly... Hard... Questions? Do you wanna come over after work?
Justin: Really? Sure.

Brian: His life was just going to hang there, like some shirt in the closet you never wear.
Justin: So you pushed him away.
Brian: It was the only course of action.
Justin: Yeah, but now he hates you.
Brian: That's okay. As long as Mikey's happy.
Justin: God, you must really love him.

[Episode 113]

[Episode 114]

David: Mind your own business!
Brian: He is my business, and he's going to be my business long after you've gone!

Emmett: Ted! Melanie, hi... this is Heather, my date.
Mel: I'm sorry, I thought you said...
Ted: He did.
Heather: We're goin' for pizza. Wanna double?
Mel: "Double"?
Emmett: They're not really a couple, Heather.
Ted: I'm a homo.
Mel: And I'm a lesbo.
Heather: I thought from the hug that maybe you were normal.
Mel: We are. What the hell's gotten into you?!
Ted: He's "seen the light."
Mel: Where they shinin' it? Up your ass?

Emmett: Well, this is a surprise. Welcome to "See The Light."
Mikey: They way some of these people dress, they should change it to "Turn Off The Light."

Ted: We just... we wanted to let you know that we still love you. Maybe not as much as Jesus, but almost. And we're gonna miss you.
Mikey: I'll especially miss the way you dance with your hands over your head. That's the way I'll always remember you.
Emmett: Well, thanks, but I don't think God appreciates it as much as you do.
Ted: I think God appreciates it even more. Because he created you in his image. At least that's what I was always taught. And since God is love and God doesn't make mistakes, then you must be exactly the way he wants you to be, the way he intended you to be. And that goes for every person, every planet, every mountain, every grain of sand, every song, every tear... and every faggot. We're all his, Emmett. He loves us all.

[Episode 115]

Michael: [talking about meeting David's son] He's gonna hate me!
Brian: He's not gonna hate you!
Michael: What makes you so sure?
Brian: I'm crazy about you.

Brian: [trying to get Gus to stop crying by giving him his Pacifier] Think nipple... think cock... whatever gets you there.

[Episode 116]

Justin: You do! You give a shit! You so care about me! You love me so much!
Brian: [laughing] Get out!

[Episode 117]

Brian: Well, don't think you've won. 'Cos if you do, you're dead.
Justin: Not as long as I've got you to protect me.

Lindsay: Do you still love me?
Mel: I never stopped.

[Episode 118]

Michael: I don't wanna be a saint. I wanna be a ruthless, heartless shit who fucks whoever he wants without conscience or remorse!
Brian: Sorry, that position has already been filled.

Brian: And I thought I was finally rid of you.
Justin: Not until I say so!

Justin: [after being refused service at Babylon] Who do you have to fuck around here to get a drink?!
Brian: Me! [to the bartender] Two beers please; I'm thirsty!

Brian: I know it's scarier finding your own way than doing what's expected.
Justin: I'm not scared.
Brian: You're fucking terrified, just like the night you met me. I was sure you'd go back home, but you didn't. You said: "I'm going with him."
Justin: I cannot believe that you remember that, considering how you couldn't remember my name.
Brian: And look what happened.
Justin: I turned into a big queer.
Brian: Yeah, lucky for you, otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time. But it's too late now, there's no turning back.
[They dance and kiss]

[Episode 119]

Michael: Wow, I forgot what it was like at your house.
Brian: Yeah, that's why I was always at yours.

Brian: I need coffee.
Ted: Someone was up fucking 'til the wee hours.
Justin: Was he cuter than me?

Emmett: [about Ted] He loves you so much, he even believes you're clean! Imagine that!
Blake: I love him, too.
Emmett: No, you love drugs. So get drugs. I will even give you the money, but leave him alone! Because if you break his heart, I'll break your face!

Brian: That's right. The fucking fairies got a strike! The fucking fairies are jumping up and down! The fucking fairies are going to celebrate. [dips Michael for a movie-style kiss]

[Episode 120]

[They have all decided to go to Babylon]
Emmett: Hooray! Only... it's starting to feel like couples night, seeing as I'm the only single boy left.
Brian: Excuse me? What the fuck do you think I am?!
Justin: [rushes over and grabs Brian's arm before anyone can reply] Are we going to Babylon?
[Everyone laughs]

Emmett: I don't know why I insisted on coming here. It's always the same. The guys who are interested in me, I'm not interested in them. And the ones I'm interested in, well, aren't interested in me.

[Episode 121]

Justin: [to Brian] Please don't go. You can't go. What are you going to do without me?!

Justin: [talking about Brian moving away] I love him, Michael.
Michael: I know. All the more reason to let him go.
Justin: You must not care very much.
Michael: I care more than you'll ever know.

Lindsey: [to Brian] When are you going to realize that Justin really loves you?! And that Michael would give up his life for you?! And I love you, too!

Michael: [at the cinema] Man, when I think of all the Saturdays we spent here.
Brian: Yeah, I used to buy a ticket and let you in at the fire exit.
Michael: We never got caught!
[They high-five]

[Episode 122]

Lindsay: [About Justin asking Brian to the Prom] Oh! I think that's so adorable that he asked you! Despite the somewhat questionable difference in you ages, and that fact that emotionally he's 12 years your senior.
Brian: Not going; too old.
Lindsay: Oh, so you're 30, I know. It's so dramatic, but it is something we all go through, if you're lucky enough to live that long, but to carry on like it's the end of your life?
Brian: It is.
Lindsay: It's the begining! A whole new way of thinking about yourself, feeling a whole new sense of accomplishment.
Brian: That's from the 'La Jeunesse' anti-aging commercial; I wrote that fucking copy!
Lindsay: Oh, Ok, I guess I only quote from the masters...

Brian: Why do you always have to ruin everything?
Michael: Ruin? I'm saving you! Just like Toby Harper saved Captain Astro in issue 231 of Astro Comics, when Captain Astro thought that he lost all of his super powers.
Brian: God, you are so pathetic.
Michael: No, you are! Don't you see that you still have your powers? All of your powers. And you always will. Whether you're 18, or you're 30, or you're 50, or you're 100. You will always be young and you will always be beautiful. You're Brian Kinney, for fuck's sake!

Brian: We gave them a prom they'll never forget.
Justin: Me neither. It's the best night of my life.
Brian: Even if it was ridiculously romantic.

Season 2

[Episode 201]

Emmett: Pink champagne? Yeah, um, yeah, that's too nelly even for me!

Melanie: [At Lindsay's sister's wedding] What did she think we were going to do? Perform cunnilingus on top of the wedding cake?

Brian: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, proof positive that making other people happy can cause nausea, severe cramps, even diarrhea.
Mikey: Got any TUMS?
Brian: Know what TUMS is spelled backwards?
Both: SMUT!

[Episode 202]

Justin: [after Brian doesn't reply to why he's letting Justin stay with him] I know why. It's because you love me, madly, passionately, deeply. Just like I always suspected.

Brian: [to Justin] What are you doing all the way over there? Come closer! Do you want to take off some of those clothes? You might get a little heated...

[Episode 203]

Brian: [to Michael] It wasn’t stupid when we used to lock ourselves up in your room and read Captain Astro and Galaxy Lad, wishing we were invincible like them, and pretending that no ugly force could separate us like them, and swearing that we’d always be there for each other, like them.

[Episode 204]

Brian: Where you goin'?
Justin: I'm leaving you to your wicked ways! Go find a stud and ask him to dance. [Starts to leave]
Brian: [follows Justin and grabs his shoulder] Hey stud, want to dance?

[Episode 205]

Brian: How's Daphne?
Justin: She and her roommates had to study. Fortunately, that’s not my problem. I went to Woodies, I let guys buy me drinks, they all wanted to fuck me. At least I still have my looks. But, I told them no; I’m saving it for you.

[Episode 206]

Brian: [after Debbie, Mel and Lindsey have all kissed Justin] With all this kissing, you're going to turn him straight! [Brian kisses Justin.]
Debbie: Oh, my God! They're gonna do it right here! [Justin and Brian go upstairs] Holy crap! They're like fucking newlyweds!
Mel: I never thought I'd live to see the day!
Lindsey: I think it's wonderful!

Debbie: [about Justin] You think you've got everybody fooled, don't you? Well, not me, honey. I’ve known you too long and regrettably too well. And no matter how hard you try to deny it, I can tell you care as much about him as he cares about you, only you haven’t got the big hairy cojones to say it.
Brian: Maybe I could borrow yours.?
Debbie: Whatever it takes for you to admit that you love him. And I know that you do, despite all your efforts to never let another heart touch yours. And that’s assuming, of course, you have one. That little persistent kid has somehow gotten in under the wire. And that’s what’s happened, huh? Now admit the truth. You love him, don’t you? [Brian looks at her, then looks away.] I thought so. Then tell him! Tell him what you could never say to Michael!

Brian: You were right. The reason I took you in was because you got a bat to the head. But it’s not the reason I want you to stay. But don’t get the idea that we’re some married couple, 'cause we’re not. We’re not like fucking straight people, we’re not like your parents and we’re not a pair of dykes marching down the aisle in matching Vera Wangs. We’re queers, and if we’re together it’s because we want to be, not because there’s locks on our doors. So if I’m not in, assume I’m exactly what I want to be doing: I’m fucking. And when I come home, I’ll also be doing exactly what I want to do: I’m coming home to you.
Justin: Okay. I want some things, too. You can fuck whoever you want, as long as it’s not twice. Same for me. And no names or numbers exchanged. And no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, you always come home by 3. And you don’t kiss anyone on the mouth but me. [They kiss.]

Brian: [to Justin] I want you safe. I want you around for a long time.

Michael: [reading the personalized dedication in the book Ben gave him]To Michael, beneath whose mild-mannered appearance beats the heart of a superhero... Ben.

[Episode 207]

Michael: I knew how to put a condom on a cucumber before I could drive!
Ben: Yeah, well, I was gonna ask you out tonight, but now I'm not so sure.
Michael: Why not?
Ben: A cucumber is a lot to live up to.

Michael: [about Debbie] She actually said she wished I wasn't gay!
Brian: Well, I'll always be glad that you're a big fat queer. [They kiss.] She's right, you know.
Michael: What the fuck do you know?
Brian: Let's see... advertising, and... you.

[Episode 208]

Justin: I'm not going to that hetero-hop with beer-chugging breeders!

Emmett: [to himself] Well, in a modern re-telling, coach would be a limo, footmen would be the driver and Cinderella would, of course, be a fag rather than a woman, since no self-respecting woman would let herself be enticed into a strange man's home with jewelry, a limo, champagne and caviar!

Michael: [talking about the ideal boyfriend and not realizing that he is describing Ben] He's got to be passionate about life. He's worked hard to survive it, yet he's maintained his humor. He's charming and kind and he does something creative, maybe a writer. He's into spiritual stuff, like Buddha. And he focuses on living in the now, 'cause there's no time to waste... And when I'm with him, I feel like a better person.

[Episode 209]

Brian: If you want Ben back, go fucking get him.

Basketball Player: [talking about Michael not giving back the ball until Ben agrees to go on a date with him] I suggest you say yes, 'cause if he's like the bitch I got at home, we're gonna be standing here all day.

Ted: I took Viagra last night! It's been 18 hours and it won't go down! What am I gonna do?
Emmett: Have you tried soaking it?
Lindsay: How about a cold shower?
Brian: How about scaring it?
Justin: That's hiccups...
Brian: Boo!

Justin: [about himself and Brian] Our sex life isn't what it used to be: we're down to, like, four times a day!

[Episode 210]

[Episode 211]

Brian: Competition: world class. Wardrobe: crucial. Margin for error: zero. So long, Pittsburgh; hello, Miami Vice!
Justin: I thought your all-expenses-paid fuck-fest was just for the weekend?
Brian: Each beach party has its own theme and a strict dress code. The White Party: 15,000 horny queers all in white.
Justin: I'll be busy, too. I have a paper due on Renaissance art...
Brian: Then there's the muscle beach party...
Justin: Then there's the laundry and, of course, the wedding...
Brian: I mustn't forget the Cowboy contest...
Justin: I have to remember to write to my Grandmother...

Ted: Look, just take it back.
Michael: I can't take it back!
Ted: What store did you buy it at?
Michael: I didn't get it at a store!
Ted: Where'd you get it?
Michael: Off a blanket... It's symbolic of love and pride!
Ted: It's symbolic of stupidity and bad taste.
Michael You take that back!
Ted: I can't! [in a mocking voice] I got it off a blanket!

[Episode 212]

[Episode 213]

Emmett: What kind of homosexual are you?!
Brian: The kind that fucks men...

Jennifer: He [Justin's Dad] says he won't pay for your school anymore.
Justin: That lame-ass shit! What's his feeble excuse?
Jennifer: The stock market and supporting 2 households... basically 'cos he's a lame-ass shit.

Mel: I told you; he's a total hetero-phobe!
Justin: It's true; he is.
Brian: It's true; I am.

[Episode 214]

Brian: [Stumbling out of the car drunk, to a Police officer] I was more than happy to drive these two gentlemen home...

[Episode 215]

Justin: [about Brian] All this time I've been fooling myself thinking he loves me!
Michael: He does love you.

[Episode 216]

[Episode 217]

Brian: [arriving home, shouting to Justin) Hey sunshine, come congratulate me! Your partner... just made partner!
[No one is home]

[Episode 218]

Brian: Are you listening?
Michael: [In tears] I'm listening.
Brian: The night Justin was bashed, and I called you and you were about to get on a plane, and you came here and you sat with me for three days, waiting to see if he was gonna live or die; if it hadn't of been for you I never would have made it. [Almost in tears] It was because of you. You're strong enough for both of us. And you're gonna be strong for Ben.

[Episode 219]

Emmett: Y'know something Ted Schmidt? I love you. [Kisses him]

Debbie: To the 'Liberty Balls'!
Vic: Long may they hang!

[Episode 220]

Michael: [hugs Brian] Love you.
Brian: Me too. Always have, always will. [They laugh]

Emmett: [after Michael says that Ben wants to go to Tibet for six months] What's in Tibet? Nude beach? Circuit party?
Ted: [laughing] Nude beach! Circuit party! He is so funny! You are SO funny!
Emmett: What'd I say?!

Michael: Ma, would you stop overfeeding him?
Debbie: He's one of the family now!
Ben: Yeah, I'm one of the family now!
Michael: My sincere condolences!

Michael: [after Ben says that he's not going to Tibet] But you said it's what you need.
Ben: I've already got what I need... and I don't need to go to Tibet to find it [They kiss]

Season 3

[Episode 301]

Lindsay: So you'd rather be alone than be with the one person who loved you enough to almost put up with all your bullshit.
Brian: I never loved him! And even if I did, I'd never ask him to put my needs above his, or be something he's not to make me happy. Tell him if he's not getting what he wants, then go find it someplace else.

Debbie: The new boyfriend. I'm Debbie; I've been keeping an eye on Sunshine ever since he left home.
Ethan: Sunshine?
Debbie: You got a problem with that?
Ethan: No. No problem.

[Episode 302]

Justin: I could be poor for a long time...
Brian: Well, knowing your tastes, you'd better not be.

[Episode 303]

Justin: What's it for?
Brian: It's for the centre Carnival.
Justin: [Laughs] You fucking hate the centre!
Brian: Not when they're paying me. So how much do you want?
Justin: It's for a good cause, so it's free.
Brian: Christ — didn't I teach you anything?
Justin: 500.
Brian: 200.
Justin: 500; take it or leave it.
Brian: I like the way you do business.

[Episode 304]

Emmett: Does this mean you two will be related?
Brian: Yeah; lesbians once removed.

Brian: Don't get wound up about it.
Michael: I'm half-Italian, half-drag queen; I'm allowed to get wound up!

Mrs. Kinney: This is what happens when you turn your back on the Lord!
Brian: Fuck the Lord. And fuck you.

[Episode 305]

Brian: There's nothing noble about being poor.

[Episode 306]

Sunny: [Ted and Emmett's new neighbour] So where's Mrs Schmidt?
Emmett: That'd be me!

[Episode 307]

Debbie: [On Brian] I don't get why he does that.
Justin: What? Act like a shit?
Debbie: When it's clear he just saved Ted's life.

[Episode 308]

Ben: [as Michael goes to throw his shoe at something making noise outside his window] Mikey, save your shoe. It only works on cartoon cats.

Justin: I was going to tell you.
Brian: When?!
Justin: After I got the job.
Brian: Ah, you don't have the job until I sign off. And I don't sign off until I ask the potential candiate a few questions, such as, what the fuck are you doing here?!

[Episode 309]

Emmett: [About Brian and Justin getting back together] Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?
Ben: Yes, you are seeing it, the most historic reunification since Germany.
Emmett: What happened to the fiddler?
Michael: He fell off the roof.

Brian: It will all seem like a distant memory except for you, 'cos wherever I go and whoever I'm with I'll always love you.
Michael: Bullshit.

[Episode 310]

Debbie: Once upon a Godforesaken time, there was a beautiful princess. She worked her ass off until she popped her kid, and went back to work 3 days later.
Brian: That Diana was an inspiration.
Debbie: The bottom line is; I couldn't afford the luxury of not working. I had to earn a living.
Michael: Yeah, but you were 17! Mel's in her thirties, and she's got endo-metri- whatever the fuck it's called and now she's taking on the biggest court case of her life!
Brian: Yeah, and don't forget; she's a cwazy wesbian!

Ben: [on Hunter's HIV status] There are no words to take away the illusion that every kid is entitled to: his invincibility.

[Episode 311]

Debbie: I brought Tuna Macaroni; It was your favourite as a kid.
Brian: No it wasn't.
Debbie: Don't argue with me; you fucking loved it!

[Episode 312]

[Episode 313]

Brian: That kid you picked up out front the other night? What a rascal! He must have snatched a condom you used, and, guess what? The police did a little science project and your little swimmers and the ones found in Dumpster Boy's ass are members of the same team. [Raises glass] Bottoms up!

[Episode 314]

Justin: I can't believe you did this. It's so...
Brian: Noble?
Justin: Out of character. What made you do it?
Brian: Some asshole told me that if you believe in something strongly enough, you have to be willing to sacrifice everything.

Debbie: We may have been the last vote to be counted, but we're the vote that counted the most!

Debbie: A word of advice, my sweet Emmett. Mourn the losses, because they're many; but celebrate the victories, because they're few.

Season 4

[Episode 401]

Justin: You may be a Pauper but you drink like a Prince...

[Episode 402]

Cody: [To Justin] Well, if it isn't Meg Ryan...

[Episode 403]

[Episode 404]

Justin: What's the matter? Are you scared?
Brian: [Laughing] Yeah, I'm incapacitated with fear...

Cody: Mind if I ask you a question, Pastor?
Pastor: Please.
Cody: This book, you have to believe all of it, not just some of it, right?
Pastor: That's right.
Cody: So, do you like shrimp?
Pastor: Well, as a matter of fact I do.
Cody: Because in Leviticus, a few scriptures before that man lying with man is an abomination one, it also says it's an abomination to eat shellfish, and shrimp are shellfish, right?
Pastor: What's your point, young man?
Cody: I believe the point is, if you can eat shrimp, we can eat cock.
Pastor: Son, you need the Lord. You need to accept Jesus.
Cody: Oh, I accept Jesus. It's assholes like you, I have a problem with.

[Episode 405]

Brian: [To Michael] Wanna bite? And you can have some of my sandwich too...

[Episode 406]

[Episode 407]

[Brian has been acting uninterested in sex with Justin.]
Justin: He's never turned me down before.
Emmett: I have to admit, that doesn't sound like the Brian Kinney we all know and... feel ambivalent about.

[Episode 408]

[Episode 409]

Michael: Hey, where have you been? I need those panels so I can come up with some dialogue for the evil anal probers.
Justin: How about up your ass?

Brian: It's "the big C," Ted.
Ted: Cocaine?
Brian: It's bigger.
Ted: Crystal?
Brian: Bigger.
Ted: Caffeine?
Brian: It's cancer, Theodore.
Ted: C-c-ca...

Brian: I thought I told you to get out.
Justin: I guess I didn't hear; you tend to mumble a lot.

Brian: Listen to me, you little shit. I don't. Want. You here.
Justin: I don't care what you want. You're not getting rid of me.
[Brian tries to pull Justin out. Justin shoves Brian, who falls.]
Justin: Shit. Are you all right? Tell me you're all right!
Brian: I'm all right!
Justin: You're not all right!
Brian: [Shouting] Then what the hell are you asking me for?
Justin: [Shouting] So I can tell you what a motherfucking piece of shit you are for not telling me, for shutting me out, for thinking that you could handle this on your own and most of all for thinking that I would leave you! Why would you think that? 'Cause you had a ball removed? 'Cause you're no longer perfect? Well, believe me, Mr Kinney, that is the least of your imperfections. And if I wanted to leave you, I've had better reasons, plenty of them!
Brian: Maybe you should have.
Justin: Yeah, maybe you're right. But I thought we had a commitment, and I plan to stand by it. Now get your ass back in bed, you son of a bitch!... And eat some fucking chicken soup!

[Episode 410]

Brian: You think God gave me cancer to punish me?
Joan: It's not too late. You can still change. I know you can.
Brian: I can?
Joan: Well, it won't be easy. You'll have to fight temptation. Be strong. Harden yourself.
Brian: I wanna be hard, Mom. You have no idea how much I want to be hard. Oh, Lord, make me hard so that I can fuck every hot guy I see! That's why God gave me a second chance, Mom, so that I can use the one ball I have left.
Joan: Shame! Shame on you!
Brian: If I have to spend an eternity of eternities burning in hell, it's better than spending one good day in heaven with you.

[Episode 411]

Lindsay: My house has many rooms; I occupy but a few, The rest go unvisited.

Michael: [Hunter comes into the Comic book store] Well, look who it is! Come to shoot the breeze, a heart to heart, spend a little quality time with your dashing young dad?
Hunter: I need 20 bucks.
Michael: I knew it. What do you want it for?
Hunter: My upwardly mobile lifestyle; being a teenager's expensive.
Michael: Well, you should have thought of that before coming one.

Michael: [About Hunter's boyfriend] We're very open minded. We don't mind if he has tattoos, or, piercings. He doesn't, does he?

[Episode 412]

Doctor: How does that feel?
Brian: It'd be a lot better with poppers.
Doctor: Try to describe the sensation...
Brian: It feels like someone is rotating my artifical ball.

[Episode 413]

Debbie: So you wanted to tell me something? Go ahead I'm all ears.
Carl: Debbie, honey...
Debbie: Fuck! I need ear muffs! It's supposed be as colder than a witch's tit in Canada!

[Episode 414]

Michael: You're seriously gonna do this?
Brian: Seriously!
Ben: But you're seriously injured!
Brian: Can we stop using the word "seriously"?

Emmett: [reading a map intently] Maybe we should have made a left at this little squiggle.
Ted: I thought you knew how to read a map!
Emmett: Of course I do! You go down here, take a left at "Up yours" and continue on to "Go fuck yourself"

Ted: If it turns out we’re hopelessly lost and, for whatever reason, I don’t survive the elements, I want you to know that you have my permission to eat me.
Emmett: Thank you, Teddy. That’s the most generous thing any person said to another.

Brian: [after asking Justin to move back in with him] And as for the times when you're not around... I wouldn't particularly mind it if you were.
Justin: I've been waiting for you to ask me that since the first night you brought me here.

Ben: [talking to Michael about their marriage] Let me ask you a question. Even if it was real for just a day, was it worth it?
Michael: SO worth it! [They kiss]

Season 5

[Episode 501]

Ted: You think I'm fat?!
Brian: Well, put it this way; if you sing, it's all over.

[Episode 502]

Emmett: Just call me the Queer Guy!
Ted: Isn't that like calling the Pope the Catholic guy?

[Episode 503]

[Episode 504]

Ted: [Dreaming] No, can't have me!

[Episode 505]

[Episode 506]

Brian: I'm not going to their fucking party!
Justin: Why not?!
Brian: Because I'm going to a fucking party.

[Episode 507]

[Episode 508]

Ted: Come on Brian, you can't fool me. You gotta free yourself of this burden; release it, let it all hang out!
Brian:[Deadpan] My mom is a frigid bitch, my dad was an abusive drunk; they had a hateful marriage, which is probably why I am unwilling, or unable, to form a long-term committed relationship of my own. The fact that I drink like a fish, abuse drugs and have more or less redefined promiscuity doesn't help, much. As a result I've lost the two people in my life that mean the most to me. [Referring to Justin and Michael].

[Episode 509]

[Episode 510]

Brian: [after finding that Justin escaped the fire] All I could think was, "Please don't let anything happen to him." [grabs Justin and holds him close] I love you.

[Episode 511]

Brian: You said that your small, charmless studio would have to do until your country manor came along. I'd hoped this would be all you dreamed of.
Justin: And more, but I told you I...
Brian: ...Won't marry me. Who could blame you? I am , without doubt, the worst candidate for marriage alive, but, conversely, that's also the reason that I'm the best candidate.
Justin: And how's that?
Brian: Because, as strongly as I was opposed to the idea, now that I'm behind it, I am as fervently and passionately committed.
Justin: Uh huh. And what changed your mind?
Brian: I finally thought of one good reason to do it.
Justin: And what is that one good reason?
Brian: To prove to the person that I love, how much I love him. That I would give him anything, that I would do anything, be anything, to make him happy.

Justin: You bought this? This...palace?
Brian: It's for my Prince. I'm also selling The Loft and The Club.
Justin: WIhtout even knowing what my answer would be?
Brian: I'm taking a chance on love.
Justin: Then you mean it?!
Brian: I've never meant anything more.
Justin: Ok.
Brian: Ok?
Justin: Let's do it!
Brian: Say it...
Justin: Yes.
Brian: Yes what?
Justin: Yes! Yes, I will marry you. I will marry you! [They kiss]

[Episode 512]

Brian: I only have one question. After were married, will you still blow me?
Justin: [Laughs] Ever the romantic! That depends. If you still fuck me in every room of, um, what are we gonna call it? Mandalay? Xanadu? Wuthering Heights?
Brian: I'll leave the christening up to you.
Justin: Britin.
Brian: [Looks confused, before realising] Bri-Tin!

[Episode 513]

Michael: They say that change is good for you, that it keeps you on your toes. Well, if that's true, I should be a fucking ballerina.

Brian: Wouldn't you rather just cuddle?
Justin: What?
Brian: I said wouldn't you rather just lie here —
Justin: No no no, I heard what you said. You said "cuddle"!
Brian: So?
Justin: So? I have never ever once heard you use that word, much less actually want to do it.
Brian: Okay, can we just turn the lights out?
Justin: No, no! Brian Kinney fucks, sucks, rims, rams but never cuddles!
Brian: Okay, so I used a word that offends your sensibilities. Forgive me, I apologize. I'll never do it again!

Brian: Whether we see each other next weekend, next month, never again, it doesn't matter. It's only time.

Michael: Come on, come on. Shake that groove thing.
Brian: You shake it, Mikey. I'm too...
Michael: What? Old? You'll always be young, you'll always be beautiful. You're Brian Kinney, for fuck's sake!

Michael: So the thumpa, thumpa continues. It always will. No matter what happens, no matter who's president. As our lady of disco, the divine Miss Gloria Gaynor, has always sung to us: we will survive.

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